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Vivo Y-series Smartphones

Developers: Vivo Communication Technology
Date of the premiere of the system: 2018/07/10
Last Release Date: 2018/11/12
Technology: Tablet computers and smartphones



Vivo Y95

On November 12, 2018 the Vivo company provided the Y95 smartphone.

The Vivo Y95 smartphone received the 6.22-inch Halo FullView screen. It occupies 88.6% of a frontal surface. The compactness and the thought-over construction of the camera increase the area of the screen even more, the producer claims.

Vivo Y95 smartphone

The NFC chip which equips Vivo Y95 allows to make payment using the smartphone. For this purpose the user needs to add information on the bank cards or to use Google Pay.

According to the statement of the producer, 4 gigabytes of RAM and eight-nuclear processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, made on regulations of 12-nanometer technical process, allow to start on the smartphone at once a little applications. 64 GB of the internal memory give the chance to save everything that the user will wish, needlessly constantly to make for this purpose room.

According to the producer, the front camera of the Y95 smartphone is capable to catch 20 Megapixels to an olsha of parts. The artificial intelligence determines age, sex, tone and texture of skin, lighting and automatically starts an algorithm which improves features. Thanks to 13 Megapixels to the main camera providing the high definition of the image, and the auxiliary camera on 2 Megapixels which is reading out information on depth of field, the Y95 smartphone is capable to compete with professional cameras when shooting with effect a side. The artificial intelligence of the smartphone identifies 140 different plots of shooting and automatically optimizes settings of the camera.

As noted in Vivo, the battery of high capacity 4030 mA • h the energy management system supplements what allows the user not to worry that the battery will quickly be discharged. In the advanced game mode with artificial intelligence popular functions, such as pop-up notifications, calls in the background and the game keyboard are saved. If quickly to run a finger over the screen aside, the user will get access to all functionality and will be able to select what to include or disconnect, without bowling off.

The Vivo Y95 smartphone is available in two color schemes: "Star black" and "A red dawn" since December, 2018 at the estimated retail price of 18,990 rubles.

Vivo Y85

On August 22, 2018 the Vivo company provided the Y85 smartphone. According to the company, Y85 model is equipped with the display of high resolution FullView with an aspect ratio 19:9. Its area is 88% of a frontal surface, and diagonal – 6.22 inches that increases the volume of a useful surface of the screen by 15.5% in comparison with displays with an aspect ratio 16:9. At the same time it is still comfortable to hold the device in hand.

Vivo Y85

Vivo Y85 is equipped with the accurate main camera with the resolution of 13 MT and also the auxiliary camera with the resolution of 2 MT which reads out information on depth of field. Together they allow to create photos with effect a side, capable to compete with pictures on the reflex camera. Thanks to PDAF technology of the camera of the smartphone are focused instantly, taking even the most imperceptible moments with a crystal clearness.

The system of artificial intelligence Face Beauty defines a sex, age, a shade and texture of skin of the user, adapting to lines of his face to emphasize natural beauty.

Y85 allows to connect several pictures for creation of photos with a resolution of 52 MT to the high level of detailing and bright colors.

Vivo Y85 carries out difficult tasks thanks to 4 GB of RAM and the eight-nuclear processor. The user can use several applications at the same time, for example, instantly to switch from games to social networks.

In addition to the battery with a capacity of 3260 mAh of Vivo Y85 works at the optimized Android 8.1 system. It increases energy efficiency and prolongs accumulator operating time.

Along with an unblocking on fingerprints of Vivo Y85 supports face recognition. At activation it scans features of the user and instantly provides access.

The streamline body and the back panel of deep black or ruby-red color do design of the smartphone memorable.

In the Russian Vivo Y85 market it will be available in two versions differing in the volume of a base memory.[1]

Vivo Y81

Vivo Y81 smartphone

On July 10, 2018 the Vivo company announced start of sales of the Y81 smartphone in Russia. The model was equipped with the FullView screen and functions of artificial intelligence for improvement of quality of pictures.

Vivo Y81 has the 6.22-inch screen with the resolution of 1520×720 pixels and an aspect ratio 19:9. It occupies 88% of the space of a frontal surface, in an upper part notch sensors, the loudspeaker and the front camera on 5 Megapixels is located. The technology of an unblocking for recognition of the person of Face Access is supported.

The smartphone was equipped processor MediaTek by Helio P22, 3 GB of operational and 32 GB of the internal memory. The last can be increased, having set the MicroSD card with a capacity up to 256 GB. Vivo Y81 is equipped with the battery with a capacity of 3260 mAh and works under Android management 8.1.

Vivo Y81 is equipped with functions of artificial intelligence for improvement of quality of pictures

As noted in Vivo company, the main camera has permission of 13 Megapixels. Vivo Y81 supports the AI Face Beauty function which determines age, sex, color and texture of skin of the person, and still ambient illumination. For the AI setup the database containing more than one million images with persons of people from the different countries of the world was used. In process of use the built-in system of artificial intelligence studies and remembers settings automatically to create pictures according to preferences of the user.

Vivo Y81 is available in Russia since July 12, 2018 in two color schemes: "opaque black" and "red". Cost was 9,990 rubles.[2]