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Tekla Structures

Developers: Trimble Buildings
Date of the premiere of the system: 2015/03/16
Last Release Date: 2019/03/13
Branches: Real estate,  Construction and industry of construction materials
Technology: BIM - Information modeling of buildings and constructions,  CAD,  Project management systems


2019: Tekla Structures 2019

On March 13, 2019 the Trimble company provided upgraded version of the software for participants of the construction industry: Tekla Structures 2019.

According to the statement of the developer, Tekla Structures 2019 provides to users бóльшую controllability of workflows, thereby increasing efficiency of a command. The changes provided to Tekla Structures 2019:

  • Instruments of design of geometry of constructions of a curved form are improved (for example, plates and ladders) which increase performance and saved from processings

Tekla2019 Core Walls
  • Functions for the automated creation of drawings on the basis of information from BIM model and updating regarding export of the concrete goods given for production are added minimize discrepancies between the project and a real object.
  • Detailing of an armature is improved (for example, a possibility of its rounding off when modeling) the high accuracy and efficiency thereby is provided by preparation of the project documentation for works at construction of monolithic constructions

Tekla2019 Pour Unit Improvements
  • The block of work with fillings (Pour Unit) which simplifies creation of the reliable and structured drawings with distribution of sections of concreting is improved.

Updates also concerned tools for design of a timbering — in Tekla Structures 2019 detailing of this element higher that, according to the developer, will positively affect production efficiency of works.

The Revit Export expansion is added. As noted in Trimble, it provides бóльшую flexibility during the work with files of.rvt and allows to create solutions taking into account the set cost. It helps to reduce costs and to increase project implementation speed.

Tekla2019 Bridge Creator

The Trimble company also provided the Bridge Creator expansion which accelerates and simplifies workflows at early design stages of constructions of bridges. It is a part of the customized software for bridge builders.

Tekla2019 Clone Selected Stairs

Updates concerned release of the work documentation: in the provided version the possibility of cloning of summaries for faster and easy creation of standard drawings is available, processing of different types of drawings became more intellectual. The binding of dimensional points is also improved that allows to create drawings from BIM models of different complexity. Thanks to expansion of functionality of the Manager of contents of the drawing, it became simpler to observe standards of an execution of documentation, claim in Trimble.

2018: Tekla Structures 2018

The company Trimble in March, 2018 announced release of upgraded versions of the software for design engineers, production and construction the organizations: Tekla Structures 2018, Tekla Structural Designer 2018 and Tekla Tedds 2018.

Updated software improves controllability of workflows and preparation of documentation at all stages of information modeling of buildings (BIM) for participants of production of metalwork and combined reinforced concrete structures, including designers, designers and manufacturers, contractors on concrete works, general contractors and civil engineers.

Tekla Structures 2018 accelerates processes 3D - modeling, increases detailing accuracy, improves change control and allows to create quicker drawings at smaller efforts. Upgraded version also supports a cloud of points that gives the chance to develop approved among themselves and elements, convenient for installation, which perfectly will approach already built constructions. Thanks to improvements of creation of drawings their preparation, check and adding of data became quicker and more simply. Joint work processes — from design and calculations before detailing and production — are performed now more smoothly, regardless of material of constructions.

In addition to three versions of software of Trimble also started Tekla Developer Center. It is an online node with all data of Open API for solutions of Tekla. It provides support of community of application developers, expanding their possibilities of adaptation of Tekla Structures and using open approach to joint work in BIM and construction.

2017: Tekla Structures 2017

On March 13, 2017 the Trimble company announced release of the version of Tekla Structures 2017.

During creation of Tekla Structures 2017 we first of all improved technologies of joint work and modeling as they directly affect efficiency of accomplishment of key tasks in the conditions of the big working groups and large projects. The updated software is equipped with essentially new tools which allow project participants to expand the scale of works and to interact effectively with each other. Thanks to it the command can work more in coordination.

Jari Heino, director of division of building constructions of Trimble

Screenshot of the software window, (2017)

Tekla Structures gives more opportunities of direct change of model in design process, allowing to create quicker and easier models of constructions:

  • work of the organizer of model intended for search and installation of parts is accelerated.
  • tools for instant information exchange are improved.
  • using a basic point the engineering and design organizations and architects can work jointly on creation of an information model, using the approved and exact general coordinates.
  • the efficiency of interaction with architects increases thanks to a plug-in which allows to execute algorithmic modeling for Tekla Structures in real time using the graphics editor of algorithms Rhino/Grasshopper.

For work with Tekla Structures 2017 concrete provided the instrument of reinforcing with opportunities of creation and change of geometry of an armature for different types of reinforced concrete structures. Function of unit of filling increased efficiency and simplified management and information exchange, belonging to filling.

In this version for production of the national teams of reinforced concrete structures information exchange about detailing and production using data transmission channels in the field of production management is improved. The Palletizer tool optimizes and accelerates production planning based on model, prevents human errors at information exchange.

At a stage of detailing of metalwork version 2017 simplifies modeling of bent plates opportunities of direct change of models. Now processes of editing and work with bent plates are simple and intuitive. Users can create anything: from ordinary bent angular connections to faltsevy profiles, plates for spiral ladders, transitional links of the pipeline and difficult bent panels. Expansion of technical capabilities of preparation of working drawings allows to simplify this process, providing exact transfer of project intention and reducing the number of information requests.

