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Tesla recalls 15 thousand rejected electric vehicles

On February 12, 2020 about 15 thousand electric vehicles Tesla in which problems with steering are detected became known of a response. 14,193 Model X crossovers in the USA and 843 in Canada are subject to return to dealers. It is about the vehicles of 2016 model year made not later than the middle of October.

The problem in these machines is that aluminum bolts which the power steering fastens to the reducer body are subject to corrosion, and possible breakdown of these bolts can lead to power deceleration or a total failure of the power steering. It means that for driving, especially at a low speed, for example, at maneuvers on the parking, the driver should use the considerable efforts to a wheel.

About 15 thousand electric vehicles Tesla in which problems with steering are detected became known of a response
About 15 thousand electric vehicles Tesla in which problems with steering are detected became known of a response

It is noted that these defects are especially relevant for the countries with a frigid climate where roads often strew with deicing reagents.

According to National administration the traffic safety on routes (NHTSA), under control of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Ministry of Transport of Canada, does not register any road accident connected with the fault revealed in Tesla Model X yet.

In the service centers in potentially rejected cars will replace suspended bolts and if necessary all steering mechanism. All works will be performed free of charge for car owners. The producer says that motorists can continue to operate Model X until until representatives of Tesla contact them.

Problems in electric cars because of which Tesla is forced to withdraw the products meet from time to time. In different years the company carried out withdrawals of electric cars because of faulty chairs, defective locks of seat belts and the blowing-up Takata safety cushions.[1]

The engineer of Apple who died driving Tesla complained of incorrect work of an auto pilot in the place of road accident

In the middle of February, 2020 it became known that the engineer of Apple, the dead is driving Tesla Model X at blow about a concrete barrier on the highway in Silicon Valley, before death complained of incorrect work of an auto pilot around accident.

Complaints were in detail stated in the documents published by National Safety Council of transport of the USA which investigates accident of 2018. In documents it is said that Walter Huang spoke to the wife about faults of an auto pilot: a system turned the car in the direction of the same barrier near Mountain View, the State of California where Huang broke later.

The engineer of Apple, the dead be driving Tesla Model X at blow about a concrete barrier
The engineer of Apple, the dead be driving Tesla Model X at blow about a concrete barrier
Walter said that in the mornings when he goes to work, the machine turns to a barrier, - the lawyer of family Juan in response to questions of media reported. Juan also told about faults of an auto pilot to the brother and the friend who also owned Model X. Being a software engineer, Juan discussed with the friend whether the patch of software could affect performance of model X and change behavior of an auto pilot.

Shortly before accident Juan brought the Tesla to the service center to correct "a navigation error", said in the statement of the lawyer. But engineers of Tesla could not reproduce a problem, and error software was not eliminated. The family Huang made the claim to Tesla and the Ministry of Transport of California.

The auto pilot of Tesla is partially automated system which should hold the car on the set lane and support safe distance of rather ahead vehicles. It can also change lanes with the permission of the driver. Tesla claims that the auto pilot only helps the driver who should save constantly vigilance and drive independently the car.

The hearing of the case Haun is set for February 25, 2020. By this time experts should define a cause of accident and make recommendations about security.[2]

Shutdown of auto pilots in the electric vehicles purchased not from official dealers

At the beginning of February, 2020 Tesla turned off a number of functions, including an auto pilot, in the electric vehicle Model S redeemed from the third-party dealer. The dealer purchased the car at an auction of Tesla in 2019, and, apparently, Tesla believes that as the new owner of the car did not pay for some functions directly the company, they can quite be disconnected.

The car was originally purchased with all necessary software and was advertized by the dealer as such at the subsequent sale of the car. However when the car passed to the new owner, Tesla remotely booked program audit and turned off a number of functions. Now the company claims that if the new owner wishes to return these functions, he needs to pay personally Tesla of $8,000, i.e. the cost of the software package added to the initial cost of the car upon purchase directly from the company.

Tesla turned off a number of functions, including an auto pilot, in the electric vehicle Model S redeemed from the third-party dealer
Tesla turned off a number of functions, including an auto pilot, in the electric vehicle Model S redeemed from the third-party dealer

When the new owner contacted Tesla, he was told the following:

Tesla detected cases of the wrong software configuration Auto pilot, unpaid the buyer. Audit for identification of similar cases and bug fix is booked. Your car is one of vehicles with wrong setup of an auto pilot as you did not pay the Full-Self Driving function. We apologize for the arisen misunderstanding. If you are still interested in receiving these additional functions, can purchase necessary updates".

The legitimacy of actions of Tesla is not defined yet, but the situation speaks about much. Cars bring together Podklchyuchennye to network and transfer a huge number of data about which the owner also does not suspect, and even more often there are situations when car makers can turn off far off functions where earlier physical access was required.[3]

Dozens of drivers complained of sudden and involuntary acceleration of a car

In the middle of January, 2020 in response to the petition submitted to NHTSA with the complaint to "sudden unexpected acceleration" of different models electric vehicles Tesla, the manufacturing company made the statement that all provided charges "absolutely false". Tesla called the person who submitted the petition, the speculator — it became clear that the petition was submitted by Brian Sparks, the independent investor who acquires shares of Tesla.

The petition with a request for investigation which was given by the independent investor Brian Sparks contained 127 complaints from owners of Tesla electric cars of different models and years of release.

