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Technoserv Cloud

The name of the base system (platform): OpenStack
Developers: Technoserv
Date of the premiere of the system: 2016
Last Release Date: 2019/11/07
Technology: IaaS - Infrastructure as service,  PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service,  SaaS - the Software as service



Start of the firewall for protection of web applications

On November 7, 2019 Technoserv announced service for protection of web applications − to Web Application Firewall (WAF). The firewall for protection of web applications is constructed using machine learning technologies on the basis of failsafe infrastructure the Technoserv Cloud and the Valarm platforms. Web traffic passes through the filtering WAF complex nodes. Service provides automatic monitoring and allows to reach the best efficiency at detection of vulnerabilities and protection against the hacker attacks on web applications, Zero-day, botnets, selection of passwords and other individual threats. Use of WAF does not require changes in the source code, however allows to detect and block timely the attacks at a stage of search by the malefactor of weak points.

WAF has a number of important advantages. A system represents a self-sufficient complex which does not need changes of architecture of the defended project. To servers of the project access of provider is not required that provides high extent of isolation of the protected client's perimeter and also allows to create the simple and clear scheme of separation of areas of responsibility. Ensuring protection does not require costs from the customer for additional computing powers. Service gives an opportunity of combination of WAF with protection against DDoS of the attacks with transfer of the cleaned traffic on the isolated channels. All offered tariff plans include a failsafe configuration and also a possibility of ensuring protection of the projects which are not only in a cloud the Technoserv Cloud, but also placed on customer sites.

Modern business promptly masters Internet technologies, passing into online, and we cannot assume that our clients became an easy mark for criminals in network. In this regard special attention is paid to providing the high level of information security. WAF − is one of the main links of a comprehensive protection of projects which is easily integrated with information systems of the client and other our services, for example, protection against DDoS attacks or the Firewall of the next generation,


Adding of data storage based on DWH of Ceph

On October 17, 2019 Technoserv reported that optimizes the platform virtualizations OpenStack, having added the advanced type data storage of clients constructed based on DWH Ceph using the drives NVMe FLASH.

For improvement of DWH of Ceph standard servers with SSD drives and the NVMe interface were selected. Such type of the equipment allows to avoid delays on the party of the controller, the operating system kernel can address directly a disk on the bus PCI-E. Additional benefit of this method of connection is the possibility of direct access of the annex to the drive, passing the layer of universal access implemented in operating system kernel.

Thanks to Ceph it is possible to scale easily a system and to switch to SPDK (Storage Performance Development Kit) during the work of c as drives. Transition to SPDK, allows to lower even more delays at the appeal to a disk and to increase the overall performance of DWH. Further at consolidation of DWH Ceph in a logical cluster under OpenStack clients will be able to use information totally with an available capacity of data storage up to 100 PBytes. System implementation of local caching for other types of storage in OpenStack is also planned.

For our cloud on the OpenStack virtualization platform was required to find a storage system which was well scaled and had high performance. The software of Ceph at the complexity and flexibility is supported with support of professional community, all necessary documentation and perfectly integrated into the OpenStack platform,


Access to Microsoft Office 365

On January 17, 2019 the Technoserv company announced start of an additional service within "Technoserv Cloud" — access to the cloud office suite for business of Microsoft Office 365.

According to the company, users of a cloud service receive for January, 2019 current versions of a packet of Office 365, e-mail with a box on 50 GB and the addresses in corporate domain, from 1 TB on document storage in cloud storage Microsoft OneDrive for business. The convenience of the solution supplements a possibility of installation and work of the user from 5 different devices (computers with OS Windows, smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android). For IT- divisions management of information environment, including due to its standardization and unification and also implementation of a single system of management passwords and access rights of users, managements of settings security on all devices and protection of documents becomes simpler from leaks.

We complemented our portfolio with solution SaaS of Microsoft Office 365. It will help our clients to organize joint work of employees from any device and from any place in the world. At the same time technical support 24/7 is provided, and work with data from a cloud guarantees security and high availability of services.

Mikhail Blinov, head of cloud provider Technoserv Cloud


Cooperation with Flexify.IO

On August 3, 2018 Technoserv, provider of cloud services, and the Russian startup of Flexify.IO providing services in data migration to cloud storages announced the beginning of cooperation.

