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Vimtag IP camera

Developers: VimtagTechnology
Last Release Date: 2019/10/08
Technology: Video surveillance systems

2019: Entry into the Russian market

On October 8, 2019 SmartU reported to TAdviser that Vimtag, the supplier of a professional equipment and service in the field of video surveillance, entered the Russian market.

CP3 Camera

The Vimtag IP cameras can be installed as indoors, and on the street and to be used for observation of the house, children and also for security on objects of medium and small business. All Vimtag IP devices have the thought-over laconic design and are selected among analogs in the class with high quality, the affordable price and a cloud service data storage.

For October, 2019 in a portfolio of the company Wi-Fi cameras 1, 2 and even 4 Megapixels, rotary cameras with face recognition and sounds, the camera with the "fish eye" function, 2-megapixel outdoor cameras with degree of protection of IP-66 and also network the 8th the channel video recorder are provided. Using Russian-language application Vimtag for iOS/ Android which is available on phone, tablet and the PC, the user has an opportunity of the round-the-clock control of the camera and watching video in real time.

A specific place among the products Vimtag is held by internal IP-the camera P2.

The 2nd or 4-megapixel sensor creates the image 1535P with high extent of detailing, and the lens allows the camera to perform video filming with the overview on 360 ° without "blind zones" and also if necessary to distinguish persons of people and to perform other analytic functions. The built-in sensor of tracking of movements and bidirectional audio communication allows to provide full control in the protected zone. At the small sizes of the body the camera has a card slot of memory of microSD (to 128 GB) and supports access to video from smartphones.

The cameras Vimtag keep record in "cloud" every time when they fix the movement in a frame, at the same time the notification will be sent to the smartphone at detection of the movement. If necessary it is possible to set specific time for a video which will register in the Full HD format. An opportunity to browse a videoarchive to other users – becomes possible thanks to a transmission function of right of access.

Several rates which differ in duration of days of record of events are available to users. The cost of a tariff plan varies from $2.99 that is much cheaper in comparison with other suppliers of cloud video surveillance.

P2 Camera

Products of Vimtag company and service of cloud storage are already available to the order in official online store Shortly the equipment can be purchased on the websites of popular online stores.

The SmartU company, business integrator in the market of the smart house and security, and Vimtag signed the exclusive agreement on distribution according to which SmartU will perform sales of all equipment of Vimtag in the territory of Russia.