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VR mortgage

Developers: VTB - Vneshtorgbank
Date of the premiere of the system: December, 2019
Branches: Real Estate


2019: Start of service

At the beginning of December, 2019 in Russia began to issue a mortgage in virtual reality. VTB started the relevant service which received the name "VR mortgage".

He allows virtual reality wearing spectacles to estimate characteristics of a real estate: a location on the map of the city, infrastructure (nurseries and observation decks, remoteness from the subway and social objects), a design and possible detailed design of rooms. During the VR session of the client the virtual consultant who in detail tells about the apartment accompanies and also sounds conditions of mortgage lending.

Russia began to issue a mortgage in virtual reality

According to the Head of Department of a mortgage and car business of VTB Evgeny Dyachkin, "VR mortgage" facilitates the choice of a real estate as can decide on purchase of the apartment and purchase it, without leaving for document creation to other city. At the same time VTB offers a mortgage loan without the commission for carrying out territorial and distribution transactions.

It is strategically important to us to accompany clients in the digital world therefore we integrate the services into their everyday life. On the horizon of three years we are aimed at providing 100% product availability in remote channels. We are sure that behind VR technology the future. In the long term it will allow to increase the number of mortgage transactions and to interest those clients of bank who will be able to consider real estate acquisition for the purpose of investments, –  Evgeny Dyachkin told.

The first transaction on acquisition of the apartment within new service was issued in St. Petersburg by the client from Krasnoyarsk. The borrower selected the apartment from LDC "Philosophy on Moscow" and purchased it at St. Petersburg Real Estate company.

By the beginning of December, 2019 "VR mortgage" is started in Moscow, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Yekaterinburg.[1]

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