Many companies are guided by multicloud strategy and try to distribute the data between several cloud providers and platforms. So, business obtains additional guarantee of stability of IT infrastructure, availability of critical business applications and safety of data in case of serious accident on infrastructure of one of providers. However hybrid options it is, as a rule, more expensive and more difficult in implementation and data management, it is necessary to resolve an issue of compatibility of proposed solutions, protocols, functionality. Significantly the Flexify.IO service – a cloud platform which connects together cloud resources and services of several suppliers at once simplifies this task.

The Technoserv Cloud became more flexible and customer-oriented in a question of migration in our cloud: till August, 2018 customers could pass to us or independently, or involving specialists, now there was an additional opportunity – to use Flexify.IO service. Cooperation with service allows clients Technoserv, without thinking of complexity of migration, within several minutes to transfer data, for example, from Amazon S3 or Azure. Especially it is relevant for large international business which works in the Russian legal framework. Also service will be comfortable in a situation of possible unavailability of any operator of cloud services. In this case clients will be able to transfer information within several minutes, and blocking will not affect their work at all.
Nikita Dergilyov, head of cloud provider Technoserv

Placement in the machine hall of the third queue of DPC IXcellerate

Technoserv company, the Russian provider of cloud services, and IXcellerate, operator of commercial data center, announced on July 16, 2018 the beginning of cooperation. The cloud provider "Technoserv Cloud" became one of the first clients of the biggest machine hall in Russia started at the end of May, 2018 based on the third queue of the Moscow DPC of IXcellerate. In more detail about the project here.

What it is important to know about hybrid clouds? TADetails

The head of cloud provider the Technoserv Cloud Nikita Dergilev helped to understand why speak about hybrids very much recently as far as this model is demanded in Russia and whether it is difficult to organize it. Read details

Service start "Cloud video surveillance"

The Technoserv company announced on June 19, 2018 service start "Cloud video surveillance" based on own cloud platform "Technoserv Cloud". The service is developed using the IIoT-platform of the Russian developer — HeadPoint company.

Cloud video surveillance (VSaaS/Video Surveillance as a Service) is a service for remote control and security of the objects of any scale which are under observation of video cameras. The solution allows to connect and integrate an unlimited number of geographically distributed cameras in a single system, to get remote access to videos and archive materials for any number of users. At the same time all videos are placed in the cloud "Technoserv Cloud" guaranteeing security and safety of data and on external resources.

The inOne IIoT-platform from HeadPoint included in the unified register of the Russian software became a core of Cloud Video Surveillance service. The Cloud Video Surveillance service from "Technoserv Cloud" became the first cloud implementation of the solution HeadPoint. The choice of Technoserv was influenced by existence of broad practice of integration of software of HeadPoint with IT systems from different areas from other producers.

It is necessary to have for functioning of service at the customer of own video cameras of any producers (the IP video camera, DVR/NVR).

As VSaaS works: the image from video cameras is broadcast to the cloud storage "Technoserv Cloud" located in DPC of Tier III. Data are repeatedly reserved and stored in storage during the time stipulated with the client. For viewing online broadcastings and historical records it is enough to come into the personal account on the portal, or in mobile application of TechnoCam, to select the interesting camera and browse mode. In a personal account it is also possible to get user profiles, to appoint by it access rights to certain cameras or groups of cameras and to configure other options. Besides, the solution allows to export a videoarchive in the.JPG formats (the selected video frame) or.AVI. All these opportunities are included in a basic packet of service.

Advanced functionality of service depending on needs of the customer allows to have the following additional features:

  • connection of the option "Feedback" — a possibility of sending disturbing notifications by the SMS and Email in case of fixing by the camera of a certain event, or receiving a signal from the sensor;
  • connection of the option "Videoanalitika" — implementation of the intellectual analysis of a video elementary stream from the camera (calculation of number of people, capture and face recognition, numbers of vehicles, creation of thermal cards, etc.). The analytics is conducted as in real time, and during the work with archive;
  • integration with control and management systems of access and others the client's IT system for creation of a single system of security;
  • connection to the system of different sensors engineering and client's IT systems (disturbing buttons, detectors and analyzers, sensors and sensors);
  • recording of actions of the users of the client working in a video surveillance system;
  • broadcast of the image from video cameras on the public websites and portals of the client;
  • safe inclusion of service in the protected circuit of the customer (VPN).