In response to the petition submitted to NHTSA with the complaint to \"sudden unexpected acceleration\" of different models of the electric vehicles Tesla, the manufacturing company made the statement that all provided charges \"absolutely false\"
In response to the petition submitted to NHTSA with the complaint to "sudden unexpected acceleration" of different models of the electric vehicles Tesla, the manufacturing company made the statement that all provided charges "absolutely false"
We investigate each case when the driver says that their vehicle accelerates without its intervention — Tesla claims. — In all cases, having obtained data of the car, we confirmed that the mechanism worked in full accordance with the instruction without any failures.

Including NHTSA and NTSB, it is hardly possible to call the relations of Tesla with the state regulators quiet. However in the statement Tesla claims that the company "underwent all testing of NHTSA and regularly [considers] complaints of clients to inadvertent acceleration together with regulatory bodies". The company claims that the majority of complaints of the petition were already considered by regulators, and "data confirmed that cars functioned normally".

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk opposes speculators long ago, claiming that they spread the false information on his company and are financed by the oil companies. Once he said in an interview to The New York Times that speculators "desperately try to change public opinion which is capable to lead to crash of Tesla". Musk's attempts to resist to speculators led to the fact that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against him.

NHTSA stated that it will consider the petition within the "standard practice applied at such questions".[4]


A half of the electric vehicles Tesla are on sale with defects

Nearly a half of the electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 are on sale with defects. Such data are provided in the research conducted by the Bloomberg agency and published at the end of October, 2019.

Motorists complain that electric cars roll off the production lines with the paint chips displaced by elements, and in certain cases — with mechanical faults. However, the producer improves.

Nearly a half of the electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 are on sale with defects
Nearly a half of the electric vehicles Tesla Model 3 are on sale with defects

In the third quarter 2018 when Tesla only began production Model 3, poll showed that 80 faults were the share of 100 sold electrical machines. A year later the share of defective motor transport was reduced to 44%.

The majority of problems are connected with a car exterior, mainly with paint of which 12% of respondents complained. Big gaps between body panels, and then — scratches and dents became the problems following on distribution. In total nearly 5 thousand owners of Tesla Model 3 were polled.

During the period from January, 2018 to September, 2019 new owners of Model 3 announced an average 66 problems counting on 100 purchased cars. Bloomberg notes that it is difficult to carry out direct comparisons between Tesla and other car makers.

Earlier in 2019 analysts of JD Power polled the consumers who purchased new cars. The research showed 91 problems on 100 machines, but Tesla was not considered by analysts.

The Consumer Reports organization does not recommend the electric vehicle Tesla Model 3 for purchase, having explained the solution with a number of essential shortcomings at the sedan.

In particular, complaints were caused by the inefficient brake system because of which the brake way of Tesla Model 3 was much longer, than at any modern car (46 meters when braking at a speed of 100 km/h). Besides, to the critic hardly accessible controls deserved.[5]

Thousands of owners of Tesla cannot open a car because of failure the application

At the beginning of September, 2019 owners of the electric vehicles Tesla faced a mass problem: they could not open the car because of failure of the application.

To unblock the central castle of the Tesla electric car, it is possible to use the electronic card key with a radio tag, a charm or mobile application. The last method so became popular among some car owners that they ceased to carry with themselves physical keys. These users got unawares on September 2, 2019 when the program for the smartphone failed, and they could not get to the machine.

Tesla cars because of failure cannot open the application
Tesla cars because of failure cannot open the application

On social networks the set of complaints from owners of electric vehicles appeared. Here, for example, the user of Twitter under the nickname @ethlie writes.

Hey, Tesla. I love the Model 3... Only now the application is not updated, does not allow me to log in and says that I have no machine. I wait for the answer from technical support hour. My new machine already turned into a red brick?

Tesla that there with network? I got stuck at a charging station. I try to arrive home with a charm, started the machine through the application. Nothing works three hours. Help! — the user of @kkicinski wrote.

The car maker confirmed a problem, but did not state the reason of its emergence. According to the Extreme Tech portal, failure was observed within 3.5 hours. Motorists rang Tesla with complaints to a problem this period.

At the same time the car could be opened by means of a physical key or a charm which are included in the delivery.

The technical issue of the application of Tesla was also recorded by the website Downdetector which traces malfunctions on the different websites and also complaints of users on social networks. In total over one thousand complaints which are generally connected with impossibility to become authorized in the application of Tesla were mentioned.[6]

The car of Tesla burned down in Moscow after road accident in regime of the electronic assistant

On August 10, 2019 on 37-km MKAD in To Moscow there was a road accident with participation electric vehicle Tesla which moved in regime of the electronic assistant.

The CEO of UK "Arikapital" 41-year-old Alexey Tretyakov was the driver of Tesla, it went with two children.

I went on MKAD, on the left band, with a speed of 100 km/h and did not notice the parked machine tow truck. Tesla crashed sideways and after that lit up  — Tretyakov told REN-TV TV channel.

The man added that he went not on a full-fledged auto pilot, and driving with the included "assistant to the driver" function. According to Tretyakov, he got off with a fracture of the leg, and the children sitting on back seat — slight injuries.

On the Internet there was video which author photographed the moment of explosion of the electric car of the electric vehicle Tesla. On the personnel flashes after which the car was almost completely covered by fire and dense smoke clearly are visible. The machine was completely destroyed.

