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WebMoney VideoID

Developers: Webmoney
Date of the premiere of the system: March, 2019
Branches: Financial services, investments and audit
Technology: Cybersecurity - Biometric identification

2019: Video identification start

On March 14, 2019 the payment service of WebMoney announced start of function of remote identification of users according to video. Now for confirmation of the personality it is optional to visit the centers of certification and to notarially certify statements.

A system under the name VideoID allows to receive the initial certificate in the WebMoney system with the increased limits on transaction and also to obtain loans in the automatic mode in WebMoney Debt service. Undergo video identification from everywhere where there is an Internet connection. To use new service, the user needs only the passport and the smartphone or the personal computer with the webcam.

At VideoID start the user needs to repeat the gestures represented on the screen, to show the page of the passport with the photo and to study the agreement on responsibility. The notification on the passed test will come to phone.

It was possible to receive "the initial certificate" earlier, having visited the center of certification WebMoney, and via the portal of state services.

Start of video identification it was announced less than a month later after Sberbank gave to the clients an opportunity to transfer money from  the bank card to  purses of WebMoney and  back by  their  number or by  the phone number. 

In March, 2019 WebMoney started remote confirmation of the personality according to video
In March, 2019 WebMoney started remote confirmation of the personality according to video

The maximum amount of transfer makes 15 thousand rubles. At money transfer from  a purse of WebMoney to  Sberbank Card the commission from  the payer  in the amount of 2.3% undertakes. The receiver gets the translation without the commission. The commission for  transfer from  the map on  a purse makes also 2.3%, it is paid only by the receiver of means. The fee is charged also when translating between the card and a web purse of one person. Money arrives instantly.

By March, 2019 in WebMoney there are more than 39 million registered users.