Among features of VSaaS service in Technoserv noted the following:

  • Domestic development with an open architecture.
  • Access to the platform and cameras from any place in the world. Access to the camera is possible in the browser or through mobile application.
  • The minimum costs for start. Only purchase of service and cameras is necessary.
  • Work with any cameras. There is no need for acquisition of a certain model. It is possible to connect any IP camera broadcasting a RTSP flow and supporting the ONVIF specification to service.
  • Ample opportunities of integration. Integration with use API and SDK with external services and systems. Possibility of use of a video surveillance system as a core of the convergent platform of situation management.
  • Possibilities of repeated increase in number of users of service, means of video surveillance.
  • Possibility of gradual development of functionality under specific needs of the customer with step-by-step expansion of functionality of a system.

"Cloud video surveillance" will suit the companies which want to provide control of employees, observance of the security regulation, transport, neighbourhood territories, territories of schools and kindergartens, penetrations on objects for the purpose of causing damage, technology processes (production, a warehouse, etc.), observance of standards for network institutions (cafe, pizzerias, outlets, drugstores, etc.) and not only. Tariffing of service is performed depending on the required depth of a videoarchive (storage life of records) and also the maximum allowable speed of a video flow determined by technical characteristics of the installed video camera.

An opportunity to place licenses in a cloud for clients of Microsoft

On May 29, 2018 the Technoserv company suggested clients of Microsoft to place own licenses in a cloud the Technoserv Cloud that became possible thanks to accession to the Microsoft License Mobility program.

Since 2016 the Technoserv Cloud is an agreement party of Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) within which has the right to license products of Microsoft and to provide them to the clients in service quality. The License Mobility program (license mobility) which participant was a Technoserv Cloud is expansion of the agreement of SPLA.

Technoserv has now an opportunity to offer the clients having own server licensed software of Microsoft (for example, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint), to place it in a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud without any additional runtime royalty fees in Microsoft or repeated acquisition of licenses with provider. The only condition for such movement of licenses, upon the demand of vendor, is presence of the current agreement Microsoft Software Assurance at the client which expands possibilities of corporate licenses, allowing to use them and in a cloud.

For us as for provider, authorization in License Mobility is an opportunity to cover and attract in our cloud one more client segment having own licenses for the server software of Microsoft and wishing to transfer optimum the work with it to a cloud — Nikita Dergilyov, the head of cloud provider noted the Technoserv Cloud.

Availability plans of the HeadPoint systems according to the SaaS model

The company "Technoserv" and HeadPoint, the domestic developer of end-to-end systems of situational monitoring, in March, 2018 signed the agreement on strategic partnership. In plans of partners — creation of the systems of video monitoring based on solutions of HeadPoint which will be available from cloud the Technoserv Cloud platform on model SaaS.

Strategic partnership of HeadPoint and Technoserv will allow to expand systems capabilities of video monitoring of remote and geographically distributed objects. In the nearest future Technoserv is going to start a cloud service on video surveillance services. According to plans of partners, already in the nearest future not only large business and public sector, but also the companies of medium and small business will be able to use solutions of HeadPoint.

Specialists of the Technoserv Cloud platform to meet needs of the clients in the field of security of objects, carried out market research of video surveillance systems and tested solutions of different producers. According to the results of a research some of the best, according to experts, indicators showed products of the Russian developer HeadPoint proposing complete solutions in the field of creation of the systems of situational monitoring and incidental reaction based on the modular integration platform of own development.

At the heart of solutions of HeadPoint — technology of the distributed collecting and data analysis, the scalable distributed service-oriented architecture, broad support of industry standards and industry protocols.

Cloud approach provides fast adaptation under the customer's business challenges. The portal of service will have the user-friendly context-dependent web interface adapted for long work. At display of elements of the interface dynamic filling will be actively used that will allow to adapt easily the application software for specific objectives and technology processes of the customer, facilitating perception of information and ensuring functioning with a system in a type, usual for the user.

The Technoserv Cloud has deep examination in the field of cloud services, and the product "System of Situational Video Monitoring" from HeadPoint was initially developed with a possibility of its implementation in a cloud platform therefore the conclusion of this agreement became a logical step in development of both companies. The first implementation of our product on situational video monitoring in a cloud will become result of partnership that is of special interest for us — Anton Shutov, the deputy CEO of HeadPoint commented on the agreement.