The managing partner of Moscow Tesla Club Igor Antarov in a conversation with Moscow 24 TV channel reported that driving time on an automatic pilot the Tesla electric car studies.[7]

The moment of explosion of the electric vehicle Tesla on MKAD
The moment of explosion of the electric vehicle Tesla on MKAD
So-called boundary situations – for example, the car costing vpolpolosa without moving, on the left band of MKAD are obviously wrong situation, some warning signs should be exposed. These boundary situations — the most difficult for any system of automatic driving, and the only way to learn to avoid them – to knurl sufficient statistics — Antarov noted.

It is not the first case when the electric vehicle Tesla crashes into the parked vehicles in the auto pilot mode. The Tesla company says that drivers should hold hands on a wheel even at the included auto pilot if necessary to undertake control of machine.

Capacity of accumulators in the electric vehicles Tesla falls after software updating. Driving without recharge is reduced by 64 km

At the beginning of August, 2019 the owner electric vehicle Tesla submitted a claim against the producer, claiming that the company limited the accumulator capacity of old cars using software updating. This scheme, according to the claimant, had to help the company to avoid an expensive withdrawal of faulty accumulators under the pretext of "protection of buyers".

The owner of the Tesla car reported fraud of the producer with accumulators
The owner of the Tesla car reported fraud of the producer with accumulators

Thousands of owners of models S and X worldwide already noticed that the range of their batteries of the senior generation was suddenly reduced, and at some by the whole 40 miles (64 km). This subject was hotly discussed at special forums, such as where many owners in detail told about the problem which arose after the next software updating. Some users claim that restriction was introduced specially - thereby the company tries to depreciate the car, forcing owners to purchase new model.

David Rasmussen, the owner of model S 85 of 2014, notes decrease in accumulator capacity approximately by 8 kWh, but Tesla claims that this decrease was inevitable. The representative of the company added that this solution was connected with security of the car - after a case of self-ignition of the electric vehicle in Hong Kong the producer from care reviewed settings of a charge and management of temperature on cars of models S and X. The purpose of software updating was in that "protect the battery and prolong the term of its service". Nevertheless, the company considered claims of users and works on a problem.

According to messages at the forum, some owners independently dealt with a problem: some sold cars, others took legal action behind compensation, and the third just turned off Wi-Fi in the electric vehicle to avoid software updating.[8]

Cracks in the electric vehicles Tesla fix an insulating tape. Photo

On July 15, 2019 it became known that employees of the Tesla plants use an insulating tape for closing up of cracks in parts of electric vehicles. Article about working conditions and violations of regulations of production at the Californian enterprise of the company in Frimonte (USA) was published by CNBC.

Four people working on the pipeline told TV channel that heads recommend to use an insulating cable tape for rectification of faults of plastic tubes and the body. In confirmation photos of the Model elements 3 of plastic in which cracks were hastily fixed by an insulating tape were provided to it. 

Workers of Tesla were recognized in use of an insulating tape at assembly of machines
Workers of Tesla were recognized in use of an insulating tape at assembly of machines

Several interlocutors also told that it is necessary to work at the plant during a heat in the afternoon and in cold at night. Besides, during wildfires in California in 2018 factory workshops were in smoke with which ventilation did not cope. Workers also told that they neglect tests on water leak detection.

To understand about what conditions there is a speech, It should be noted that the plant is called "tent" because of existence of the assembly line under tent bed curtains. Such solution had to be time — so far in factory premises set up the equipment and robots. But the tent exists four years, said in the publication.

The press service of Tesla of the photo called the joke extended among employees which misleads and does not reflect a condition of assembly of model of the electric car.

However in the press repeatedly there went information on difficult working conditions to Tesla, and the founder and the head of the company Elon Musk called them "production hell".

We make all efforts to create the safest, fair and cheerful working environment. It is very important for us that employees with impatience expected the beginning of the new working day — said in Tesla.[9]

Accident from the death with participation of Tesla Model 3

On May 17, 2019 it became known of accident with participation Tesla of Model 3. A system adaptive a cruise control of Autopilot was included in the moment of the deadly accident which took place in March, 2019 when passenger car drove under the semi-trailer, reported in the pro forma statement of National council on security on transport USA.

The Tesla Model car after collision with the semi-trailer

In 2015 Tesla updated cars of clients and added to them the Autopilot function — a system adaptive a cruise control. Since then the company many times updated a system and as of May, 2019 the Tesla cars are capable to move partially independently on highways, managing acceleration, turn of a wheel and changing bands. At the same time Tesla formally obliges the driver to monitor a road situation, to hold hands on a wheel and to be always ready to interfere with system operation. The car in the mode of an auto pilot monitors finding of hands on a wheel and warns the driver sound signals if to take away hands. Nevertheless, many experts of the industry criticized the company for the fact that it exaggerates systems capabilities adaptive a cruise control. For example, the company sells the richest with functions the version of a system a cruise control under the name Full Self-Driving Capability because of what some clients perceive the name literally and take the car for completely pilotless while a system does not reach even the third level of autonomy from five (on classification of SAE).

