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Ufoto: Sweet Chat

Developers: Ufoto (Hangzhou Gexiang Technology)
Last Release Date: 2019/08/13
Branches: Internet services

Sweet Chat is the free application for communication in a chat where it is possible to find friends in the Internet and to get acquainted with people nearby.

2019: Date leak

On August 13, 2019 the Zecurion company reported that personal photos and correspondences of users of Sweet Chat service, the Chinese analog of the popular application of Tinder, were stored on the unprotected servers, access to which anyone could get. Darryl Bourque, the cyber security specialist and the author of the blog Respect My Securitay writes about it.

Sweet Chat

The expert managed to bypass security of Sweet Chat without efforts and to browse personal data of users, in particular, correspondence and the enclosed photos. According to Bourque, for contact with the server the application uses the unprotected protocols, and data of users are stored in not encrypted form.

The security expert mentioned in the message that he notified creators of the application on the found vulnerabilities still on July 21, but by the time of the publication of his article in August they still were not eliminated. Also the expert noted that the address of developer company on the official site and in app store differs in Google Play. In one case the address of office in China, in the second – Singapore is specified that does not raise trust degree to vendor and complicates the address to him.

Using online services, we are forced to trust them to creators and we calculate that security issues took not the last place at their development. We also believe that owners of service will save our privacy and will not transfer data to the third parties for target advertizing, and workers will not merge base for resale in the black market. In practice often happens on the contrary therefore it is important to find really reliable service. At last, it is possible to try to meet representatives of an opposite sex not only on the Internet, but also more traditional methods,
speaks Vladimir Ulyanov, the head of analytical center Zecurion

Earlier representatives of Sweet Chat said that for August, 2019 more than 10 million people in China, Latin America and in the Middle East use the application.