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Viavi Solutions 3Z RF Vision

Developers: Viavi Solutions
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/10/09
Branches: Telecommunication and communication

2019: Representation of the device for installation and setup of antenna complexes of wireless networks of communication

On October 9, 2019 it became known that the Russian representative office of the international company Viavi Solutions was announced an output to the Russian market of the control and measuring equipment 3Z by RF Vision for fast and effective identification and elimination of errors in installation of radio relay antennas and antennas of base stations. This equipment can be used both at initial installation, and at further service and an adjustment of antenna complexes.

3Z RF Vision

RF Vision provided 3Z represents the small device with the touch screen of management which can be set on the front, back, side and upper planes of the majority of types of panel antennas.

Device 3Z RF Vision provides measurement of an azimuth, height, location and also a horizontal and vertical inclination of the antenna – on the basis of signals satellite systems GPSGLONASS//BEIDOU (also the device is ready to use of signals of a system Galileo). Feature of this device is the built-in camera coaxial with the direction of the measured azimuth and also the touch screen on the back panel. Thanks to this sheaf, the equipment installation specialist can visually see and is easy adjust the direction of the antenna – for this purpose it is just necessary to achieve combination on the screen of "project" and "actual" cursors. Besides, the camera allows to add to the report of the image of the objects which are just before the antenna, and each of them is assigned to specific measurement that increases reliability of received data. At the same time the user can receive the report or in the unloadings mode, or online – using free mobile application (it is available on platforms iOS and Android). The report includes measurements and data on alignment of the antenna, sector identifiers, time and location-based marks.

The device is suitable for setup of radio antennas of all generations of networks – from 2G to a 5G where the setting accuracy of antenna equipment is especially important.