Protection against DDoS attacks

The national telecom operator Rostelecom and Technoserv company in February, 2018 signed the service provision agreement of monitoring of traffic and protection against DDoS attacks for a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud.

The service "Monitoring of traffic and protection against DDoS attacks" ensures information security of the data placed in a cloud the Technoserv Cloud and transferred on the Internet. When rendering service traffic is continuously analyzed by an analysis system of Rostelecom and with signs of the attack from malefactors (hackers|hackers) is redirected on the center of cleaning then the legitimate and cleaned traffic arrives on online services of clients.

In addition to use of service of Rostelecom for own resources, the Technoserv Cloud developed service "Protection against DDoS attacks" which it offers the customers. First of all, it is relevant for the companies using cloud infrastructure for business on the Internet: online stores, services of online armoring, electronic marketplaces, media, electronic payment systems and also government institutions and financial institutions. The service is offered in addition to Internet access service and provided from a personal account of the customer. Service allows to reflect the attacks with a capacity up to 160 Gbps at the level of web applications and does not require participation of personnel of the customer in the course of reflection of the attacks. The Technoserv Cloud provides the round-the-clock technical support, and the client receives online access to statistics on traffic via the web interface and regular reports.


Start of "SAP HANA Hosting"

The Technoserv company announced on September 11, 2017 service start "SAP HANA Hosting" based on a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud.

The high-performance SAP HANA platform (High-performance Analytic Appliance) on the basis of modern technology of calculations in RAM of "in-memory" allows to increase considerably the speed of the analysis and processing of Big Data. At the same time the data storage combination in a line-by-line and pokolonochny type using the corresponding shrinking algorithms is used. Such specifics require special servers with intensive use of large volumes of RAM and storage systems for reliable system operation.

The service "SAP HANA Hosting" consists in placement of the SAP HANA platform in cloud infrastructure Technoserv of Cloud placed in DPC of the Tier III level on the VMware vSphere 6.0 virtualization platform supporting virtual machines up to 4 TB of RAM and to 128 virtual kernels.

Service is provided on the BYOL model (bring your own licenses): The Technoserv Cloud provides network and computing infrastructure (IaaS) under the SAP HANA platform, and the customer uses it with the licenses for the platform and applications. The Technoserv Cloud undertakes all tasks of maintenance of the equipment and support of operating systems and also provides the round-the-clock technical support.

The offer also includes additional options within which the Technoserv Cloud can carry out works on migration of the existing SAP landscape on SAP HANA, on administration of SAP Basis and SAP HANA, backup of operating systems and databases. These services are rendered together with Technoserv Consulting company.

Understanding needs of our customers, we created for them SAP HANA Hosting service. Having migrated SAP HANA on a hosting in the Technoserv Cloud, customers receive several advantages: predictability and expense optimization on a monthly subscription, high-performance TDI infrastructure with the guaranteed availability of 99.95% and a full compliance to the federal legislation regarding FZ-149, FZ-152 and FZ-242 — Nikita Dergilyov, the director of competence center of cloud solutions said the Technoserv Cloud.

The SAP HANA Hosting service is suitable both for large, and for medium-sized enterprises for which the instant access and the analysis of data bulks happening one hundred times quicker is necessary than when using traditional DBMS.

Start of "Cloud database"

On August 15, 2017 the Technoserv company announced start of Cloud Database service on the platform of a cloud the Technoserv Cloud.

Service is provided on four main vendors of DBMS.

Feature of our service - its complexity. Technology the service can work with four bases for data. We completely remove a problem of deployment and maintenance of DBMS from the customer. Developing "The cloud database" for the Technoserv Cloud, we were guided by Amazon Web Services, considered FZ-152 which complicates use of foreign cloud services. For August 15, 2017 - the Technoserv Cloud the only Russian cloud provider working with such broad spectrum of databases. Moreover, tariff plans of service provide more than 80 options of models of rendering service calculated under different classes of instans of databases. We are sure that our customers will estimate ample opportunities of service.

Nikita Dergilyov, director of competence center of cloud solutions Technoserv Cloud

According to the statement of developers, the service will solve a part of the problems facing Chief information officers:

  • will provide availability of databases;
  • will allow to carry out start or upgrade of business applications: the corporate mail, CRM, HRM systems, accounting, warehouse, financial and analytical software requiring different types and performance of databases;
  • will reduce risks of failures in work of databases and will protect information from losses;
  • will provide fault tolerance of critical business systems by means of technology of a clustering of databases;
  • will allow to create test environments for functional and stress testing;
  • will solve a problem of incidental "peak loads", for example, of formation of the analytical reporting for the reporting period.

