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VTB ADM (the automated deposit machine)

Developers: VTB - Vneshtorgbank
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/07/10
Branches: Trade,  Financial services, investments and audit

2019: Representation of the automated deposit machine

On July 10, 2019 the VTB bank provided to clients of large business the next type of devices of self-service with online collection – the automated deposit machine (ADM). It will be directly established in the territory of customer organization for instant introduction of revenue on the checking account. This type of devices is most relevant for large retailers.

Automated Deposit Machine (ADM)

Using this service of means are online credited instantly to the checking account of the company. Money becomes available to the client at once thanks to what the speed of turnover of cash increases. Besides, autorecalculation is executed and the authenticity of banknotes is verified. Thus, clients of bank considerably cut down the expenses on services of collection and optimize this process.

Staff of the companies can collect independently revenue at any convenient time, being in a workplace. Thanks to it the risks connected with shortage or plunder of money considerably decrease – after their entering into the device responsibility for safety of cash passes to bank.

Within the strategy of VTB we are aimed at active promotion of digital products. Using the provided equipment we will offer our clients the improved service which considerably will save their costs and also will simplify process of preparation of revenue,
commented Valery Chulkov, the board member of VTB bank