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WD Ultrastar DC NVMe SSD SN series

Developers: Western Digital
Date of the premiere of the system: 2020/06/26
Technology: DWH

2020: The two-port SSD drives Ultrastar DC SN840 with NVMe support

On June 26, 2020 the Western Digital company presented solutions which cornerstone the SSD drives Ultrastar with support of the NVMe protocol and complemented with NVMe-oF technology are. These solutions are designed to become the base for creation of the next generation of infrastructure of DPC. Integrating the two-port SSD drives Ultrastar DC SN840 with support of NVMe and RapidFlex controllers with NVMe-oF support, the Western Digital company submitted the platform of storage OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF. This disk shelf of JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash is a pack a flash disks) allows to use possibilities of NVMe with several hosts connected on Ethernet-network to short delay. The presented solutions expand the nomenclature of offers of Western Digital for DPC, helping clients of the company to satisfy the increasing requests from applications and workloads due to transition to more productive NVMe SSD drives and more advanced architecture of the general storages.

SSD drive Ultrastar DC SN840

As noted in Western Digital, in conditions digital economy, the account goes on microseconds. Operators clouds also corporate DPCs try on the one hand, to eliminate bottlenecks and to provide the stable performance and availability of the main applications, and with another, to cope with growth of volumes data therefore clients even more often pass to solutions based on NVMe and NVMe-oF. According to the forecast of the industry expert company IDC, giperskeyler, equipment manufacturers and IT- departments of companies-pointed users will continue transition from outdated interfaces SATA and SAS in this connection in 2020 the share industrial of the SSD drives NVMe will exceed 55% of total number of the shipped units, and cumulative rates of annual growth during the period from 2018 to 2023 will be 38%.

According to the developer, NVMe the SSD drive Ultrastar DC SN840 Gen3.1 is the solution of third generation with vertically integrated self-produced NVMe controller, own microcode and 96-layer flash memory 3D TLC NAND. The SSD drive Ultrastar created especially for corporate clients by NVMe issues competitive performance up to 780K/250K IOPS of accidental transactions of reading record and supports volume up to 15.36 Tbyte in a form factor of U.2 15 mm, ready to work, giving to the companies the chance to pass with SATA and SAS to NVMe. As it is about corporate solution, it has a set of the corresponding characteristics, in particular resources 1 and 3 DW/D, security blanket from power failure and enciphering TCG. This solution is suitable for the crucial applications requiring good performance at workloads in a read mode and record and in the mixed mode, short delay and high availability of two ports, for example, for high-performance computing (HPC) cloud computing databases SQLNoSQL,/, virtualizations (virtual machines/containers), artificial intelligence/machine learning and data analysis.

According to the statement of the producer, a flash storage with support of NVMe give additional opportunities on performance for DAS, SAN and NAS, however, if in DPC it is used traditional infrastructure, performance of NVMe of SSD drives can be reduced. Because of it there will be a nedozagruzhennost of resources DWH, there will be inefficiently separate data and operating expenses will raise. The OpenFlex Data24 platform proposes the solution for these problems: all capacity of NVMe of the SSD drives Ultrastar is separated between several hosts on Ethernet-factory with short delay as though they were locally tied to the bus PCIe in servers x86. Thanks to it operators of DPC will be able to increase more flexibly volume and it is more productive to use disaggregated a flash storage, increasing performance at the majority of resource-intensive workloads.

The OpenFlex Data24 platform supports up to 24 NVMe of the SSD drives Ultrastar DC SN840 with function of hot swap and the total amount of storage up to 368 Tbytes in a compact form factor 2U. This solution, according to the developer, is suitable for expansion of server storage and horizontal scaling of software-defined DWH. The complete solution also includes the RapidFlex controllers with function of remote access to memory (RDMA) and NVMe-oF support providing high quality of network connection both low power consumption and supporting connection to the OpenFlex Data24 system at the same time to six hosts directly to 100 gigabit Ethernet without external switch. RapidFlex controllers give a delay less than 500 nanoseconds for the design capacity of the platform up to 13M IOPS/70 of Gbytes/sec. when adding to OpenFlex Data24 to six network adapters.

Designed for ensuring availability and conforming to industrial requirements for reliability, the OpenFlex Data24 platform can be tied to the general DWH as a part of infrastructure or is used as a disaggregated resource at creation of virtual DWH. The platform is compatible the OpenFlex F-series opened by component and disaggregated infrastructure (CDI), emphasized in Western Digital.

"Infrastructure of DPC plays an important role for global economy. The purpose of Western Digital – to help to group the companies data centers of the next generation which could work with applications, crucial for the companies, and provide enough capacity for "hungry" workloads with scaling. Our efforts are directed to helping to pass with the companies to NVMe and the arranged architecture which would help them to take a maximum from the DWH",

'Yusuf Gamal, the senior vice president of the direction of the Device and the Western Digital platform noted'

Deliveries of NVMe of the SSD drives Ultrastar DC SN840 will begin in July, 2020, and deliveries of the platform of storage of OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF with the five-year limited warranty are planned for fall of 2020. As of June, 2020 RapidFlex NVMe-oF controllers are already available to the order. Start of products in Russia it will be announced in addition.