The cloud Technoserv is ready to payment processing according to cards

On July 11, 2017 the Technoserv company announced readiness of a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud to work with customers in whose business processes bank card payments and to other instruments of online payments are applied.

For increased security certification of a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud according to the international standard of data security of the industry of the PCI DSS v3.2 payment cards is carried out.

External audit on compliance the Technoserv Cloud to the PCI DSS standard was executed by DialogNauka company.

We fulfill all requirements imposed by the PCI DSS standard to service providers that was confirmed by the undergone audit of multicomponent IT infrastructure of our cloud platform. Existence at the Technoserv Cloud of the certificate on compliance to requirements of PCI DSS means that our customers will be able to use virtual data center of a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud on the IaaS model and other accompanying services now. These are the business companies processing data of payment cards which first of all banks treat, payment gateways, processing centers, online stores, service providers, any trade and service companies there are shops, gas station, booking business, the vending companies and others.

Nikita Dergilyov, director of the department of cloud solutions Technoserv Cloud

Certification of PCI DSS opens opportunities and business models of providing services:

  • The service IaaS model – allows to use the configured complex of elements of IT infrastructure (resources on demand – servers, data warehouses, network devices, the software), with access to them through network - without tough binding of the location to a point of providing service. Due to lack of need for acquisition and operation of own equipment, the service allows to reduce the cost of ownership and solution maintenance.
  • Cloud online cash desks according to the SaaS model. Most online stores are a small and medium business for which possible reduction of operating expenses becomes a business stabilization factor.
  • The managed PCI DSS services (Managed Services Provider, MSP) – administration of infrastructure (operating systems, application servers and databases, network equipment) according to requirements of the PCI DSS standard.

Certification of FSTEC for work with GIS

In June Technoserv announced obtaining the certificate of compliance of the selected segment of a cloud platform the Technoserv Cloud to the requirements of data protection set to FSTEC of Russia. This certificate confirms safety of use of "Virtual Data Center under 152-FZ" service the Technoserv Cloud for placement of information systems of the state and commercial organizations imposing strict requirements regarding data protection.

The isolated Technoserv Cloud segment is implemented product-based companies VMware. Based on this segment Technoserv provides IaaS-service of IT infrastructure as service (virtual data center), focused on placement of the following information systems:

  • the state information systems (SIS) to the 1st class of security inclusive;
  • personal data information systems (ISPDN) with the level of security of personal data to the 1st level of security inclusive.

The document received based on evaluation tests confirms that the system of information security support of the isolated Technoserv Cloud segment fulfills the requirements of the following documents:

  • Order of FSTEC of Russia of February 11, 2013 No. 17 "About the approval of requirements about the data protection which is not state secret, contained in the state information systems";
  • Order of FSTEC of Russia of February 18, 2013 No. 21 "About the approval of structure and maintenance of organizational and technical measures for security of personal data at their processing in personal data information systems".

Service of "Virtual data center under 152-FZ" allows to optimize finance and time expenditure of the organization, having reduced costs for creation and service of the IT infrastructure, creation and support of an internal system of data protection.

Certification of an information system of the company includes both certification of the most information system, and the platform (IT infrastructure) for its placement. At the same time the procedure of certification represents difficult, long and very resource-intensive process. Experts Technoserv provide comprehensive technical support of the customer for certification of directly client information systems placed in the Technoserv Cloud segment including consulting and development of a set of organizational and administrative documents on information security. Existence of the certificate on the Technoserv Cloud segment excludes a stage of certification of IT infrastructure of the customer, thereby reduces the volume of required time labor costs to 50%, considerably reduces the amount of investments and significantly facilitates process of certification of information systems.

"Not all providers of cloud services provide as certification of the virtualization platform, storage systems, hypervisors, management systems, and providing the services of security conforming to requirements of state regulators — Dergilev Nikita, the director of the department of cloud solutions noted the Technoserv Cloud. — Existence at the Technoserv Cloud of the certificate on compliance to requirements of data protection means that the Russian customers, including those who specialize in personal data processing, will be able to take advantage of virtual data center of our cloud platform now. These are the customers who are operators of the state information systems, personal data systems with the high level of security, for example, medical and insurance companies and also all organizations for which existence of the certified information security tools and a possibility of certification of their systems in a cloud is important".

