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VE miniCAVE и miniCADWall

The name of the base system (platform): VE CAVE Virtual prototyping
Developers: VE Group (VEE Group)
Date of the premiere of the system: 2016

The Russian company VE Group began with fall of 2016 release of the systems of virtual reality for the solution of industrial tasks under own brand. VE miniCAVE and VE miniCADWall are significantly cheaper than foreign analogs as at their development and production are used, including, the Russian component parts. The main feature of solutions is their mobility and a kastomiziruyemost.

Ten-year experience in the market of virtual reality allowed VE Group to develop own solutions and to start their production in Moscow area. In a line so far two VR systems, the most demanded by customers: the mobile room of virtual reality — VE miniCAVE and a mobile wall of virtual reality of VE miniCADWall.

VE miniCAVE supplements and even replaces the 3D-printer, solving a problem of rapid prototyping without costs for supplies. Several screens provide to group of specialists the maximum effect of immersion during the work with 3D - prototypes of big products. Based on VE miniCAVE potential customers can hold the model commissions and the presentations it is most realistic showing the engineering project, to create simulators and exercise machines, to train employees. Key features of VE miniCAVE — profitability (in comparison with classical CAVE) and mobility: a system can be carried on exhibitions, conferences and other offside events, at the same time on assembly four hours are required. The mobile room of virtual reality includes all necessary: the projective module, easy screens, the graphic generator, the compact system of tracking of movements of the person, the interaction device — a 6D-mouse and 3D - points. Quickly collected construction is transported in three wardrobe trunks on wheels.

VE miniCADWall — a wall of virtual reality — the most available offer of VE Group for collective work of the group of experts. This budget "turnkey" solution: all inclusive in one mobile system: the projective module, the graphic generator, the screen, compact tracking system, the interaction device – a 6D-mouse, 3D - points. All equipment in one compact mobile wardrobe trunk can be transported on the car. Fast and simple installation (till one o'clock) does VE miniCADWall by the ideal solution for the exit presentations.

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