On March 1, 2019 the Tesla Model 3 car got into the accident in the American State of Florida as a result of which the driver died. The National Transportation Safety Board of the USA (NTSB) made investigation of accident and published the pro forma statement. Shortly before incident the car went on the highway 441 in Florida. Several seconds prior to collision on the right across of Tesla from the adjacent road the truck tractor with the semi-trailer then the car crashed an upper part of a body into the semi-trailer left. Because of collision the semi-trailer actually cut off a roof of the car which at the same time continued the movement, having stopped in nearly 500 meters from a point of impact. In the report it is noted that after departure on the highway the truck braked, thereby having blocked a way to the car.

Specialists of NTSB found out that at the time of collision the car was running the Autopilot system, but neither she, nor the driver tried to avoid collision. A system was activated in 10 seconds prior to collision and in two seconds after activation the driver took away hands from a wheel, according to indications of sensors. Besides, the car at the time of collision speeded at 109 kilometers per hour though maximum permissible speed on this section of the road is 89 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour). Tesla confirmed that the Autopilot system was included at the time of accident, but reminded that drivers are obliged to hold hands on a wheel and to monitor a situation.

This accident is almost completely similar the first deadly accident with participation of Autopilot which happened in 2016. Then the car also did not notice the truck which came out to the route and passed under its semi-trailer. It became clear that the Autopilot system did not notice the white semi-trailer against the background of the light sky on data from cameras, and data from the radar did not help with this situation because a system was customized to ignore the obstacles which are highly. Tesla was repeatedly criticized by specialists of the industry of unmanned vehicles for the approach to driving automation. In particular, Tesla is known for basic failure from the lidars providing direct data on three-dimensional objects around the car unlike cameras which can be ambiguously interpreted as in a case with the white trailer against the background of the light sky.

This case became the third authentically confirmed deadly accident with the included Autopilot system. In addition to the mentioned case in 2016 one more road accident took place in 2018. Besides, relatives of the dead in China in 2016 of the owner of Tesla Model S several years have legal proceedings with Tesla, claiming that the auto pilot was included in accident time, but the company states that it cannot confirm it because of damage of the computer to the car.[10]

The electric vehicle Tesla unjustly exploded on the parking. Video

On April 22, 2019 Tesla announced the beginning of investigation of causes of explosions of the electric vehicle on Model S at the first level of the underground parking in Shanghai. An incident was imprinted by surveillance cameras.

As it is possible to see in the video, at some point from under the machine white smoke begins to go, and in several seconds it explodes, having caused damage to the next car. As specified the Shine edition with reference to firefighters, the cars standing nearby suffered Audi and Lexus.

According to the owner of the exploded Tesla electric car, the car was bought about three and a half years ago and no serious problems with it existed. He also added that the electric vehicle at the time of ignition was not on recharge.

After obtaining information on an incident in Shanghai yesterday we immediately directed a command for the scene, says Tesla on the official page of the company on social network Weibo.

The car maker also stated that as a result of the incident nobody suffered. Circumstances of incident become clear.

The moment of ignition of the electric vehicle on Model S at the first level of the underground parking in Shanghai
The moment of ignition of the electric vehicle on Model S at the first level of the underground parking in Shanghai

From 2013 to April of the 2019th not less than 14 cases of ignition of the Tesla cars were registered, and the majority occurred after accident. Earlier in Tesla said that the probability of ignition of its electric vehicles is about 10 times less in comparison with the cars equipped with the petrol engine. [11]

In Shanghai where there was the next ignition of the electric vehicle Tesla, the American company builds the plant, the first outside the USA, on production of machines. The total amount of investments is estimated approximately at 50 billion yuans (about $7.4 billion). By 2020 at the plant it is going to start assembly of the Tesla Model 3 model and to launch gradually annual production to 500 thousand cars. Start in operation of some assembly lines is expected by the end of 2019.

The famous jeweler was for a long time locked in the electric vehicle Tesla

At the beginning of April, 2019 the famous jeweler Ben Baller shared a story about how he was locked in on social networks electric vehicle Tesla then the company cancelled his meeting with the CEO Elon Musk.

The shaft is a cofounder and the head of the producer of jewelry, famous in Los Angeles, with If & Co diamonds. The shaft — the old admirer of Tesla, however it nevertheless published in Instagram a post how it was locked in the Model X P100D SUV. The electric car passed into the mode of the lowered energy consumption, having blocked all windows and doors so the Shaft could be selected from it only in 47 minutes through a luggage carrier.

Soon after the publication the assistant Maska who reported that his meeting with the CEO of the company is cancelled contacted the jeweler. She also asked that from now on the Shaft at emergence of the problems connected with Tesla company addressed to department of technical support, but did not publish information in social networks.

The glorified London jeweler Ben Baller could not meet Elon Musk because representatives of Tesla cancelled a meeting
The glorified London jeweler Ben Baller could not meet Elon Musk because representatives of Tesla cancelled a meeting

It should be noted that the appointment was made after the Shaft made as a gift to Musk a ring for $37,000 with a name and a logo of Tesla. The jeweler reported that he will sell a ring at an auction, and the earned money will offer on charity. The shaft also told that it understands why their meeting was cancelled, but noticed that an incident with the electric vehicle caused serious concerns to it concerning security of products of Tesla. He directly said that will not admit for anything the children to such car – the child Ballera has bronchial asthma, and that is not going to risk health of the son, waiting for the reply of service of the equipment.