"The cloud storage of data" on Cloudian

On May 22, 2017 the Technoserv company announced start of Cloud Storage of Data service — high-performance storage of objects (files). Use of technology allows to reduce costs for own infrastructure.

The cloud storage of data - service on the basis of own cloud platform "Technoserv Cloud".

Service increases flexibility of business processes and provides the round-the-clock data access regardless of location. The service is provided on the Technoserv Cloud platform and is available via the Internet, on allocate circuits, from virtual data center of Technoserv.

The service is supported under the protocol of access S3 API developed by Amazon Web Services. The core of Technoserv Cloud storage supports a full range of S3 of API commands, including expanded:

  • management of ACL (access rights),
  • authentication of V4SIG (modern protocol of authorization of Amazon),
  • full version control,
  • multithreaded loading
  • etc.

For connection to an application store, not supporting S3, developers "Technoserv Cloud" provided gateways to storage from applications using the network protocols NFS, CIFS (SMB) and SFTP.

The service provides:

  • Storage of backup copies;
  • Placement of content of websites and letters (a photo, video, files for loading);
  • Storage of records of video surveillance systems;
  • Storage of archives (for example, for observance of requirements of the law);
  • Storage and distribution of media content (video, music);
  • The organization of storage for workflow systems.

As a part of the solution several scenarios of storage focused on different tasks. Main options of application of storage:

  • Data storage of frequent access,
  • Data storage of rare access.

Service of data storage of frequent access is expected high loads and quick, frequent access to files, their change. This functionality allows to ensure stable functioning to resources of the companies with data-refresh online, in particular — at storage and distribution of media content, content of websites (a photo, video, music, files for loading), storage of large volumes of unstructured data (Big Data), for example, of the data generated by Internet of Things (IoT), a hosting of textures and "heavy" content for games.

The custodial service of data of rare access is intended for placement of information of the companies in specially created storage inactive and few demanded data. The similar class of storages ensures safety of large volumes of contemporary records and also the data which are seldom exposed to any changes. Developers focus service for storage of records of video surveillance systems, archives of the companies (including, for observance of requirements of Federal laws of data storage), backup copies and so forth.

"Cloud storage" the Technoserv Cloud is built based on the solution Cloudian. The Cloudian company is one of participants of the world market of object storages in respect of support of Amazon S3. The solution used by Technoserv based on Cloudian is a storage of high capacity for the growing volume of unstructured data: images, video, files of backup, contents of websites and public files. The full-function local storage compatible to Amazon S3 allows to create the solution. The created system on the platform of storage of objects Cloudian HyperStore provides scaling to level petabyte, high flexibility, independence of the region of use and a possibility of service several users (multitenantnost).

2016: Announcement "Technoserv Cloud"

In November, 2016 the Technoserv company announced start of the cloud service provider[1]"Technoserv Cloud" constructed based on own cloud platform. The platform is focused on the companies of large and medium business.


"Technoserv Cloud" represents the hybrid cloud consisting of several segments based on which solutions on model will be provided IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Integration of all components, including SaaS, in uniform virtual is possible DPC. Besides, capacities of the platform of Technoserv can be used as expansion of the existing hardware resources of the customer.

The cloud platform "Technoserv Cloud" is created based on the advanced hardware-software providing. In our cloud customers will be able to create more than 3,000 powerful virtual machines, developing them from ready templates based on the most popular operating systems from Microsoft and Linux or loading the image; work with the wide list of the supported software or place own; select different methods of connection to a cloud, including connection of VPN access. At the same time the information security is reached due to installation of the balancer of loading, firewalling, protection against DDoS attacks, - Nikita Dergilev, the director of the department of cloud solutions of Technoserv company says

As of the beginning of 2018 the Technoserv Cloud twelve cloud services which are provided "from a box" and as a part of complete integration solutions are available to customers: virtual data center in Protected and Closed segments FZ-152 (under), corporate mail, service desk and ITSM, object storage, the DBaaS database (Microsoft SQL PostgreSQL or MySQL, Oracle (hosting)), a hosting SAP HANA, backup, VDI, service of exchange and file synchronization Tekhnodisk and also additional services – protection from DDoS attacks, redundant Internet access and colocation (placement of servers).