Performance of work is increased by use in drawings of ready structural elements from 2D - library.


ChE-2016 stadiums are simulated in Tekla Structures software

On June 16, 2016 it became known of preparation in software of Tekla Structures of models of three French stadiums which in the summer of 2016 will host Euro-2016 matches: Le-Park-Olimpik in Lyon, Matmyu Atlantik to Bordeaux and Velodrome in Marseille.

These constructions are simulated using technologies of information modeling of buildings (BIM) and as the software for modeling of these objects is selected by software of Tekla Structures of Trimble company.

"Stad-de-Lumier", Lyon

This ultramodern stadium is open at the beginning of 2016. It accomodates 59 thousand viewers and is the home arena of Lyons Olympique. There will take place six matches of Euro-2016 including a semi-final.

Model of metal construction, (2014)

Metal constructions of stadium were simulated by Jaillet Rouby company using Tekla Structures. This software was used by manufacturing company of metalwork Martifer which was engaged in project implementation control, production of constructions, their construction.

The project participated in the tender Tekla BIM Awards in 2014. Feature of this stadium - the metal framework supporting difficult construction of a transparent roof.

"Matmyu Atlantic", Bordeaux

The Matmyu Atlantic stadium is constructed by the Vinci and Fayat groups. It was started in May, 2015. It is this architectural masterpiece. There will take place five matches of Euro-2016. Matmyu Atlantic accomodates more than 42 thousand people that does it by the largest stadium of the southwest of France and all Atlantic coast.

Stadium, (2015)

The software of Tekla Structures was used for design of supporting structures of stands. Due to the architectural restrictions it was required to reduce space between building constructions that complicated their assembly.

Velodrom stadium, Marseille

This stadium is open in October, 2014. After work on upgrade its capacity increased to 67.39 thousand viewers (earlier — 60 thousand). At stadium there will take place six matches of Euro-2016: four meetings of a group stage, quarterfinal and semi-final. Metal constructions were made by Horta Coslada company.

Velodrom stadium, (2014)

During upgrade the roof with a diameter of 250 m and weighing 6 thousand tons is made. It is mounted at the height of 65 m, on huge 3D - the framework executed of zinc galvanized steel.

Tekla Structures 2016

Tekla Structures 2016 allows to execute constructive modeling of any possible steel or concrete structures. The new software version allows to model even more effectively, increasing performance at the expense of simpler exception of expensive errors at production phases and constructions. The software is available and is supported in 17 languages. In this release Korean is added.

The user interface Tekla Structures ensures convenient functioning and fast training thanks to several functions simplifying modeling and accelerating design process. The configured menus and easily recognizable icons save the user's time, increasing efficiency of modeling, and the single system of flowers allows to find instantly the necessary elements on models.

More effective use of information of model is also entered into versions of 2016. Content management of model and drawing up reports are effectively performed. Detection of possible errors at a design stage when it is simpler to correct them, than to remake something on the building site, allows to save means. Creation of the repeating information for production, for example, of concrete coatings for prefabricated elements can be automated to increase performance.

2015: Tekla Structures 21

Tekla Structures 21 is the software for the sphere of construction and design. A system is based on technology of information modeling of buildings (BIM).

On March 16, 2015 the Tekla company provided Tekla Structures 21 – the software for construction and design.

By means of advanced technologies of compatibility and to graphic functions, ease of use and performance of Tekla Structures 21 improves design process of industrial and commercial facilities. The updated software is focused on specialists in the construction industry:

  • manufacturers of metalwork and precast concrete,
  • detalirovshchik,
  • general and subcontractors.

Tekla Structures 21 expands possibilities of joint work with design engineers of engineering networks and communications, chief engineers, architects, etc.

Screenshot of the Tekla Structures window, 2014

Tekla Structures 21 reduces time from development of the idea to its implementation by means of increase in the interoperability layer and performance of project teams and free information exchange between all project participants.


  • Advanced work with reference models – the Facilitated interaction with solutions of other producers, including with the IFC, DGN, DWG or SKP files.

  • The improved process of industrial design – Thanks to integration into the software for industrial design is improved design process of the plants and offshore facilities. The optimized interaction with Intergraph Smart 3D facilitates process of exchange of information models, and bilateral data transmission with AVEVA PDMS allows to control information exchange and changes better.

  • Smooth integration and export of data – Integration with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP from Autodesk and also with Trimble SketchUp Pro improves possibilities of interaction between teams of architects. For ensuring uninterrupted design process of Tekla Structures 21 automates export of models and drawings.

  • The improved technologies of management and change control of IFC – the Advanced change management process of IFC helps users to detect controlled changes and to manage them.

  • Simpler and effective modeling – to Draw lines, circles and points, it is also simple to place objects, as well as to edit. The Organizer function helps to use exact object-oriented these models for calculation of necessary amount of material.

  • Automated management of drawings – Simplifies processes of search, printing and viewing drawings, provides to users a necessary and high-quality format of viewing graphic documents according to the standards admitted to the companies.

  • The improved modeling of concrete works - Tekla Structures 21 simplifies and does more reliable modeling of monolithic steel concrete, change of zones of filling and boards of a timbering. Thanks to automatic data loading about concreting after installation of boards of a timbering important information will not be lost.