The shaft reported that Tesla allowed it to terminate ahead of schedule the lease agreement of Model ò without additional payment. Representatives of the company refuse to comment on the incident on requests of media so far.[12]

Tesla Model can crack and direct to the oncoming traffic lane

At the beginning of April, 2019 the Chinese company Tencent Keen Security  specializing in information security told about a method of cracking of an auto pilot of Tesla as a result of which the electric vehicle can independently drive into an oncoming lane of the road, creating serious danger.

According to researchers, a system adaptive a cruise control of Tesla Autopilot can incorrectly distinguish points on  asphalt, take them  for  elements of a road marking and  turn  not to cross the nonexistent line of a marking, including driving into an oncoming lane.

The experiment was carried out in two steps. On the first of them the existing line of a marking was unevenly stuck with white plasters. At such scenario the machine can not "see" a part or all band.

At the second stage the existing marking was not distorted — new was added. Specialists applied three white squares which partly blocked a band on asphalt and conducted on counter. The car recognized them as continuation of the right line and, ignoring left, drove into other lane.

Also researchers could get access to a steering system through an auto pilot and drive the car from the wireless gamepad. And it was possible to intercept control even then when the auto pilot was switched off.

Besides, cybersecurity specialists found a method to deceive the system which is responsible for operation of window wipers in Tesla Model S. "Janitors" not just react to  water ingress on a windshield, and are activated if machine vision recognize bad weather. Chinese delivered before the electric car the screen with  the image created on  a special algorithm, and  window wipers turned on. 

The auto pilot of Tesla can be cracked and directed the electric vehicle to an oncoming lane of the road, the Chinese researchers found out
The auto pilot of Tesla can be cracked and directed the electric vehicle to an oncoming lane of the road, the Chinese researchers found out

Tesla reacted to an experiment. The company reported that hackers intentionally placed false signs on the road and changed a marking that in real life is hardly possible. The producer also emphasized that in case of an auto pilot error the driver is obliged to take over control or slow down immediately.[13]

Response  14,123  electric vehicles because of the rejected safety cushions

In January, 2019 announced Tesla Motors a response more than 14 thousand electric vehicles because of the rejected safety cushions of production of Takata company.

Under a service campaign  14,123  copies of Tesla Model S sold in China from February 4, 2014 to December 9 of Public administration, the 2016th, said in the statement, on market supervision of China got (State Administration for Market Regulation, SAMR). The response and replacement will be made since April 10, 2019.

Tesla recalls 14 thousand electric vehicles. The rejected safety cushions do not work at road accident and shoot without the reason
Tesla recalls 14 thousand electric vehicles. The rejected safety cushions do not work at road accident and shoot without the reason

All recalled electric vehicles were manufactured in the USA. At the beginning of 2019 Tesla started construction of the plant in Shanghai to offer the Chinese clients electric motor transport at the reduced prices. Start of production of the Tesla Model 3 sedan at the Shanghai factory is planned for the end of 2019.

In addition to Tesla electric cars, tens of millions of cars of other brands equipped with faulty safety cushions of Takata which can not reveal at accident were recalled worldwide or work spontaneously when it is not necessary, "having shot" at the same time metal fragments. Because of this defects   about 20 people died, more than 100 were wounded various degrees of severity.

As explained in SAMR, parts in safety cushions were created on the basis of ammonium nitrate without dehumidifier because of what there is a high risk that they will become torn on pieces and will put injuries to passengers and the driver of the car. Takata went bankrupt  after it became known of a number of death because of defects in safety cushions of their production.

Tesla reported that the withdrawal of the electric vehicles Model S released in 2012 with defective safety cushions began in the 2017th, and in the 2018th machines 2013 of model year responded. In 2019 the producer reached the cars sold in 2014-2016.[14]


The former employee of Tesla showed the rejected batteries which were put in electric vehicles

In August, 2018 the former employee of Tesla Motors Martin Tripp posted on the Internet photos in which, according to him, the rejected accumulators installed in the electric vehicles Model 3 are represented.

At the end of June, 2018 it became known of judicial proceedings between the founder and the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk and Martin Tripp whom the engineer calls "saboteur" because of use of defective components.

The punctured accumulator which could be put in the Tesla cars
The punctured accumulator which could be put in the Tesla cars

According to Musk, Tripp cracked internal systems of the company and stole industrial secrets. Tripp considers that the former employer became angry to it because of criticism — he pointed to defects at assembly of the Model 3 sedan that very much was not pleasant to the businessman.

It has to be a shame to you that you slander other people. You awful person — Musk in private correspondence with Tripp wrote. 

To confirm the correctness Tripp, posted several photos in which the damaged batteries are allegedly imprinted in social network Twitter. Also pictures of identification numbers of vehicles which, on as the ex-employee of Tesla claims were published, sent from the plant with the faulty punctured battery packs.

The list of VIN codes of the electric vehicles Tesla which can use the rejected batteries
The list of VIN codes of the electric vehicles Tesla which can use the rejected batteries

Later Tripp deleted the account @trippedover probably having been frightened of legal claims. Together with  it also  photos disappeared, however they remained in a cache of the Google search engine.

The lawyer Trippa in a conversation with CNBC TV channel noted that the account of the client was not hacked. At the same time the lawyer could not explain the reason of removal of content.

Tesla denies use of the punctured batteries in electric vehicles ever. The company assured that cars with those VIN codes which were published by Tripp are completed with completely operable and safe batteries.[15]

Tesla deception beat out subsidies for electric vehicles. Motorists should pay 4 thousand euros

In July, 2018 it became known that Tesla Motors fraudulently beat out subsidies for electric vehicles. Now owners of Model S should pay 4 thousand euros to the state.