  • The service Cloud storage provides a full support of the protocol of access of S3 API developed by Amazon Web Services. The core of Technoserv Cloud storage supports a full range of S3 of API commands, including expanded: management of ACL (access rights), authentication of V4SIG (modern protocol of authorization of Amazon), full version control, multithreaded loading, etc. For connection to an application store which do not support S3, the gateways allowing to use the network protocols NFS, CIFS (SMB) and SFTP are provided. The storage is constructed on software of Cloudian, one of leaders of the world market of object storages and the undisputed leader in the field of support of S3.
  • Service "The cloud database" – PaaS-service of access to databases (Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL, Oracle (hosting)) on demand. Any of the Russian cloud providers does not provide service on a DB of all 4 producers.
  • Service cloud service of synchronization and file sharing (Tekhnodisk). The Accellion kiteworks platform became its core. Kiteworks technologies provide to service the high level of safe transfer and storage of data and also a broad spectrum of individual integration opportunities for clients.

As of November, 2016 based on a cloud platform of Technoserv four services are available:

All services are provided to the user on his request and paid for the system of a subscription. Customers pay only for really consumed resources and services, and only for that period in which they were used, - Dergilev notes


The first clients "Technoserv Cloud" are customers from agro-industrial complex, education and IT. Besides, as told TAdviser in Technoserv, more than ten customers as of November, 2016 are in a test stage.

These are the companies working in the field of logistics, development of software, e-commerce. In some cases we offer customers rather long the test period, we help with design of systems and we accompany migration process, - the representative of Technoserv tells

Besides, the system integrator is going to attract the state customers, banks, medical institutions and also other clients sensitive to questions of information security[1].

"These categories traditionally watchfully belong to clouds, but the last one and a half-two years the trend changes" — Nikita Dergilev noted.


For the first time Technoserv provided a cloud platform in 2014. It included set sectoral SaaS of products. In 2015 in the company internal examination on creation of private clouds and implementation of OpenStack was expanded.

The first stage "Technoserv Cloud" is created based on OpenStack technology and own developments of the company. Works on creation of the platform and transfer of services from TS-Cloud were conducted by specially created division and took about six months.

Advantages of OpenStack:

  • it is the open platform which use responds a vector to import substitution;
  • use of the platform allows to reduce significantly the cost of services for customers due to leaving from large-scale costs for licenses and support of proprietary solutions;
  • the open source code and modular architecture of OpenStack give the chance to expand functionality of a product by development new or changes of the existing platform modules.

Technoserv relies on own development team which is going to be increased in process of development of a cloud.

The Technoserv Cloud platform is implemented based on the hyper convergent systems providing virtualization of pools of computing resources and resources of storage. Thus, the solution provides to customers the high level of flexibility and allows to react quickly to market changes, regulating the level of the consumed computing resources.

"Technoserv Cloud" is placed in the data center of DataPro having certification on compliance to level of availability of TIER III on Uptime Institute classification. The company plans expansion of a cloud platform based on commercial DPCs Avantage which construction is completed by Technoserv.

The network segment of a cloud of Technoserv is constructed based on the solutions Juniper Networks

Performance and controllability of network infrastructure – important characteristics of a modern cloud platform. Therefore when choosing solutions for a cloud platform architects were guided by use of the modern technologies approved both by the largest providers of cloud services, and specialists of Technoserv within projects for the customers.

For providing required performance measures and minimum delays by transfer of traffic network infrastructure is constructed on the basis of switches of the QFX series of production of Juniper Networks company. This series of switches was initially developed as switches for data centers and has support of necessary technologies in modern cloud data center. In particular these switches maintain ability to integrate with the systems of virtualization of VMware and Openstack. The universality of the QFX switches gives the chance of preserving of investments with a further growth and development of a cloud platform.

Security and segmentation of a cloud is implemented on the basis of firewalls of the SRX series of production Juniper Networks. These firewalls have unprecedented performance (to 2Tbps) and at the same time provide a full range of opportunities according to the intellectual analysis of traffic at the level of applications.

