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Tickets Cloud and Ticketsell: Solution for forecasting of sales of tickets

The name of the base system (platform): Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)
Developers: Tickets Cloud (Tiketsklaud), Ticketsell
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/11/08
Technology: Trade automation systems

2019: Start of the solution for forecasting of sales of tickets

8 November, 2019 the Tickets Cloud company together with AI service for event managers of Ticketsell started the solution for forecasting of sales of tickets using artificial intelligence. Thanks to this tool organizers will be able to make the right management decisions in time: adjust the sales plan, plan the diagram of the change in price and promo-companies.

The ideal scenario of sales for the organizer is when the last ticket for an event left for an hour before. If all tickets are sold, for example, a month before the action — the organizer received less profit. If in the auditorium there are blank spaces, means there were errors in sales strategy. Forecasting will allow the organizer to understand instantly perspectives of payback of an action and to correct the strategy of distribution of tickets.

Egor Egerev, the founder and CEO Tickets Cloud told

According to the company, the solution is based on an algorithm which was trained at data of Tickets Cloud, for November, 2019: 3000 actions and four million sold tickets, and he continues to self-improve. Doing the forecast, the algorithm proceeds from indicators of sales on relevant actions of the organizer and other market participants. All data are depersonalized.

Demand forecasting is used in retail, logistics and other spheres for a long time. Forecasting in the booking market — a natural technology step of development of the industry, it is designed to increase business performance of organizers of cultural actions thanks to data. This first similar solution in the Russian market.

Oleg Pilipenko, the founder and CEO Ticketsell told

In a personal account the organizer will see what number of the sold tickets it reaches in day of an action and as the carried-out activities influence its current sales. Additional diagrams will help to orient with market situation: will show the price and sales of the most successful action ("Best-seller") of the same category, the best sales of a similar action for the last weeks in a cut ("The champion of week") and average sales on all relevant actions in base.

In the territory of Russia the solution is available only to clients of Tickets Cloud. For November, 2019 it can be purchased on a subscription: 15 thousand rubles a month or 130 thousand rubles a year.