According to the Bloomberg news agency with reference to the statement of the German Federal service on economy and export control (BAFA), department demanded from buyers of Tesla Model S to return to local authorities a subsidy for electric cars. The matter is that these cars are too expensive that their buyers could  apply for financial support from the state.

Tesla deception beat out subsidies for electric vehicles: owners of a car should pay 4 thousand euros to the state
Tesla deception beat out subsidies for electric vehicles: owners of a car should pay 4 thousand euros to the state

The program of payments was developed especially for sales increase of the electric cars and hybrid cars equipped with the internal combustion engine and the electric motor with  the big rechargeable battery. 

Initially privileges in Germany extended only to electric vehicles worth no more than 60 thousand euros that corresponds to the price of Tesla Model S in a basic complete set. However Tesla could not supply the machine in such complete set to the German market, and more expensive options do not fall under action of subsidies. Judging by information on the website of Tesla in Germany, Model S cost depending on a complete set begins with 92.55 thousand euros and reaches 139.8 thousand euros.

According to the estimates of the authorities of Germany, unreasonable privileges were issued to about 800 motorists clients of Tesla. Besides, applications for receiving compensation were submitted by 250 more people, but after claims of BAFA to them was refused.

In Tesla promised to understand a situation and to appeal against the solution of Federal service on economy and export control. Also the producer intends to cover subsidy cost until the problem is not solved.

As well as it is told on our website, any person in Germany could always order the basic version of model S which was below required price level, and we delivered such cars to clients — said in the company.[16]

The electric vehicle Tesla in the mode of an auto pilot rammed the police car

At the end of May, 2018 there was the next accident to participation electric vehicle Tesla which went in the mode auto pilot. This time there was a collision with the police car.

According to Associated Press agency with reference to police, the Tesla Model sedan crashed into the police SUV parked at a roadside. An incident occurred on May 29, 2019 in Lagun Scourge (South California, the USA).

The Tesla electric car in the mode of an auto pilot crashed into the police car
The Tesla electric car in the mode of an auto pilot crashed into the police car

As a result of road accident the driver of the electric car got insignificant injuries. Police officers did not suffer as at the time of their collision was not in the machine. Vehicles were strongly damaged. Discarded the police car on the sidewalk which he climbed up two wheels.

The blow had in the left part of the police car. It is reported that the electric vehicle Tesla moved in a managed mode.

The system of an auto pilot in machines of production of Tesla in 2018 even more often is exposed to criticism. The cars equipped with it had accidents more than once, including from the death. Tesla speaks emphasize that the specified technology is not intended for work without participation of the person. She is the electronic assistant and can adjust a rate of the machine or use brakes, but the driver all the same should hold hands on a wheel and to be ready to take over control in case of need.

The Tesla car with an auto pilot got into accident again
The Tesla car with an auto pilot got into accident again

On May 11, 2018 in the city of Salt Lake City there was an accident when  the Tesla Model electric car managed by an auto pilot at approach to the parked fire truck instead of braking accelerated and crashed into it. As a result of road accident the woman who was driving Tesla got an anklebone fracture.

In May, 2018 the Tesla Model 3 car, moving in the auto pilot mode, had an accident in Greece. It is noted that this first similar road accident with participation of the budget sedan from Tesla in Europe.[17]

The driver of the electric vehicle Tesla crashed into the chipper and burned down in the machine

On May 10, 2018 there was a new accident to participation electric vehicle Tesla in which the person died. The car driver crashed into the chipper on Highway A2 along Pass Monte-Cheneri near the Swiss city of Bellinzona. The fire broke out, and the man burned down in the machine.

In connection with a deadly incident the local prosecutor's office makes investigation. The version of firefighters according to which electric car accumulators could become the reason of ignition is checked, the Reuters agency reported on May 16.[18]

Road accident in Switzerland in which the driver of the Tesla Model electric car burned down
Road accident in Switzerland in which the driver of the Tesla Model electric car burned down

According to local police, the 48-year-old citizen of Germany died in accident. Having crashed into a dividing barrier on the route, its machine turned over and lit up. Circumstances of accident still clear up.

After incident the team of firefighters from Bellinzona on the Facebook page wrote that uncontrollable heating of Li-ion batteries of the electric vehicle before collision could lead to the fire. Afterwards the comment was deleted.

By phone firefighters answered a question of journalists that investigation is conducted, and evaded from further explanations, The Associated Press tells. [19]

The representative of prosecutor's office of the southern Canton of Ticino told Reuters what to speak about causes of accident prematurely as the authorities still study what could lead to an incident.

"The only thing what it is possible to tell with confidence about that the electric vehicle Tesla had an accident" — he added. When it is necessary to wait for results of investigation, the representative procurators did not tell.

We are deeply grieved by accident and we work on establishment of circumstances of an incident and also we offer our complete assistance to local authorities — said concerning accident in Tesla.

The press service added that the company did not obtain yet any data and therefore does not know the facts of what occurred. Most likely, it is about collision at a high speed, noted in Tesla.

The driver of Tesla went by passenger sitting and lost the rights

At the end of April, 2018 the British court took out punishment to the 39-year-old driver Bhavesh Patel who during driving on electric vehicle Tesla Model S activated the mode auto pilot and changed into a passenger seat. Became interested in violation in police after the motorist passing by posted a video on the Internet.