The SDN technology is applied to ensuring dynamic adaptation of network infrastructure of a cloud platform to customers needs. In addition to already used solutions, testing of the solution Juniper Contrail is performed. Being one of market leaders of SDN, within the created cloud platform of Juniper Contrail it is capable to provide required efficiency and flexibility of network management for the account:

  • close integration with the used platforms of management VMware and OpenStack;
  • ample opportunities of the analysis of network flows and automatic reconfiguration of network on the basis of analysis results;
  • supports of API for application integration and development of own network services.

"Application of SDN solutions will allow to reduce seriously time for connection and reconfiguration of services. We are going to increase a set of the network functions provided based on our platform including, due to completion and development of the tools provided by the solution Juniper Contrail. At the same time we consider existence of the version of the solution based on software open source - OpenContrail. Also we consider in the future the possibility of adaptation of practices of community for use in a cloud platform of Technoserv.Cloud", - Nikolaev Alexey, the director of competence center of management of lifecycle of applications of Technoserv company commented.


Any information system, and cloud platform first of all, should be protected from possible threats, the project on the corresponding subsystem should be developed and implemented, the time limit should be observed strictly.

According to representatives of Technoserv, cloud services in general are better protected, than internal systems of the customer, at least because the provider of cloud services pays it special attention, often having the best examination. In the company the separate department which staff performs the round-the-clock monitoring of threats is engaged in problems of security.

Except questions of information security, the provider of cloud services should make the solution disaster-proof, having secured the customer against possible accidents in DPC, a data network or power supply system. At last, the platform should be designed with orientation to maximum availability of services, it means repeated internal reservation, protection against human errors, existence of test circuits and many other things.

Why "cloud" of Technoserv can be considered full

As of 2016 in Russia there is no developed terminology in the field of cloud computing. Even the term "cloud computing" not up to the end was fixed. The lack of the settled terminology leads to the fact that the concept of cloud services is blurred, often carry absolutely far products and solutions to them.

The Technoserv Cloud platform provides five obligatory signs of full-fledged "cloud" according to classification of National Institute of standards and technologies of the USA (National Institute of Standards and Technology, a NIST):

  • on-demand self-service (self-service on demand),
  • broad network access (wide network channel),
  • resource pooling (support of pools of resources),
  • measured service (measurability of consumption of services),
  • rapid elasticity (elasticity).

What to understand as on-demand self-service? Technoserv understands it as providing the mechanism to the customer (portal online) for independent change of parameters of a cloud in real time without participation of specialists of the contractor, it gives to the customer the speed, transparency and predictability. The customer should not bring the request to Service Desk or send the e-mail, and then wait for several days until someone on the party of the contractor makes necessary settings. "The manual drive" not only is inconvenient for the customer, it is also less reliable.

What to understand as broad network access? Services should be available on network without binding to the customer's device, his location. Standard access mechanisms should be used. If this condition is not satisfied, the customer should spend time and resources so and to incur additional costs, at the same time he receives restrictions for use of a product.

What to understand as resource pooling? Resources of cloud provider should be collected in the general pool, a part of resources from the general pool can be issued under the specific customer. It is important that resources could be appointed and reassigned dynamically it is transparent for the customer. Should remain transparent as well a technology platform.

What to understand as rapid elasticity? Perhaps, it is the most important characteristic of a cloud product. The resources provided to the customer should have an opportunity to be increased or be reduced elastically. For some products, for example, of backup or object storage, there has to be well automatic reduction or expansion. This option gives to the customer the chance to consume really and, as a result, to pay that amount of resources which is necessary for him at the moment time.

What to understand as measured service? In many respects this point is connected with previous. Consumption of elastic resources needs to be measured. The contractor should provide the automated mechanism of control of the capacities consumed by the customer on the basis of a set of metrics, specific to each service. For example, for the virtual server CPU time, amount of RAM and hard drives can be such metrics, and for Service Desk the number of users with this or that role will already be a metrics. Accounting of real consumption and drawing of accounts should happen on the algorithms in advance registered and clear to the customer, at any moment these calculations should be available to the customer to viewing. There should not be mechanisms of manual formation of accounts at the end of the month, such approach deprives of the customer of an opportunity to predict the costs.

In total these five characteristics give to the customer really flexible solution which he can use, adapt directly for himself, build own products on its base, provide services to the business users or clients.

If these characteristics are not maintained, the customer is forced to work with the inert, limited and badly predicted system which at some point can not provide necessary resources, conclude in Technoserv.