Incident occurred in May, 2017. The car in which there was Patel moved on Highway M1 in the city of Nottingham with a speed about 60 km/h. At the same time was driving nobody the car, and the owner of the machine was in a passenger seat, having put hands behind the head.

Patel was found guilty of dangerous driving and sentenced by 100 o'clock social jobs. Also it was disqualified for a period of 18 months and fined 1800 pounds sterling which the violator will have to pay Royal criminal prosecutor's office as compensation for expenses. Besides, Patel will have to complete a 10-day corrective course.

Bkhavesh Patel admitted the guilt and called the act silly, but noted that he was simply not lucky during testing of "delightful" function, the The Guardian newspaper tells.

It threatened not only own life, but also lives of other innocent people which moved on the way to that day. This case should become an example for all drivers having access to an auto pilot and to set them thinking before making similar — the investigator Kirk Caldicutt who was engaged in this case said.

Engineers of Tesla who were involved to investigation of an incident, reminded that the system of an auto pilot, including the cruise control and function of taxiing, are intended only for the help to the driver who is completely concentrated on the road.[20]

The auto pilot killed the driver of the Tesla electrocrossover

At the end of March, 2018 it became known of deadly accident into which electric vehicle Tesla Model X got. At the time of accident the machine went in a managed mode.

Road accident happened on March 23 on the highway 101 in Mountain View (the State of California, the USA). The car moving at the activated auto pilot crashed into the chipper. The engineer of Apple Walter Huang was the died driver. He was managed to be pulled out from the machine before the fire, but he, unfortunately, died in hospital from the injuries got at the time of collision.

Stocks of Tesla failed for 5% after deadly accident into which the driver of the electric vehicle Tesla Model X got
Stocks of Tesla failed for 5% after deadly accident into which the driver of the electric vehicle Tesla Model X got

The Tesla company disclosed investigation details, despite a signature stamp "confidentially" for what received in the address criticism from National Safety Council of transport  of the USA (NTSB).

According to the message of Tesla, the auto pilot of Model X was activated before fatal accident and hands of the driver were not on a wheel within six seconds before collision with a dividing barrier. The company claims that the driver did not react to visual and sound warnings of automobile electronics of return to manual control by the vehicle and also could see a barrier within five seconds and about 150 m, but did not take any actions.

 Several moments prior to  collision the auto pilot mode worked, the adaptive cruise control was set on  minimum value — specified in Tesla.

NTSB said that all aspects of accident, including the assumptions will be investigated that before this driver expressed concern about the system of an auto pilot. Tesla claims that it has no information on complaints of the driver.

Walter Huang crashed into section of the chipper in which there was no special buffer designed to soften blow. It was not managed to be replaced after any other road accident which happened in the same place a little earlier. Tesla says that effects of accident could be not so deplorable in case of presence of the buffer.[21]

Withdrawal of 123 thousand machines because of the rejected bolts

At the end of March, 2018 the Tesla Motors company began to recall tens of thousands of electric vehicles because of the rejected bolts in a steering system.

Under a service campaign 123 thousand machines Tesla Model S released till April, 2016 worldwide got. In them replacement of bolts of the power steering which underwent "excessive corrosion" is required.

Electric vehicle Tesla Model S
Electric vehicle Tesla Model S

The company noted that the negative impact on bolts is made by the reagents with salts of calcium or magnesium applied to prevention of frosting on roads. When using of table salt of such problems by road services does not arise. Bolts are made by the German company Bosch.

If bolts break, the driver will be able still to drive the car, but for this purpose it will be required to apply force. It first of all creates difficulties for driving at low speeds and for the parallel parking, but has no significant effect on management at a high speed, says Tesla.

The company noted that no incidents and victims connected with defect in electric cars existed. Even at breakdown the driver would save driving, but would feel at the same time some discomfort, Tesla reports.

The producer began to send to owners of electric vehicles with possible fault the notice on need to arrive to the nearest dealer center Tesla for elimination of a malfunction. On liquidation of a problem in service no more than an hour is required, reported in the company.

It is not the first withdrawal of the electric vehicles Tesla. In October, 2017 the company announced  a voluntary withdrawal of 11 thousand Model X. During testing of cars detected violations in debugging of a cable which create risk that during road accident the back of the left seat of a back row can develop forward.[22]

Problems with production Tesla Model 3

At the end of January, 2018 it became known that the problems which arose by production of the accumulator electric vehicle Tesla at the Gigafactory plant in the State of Nevada were more serious, than it was supposed, and can cause additional delays and problems with quality of Tesla Model 3. Several employees of Tesla company reported that some accumulators are made manually what requires additional labor power.

The company already delayed the beginning of production Model 3, referring to problems on Gigafactory. On November 1, 2017 the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk assured investors that the company undertakes measures for elimination of production problems and an output of Model 3 to the market.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3

Despite the aspiration of the company to automate production, only a month later, in December, 2017, it became known that the company still makes accumulators for Model 3 partially manually and involves specialists of Panasonic to the help in assembly. The Panasonic company is a partner of Tesla and delivers galvanic cells for accumulators.

According to sources of CNBC TV channel, Tesla did not approach mass production of accumulators of basic model of the electrosedan.

According to CNBC, problems on production Gigafactory can prevent Tesla company to achieve the goals. Delays will reduce motivation of employees, will entail discontent of buyers and will help competitors.

But, despite opinions of sceptics, some investors of Tesla look at current situation with optimism. Ben Kallo from RW Baird company told:

"We believe that Tesla will arrange production Model 3, and positive reaction of the first buyers will increase demand. In general, sales market can appear more expected".

Production – case difficult. Always it is necessary to consider admissions and risks, to correspond to criteria of quality. It takes time, - the former engineers of Tesla say.

Accident because of an auto pilot

On January 22, 2018 it became known of that, the electric vehicle Tesla Model S on an automatic pilot crashed into the parked fire truck.

Representatives of a fire brigade Culver city, the State of California whose car suffered as a result of the incident which happened in the morning on January 22, 2018 on the federal highway 405 reported that the driver of the electric vehicle used the autopilot system exercising control in the automatic mode.

The fire truck was parked on the left abnormal lane. As a result of an incident the electric vehicle Tesla was strongly damaged, and the fire truck also needs under repair.

Road accident with participation of Tesla Model S and the fire truck in California
Road accident with participation of Tesla Model S and the fire truck in California

Firefighters were in front of the car, eliminating effects of the previous accident. Thanks to it it was succeeded to avoid more tragic outcome. As reported, collision was quite serious. According to data of the Mercury News edition, the electric vehicle moved with a speed about 100 km/h, but is still not clear whether it reduced speed before collision.

Because of blow force firefighters recommended to the driver to ask for medical care, but he did not suffer and refused.

After the incident the Tesla company stated that "the auto pilot should be used only at simultaneous careful observation of a road situation". The user instruction of Model S contains numerous warnings that use of an auto pilot and other semiautonomous control functions by the car perhaps only if the driver watches closely the movement.

In 2016 the car equipped with an autopilot system of the American producer had an accident, the driver who caused death, as a result of collision with truck. Then the National committee of security on transport established that the driver too trusted an auto pilot.[23]


High percent of defects

At the end of November, 2017 it became known of the high level of defects in the Tesla cars rolling off the production line. Though these flaws are eliminated before car sales to consumers, the American company sustains considerable losses on it.

As the being and acting staff of Tesla Motors told Reuters, more than 90%  of the electric vehicles Model S and Model X after assembly have defects. Such share was as of October, 2017, however a number of sources of news agency indicated existence of a problem in 2012.

It is noted that expensive cars often need completions before departure from the plant. Some car makers manage to release from the enterprises vehicles with a small share of defects — less than 10%. The quality of assembly on production pipelines is crucial because the subsequent repair requires a lot of time and means, the industry experts polled by Reuters note.

Assembly of Tesla Model S
Assembly of Tesla Model S

 According to employees of the Tesla plant, the low performance of assembly process causes the companies a huge loss. By November, 2017 at Tesla yet not to time did not lock in annual profits, and quarterly losses are measured by about $1 billion.

  The J.D. Power and Associates research company  confirmed low-quality production of the Tesla cars. Among the most mass defects experts are called faulty locks of doors and  bad connections of body panels. Owners of electric cars also complain on "crickets" in  salon, the unsolved software and  untight joints through which   water comes to salon and a luggage carrier.[24]

Cracking by hackers

In June, 2017 specialists of the cybersecurity company Keen Security Lab belonging to the Chinese IT giant Tencent managed to take control over the electric vehicle Tesla, USA TODAY reports. Experts managed to put far off in action the Tesla Model X brake system, to open doors and a luggage carrier and also to activate headlights and the radio receiver of the machine.

In the course of cybercracking the malware was implemented via the electric car web browser using a series of computer exploits for a protection bypass. As a result researchers could manage far off the electric vehicle through Wi-Fi and mobile connection.

Staff of Keen Security Lab at once notified Tesla on the revealed vulnerabilities, and that within two weeks released update for the software of the electric vehicle and eliminated a gap.

Researchers of Keen Security Lab showed the video presentation about cracking of Tesla Model X at a conference on a computer security of Black Hat 2017 which passed in Las Vegas on July 26-27.

In this occasion it is said in the statement distributed by Tesla that the company encourages such researches as they help to warn potential problems. At the same time the American producer emphasized that the risk for clients is very small and that Tesla does not know of one of owners of its cars who would suffer from such cracking.

Specialists of Keen Security Lab crack the electric vehicle Tesla already for the second time. Earlier in 2016 in a similar experiment they managed to receive control over other model — Tesla Model S.

Last year we informed Tesla on the found vulnerabilities too, and they eliminated them. This year we found new weak points and again could show remote control the car — Sen Nie, the leading expert of the Keen Security Lab command specializing in kiberzvloma of the automobile systems told.

He added that to perform repeated cracking was difficult.[25]

2016: Announcement of Model 3

Tesla provided Model 3 at the end of March, 2016. It was reported that the model will be the most budget in a line of electric vehicles of the company. Model 3 cost in a basic complete set on condition of the preorder as it was announced on the presentation, will be 35 thousand dollars[26].

Serial production of Model 3 — the most inexpensive electric vehicle in a line of Tesla — will begin in September, 2017. At the first stage, said in the statement distributed by the company it is going to produce about five thousand Model 3 a week, and during 2018 to increase production to ten thousand electric vehicles of this brand a week.

How many electric vehicles Model 3 Tesla expect to sell after the beginning of their serial production, is not reported yet.


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