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WorksPad (before MobileSputnik)

Developers: MobilityLab
Last Release Date: 2019/09/26
Technology: Mobile Device Management (MDM),  Office applications


WorksPad is integrated solution for smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. The application integrates the most demanded tools for daily work and provides protection for corporate data.

WorksPad gives following features in one application:

  • E-mail client with the usual Outlook-like interface for a full-fledged work with letters and calendars; access to work calendars of colleagues and corporate address directory;
  • File manager with access to corporate file resources for downloading, loading, movement, other transactions with files; with synchronization with files on the working PC;
  • The built-in editor for the Microsoft Office files and a preview player of files of different formats (PDF, multipage TIFF, images, audio and video);
  • The integrated browser for controlled access to the public and corporate resources unavailable via the normal browser. A possibility of access restriction through address lists, entered to a black or clean sheet.
  • The multidisplay user interface allowing to open at the same time a set of files, letters and calendar events in independent "screens" and it is easy to switch between them.

Distinctive feature of WorksPad is protection of business information at the level of the application, but not control of all device that provides an opportunity for work on personal devices in the BYOD model without damage of privacy of users.

Service allows to forbid transfer/opening of investments of e-mail and documents from "container" WorksPad in other applications on the mobile device. Authentication of users on the mobile device is executed using a corporate directory service of the Active Directory with support of profiles of security policies.


Integration into the domestic Aurora mobile operating system

On September 26, 2019 it became known that Russian the developer software "MobilityLab" completed development mobile application of WorksPad for the domestic OS mobile operating system (M) "Aurora". Using WorksPad smartphone turns into the protected mobile workplace of the employee.

The companies "Rostelecom", "Open mobile platform" and MobilityLab signed the agreement on development, implementation and promotion of joint products for work in the entrusted corporate environment protected mobile which core is the domestic Aurora mobile operating system. The parties will develop jointly additional functionality of solutions and special modules for MOS.

We are interested in that the Aurora mobile operating system could provide the solution of a maximum of tasks of our clients. With applications of WorksPad they receive effective tools for creation of the protected remote workplace of the employee. "Aurora" in general creates the entrusted corporate mobile environment which expands borders of office to any place where there is a wireless Internet access,
noted the CEO of Open Mobile Platform company (subsidiary company of Rostelecom) Pavel Eyges

We are sure that our developments for the Aurora operating system will allow to provide our customers with the solutions for creation, best in the class, of the entrusted mobile environment. Our examination in the field of creation of complete solutions for "the protected mobility", including cooperation with the largest Russian corporations, such as Rosatom and Russian Railway, will become a basis for emergence of solutions for the benefit of the state and corporate customers,
told the CEO of MobilityLab Sergey Orlik[1]

The announcement of WorksPad for Sailfish, WorksPad 2.0 for DLP, WorksPad X and WorksPad Assistant

On March 13, 2019 the MobilityLab company announced development plans for a mobile workplace of WorksPad, including support of the Russian mobile OS the Sailfish/aurora also enters the market of platforms of development and application integration based on chat-bots and microapplications.

Problems of digitalization of business processes and safe mobile work of staff of the companies and government employees of all levels are crucial for an exit of the Russian economy in growth. Increase in productivity of daily work, often measured in minutes for an individual employee, saves many millions of rubles in scales of the organization. The efficiency of paperless working off of business processes which for March, 2019 is inconceivable without mobile technologies gives effect in tens and hundreds of millions rubles for the enterprises.

Sergey Orlik, CEO and co-founder of MobilityLab

The solution of practical questions of information security of mobile work of employees and government employees is particularly acute for the companies and the state organizations, including authorities. The full-fledged mobile work requires for March, 2019, but not in three-year perspective, to solve two absolutely connected problems – first, to provide online mobile access to corporate documents and systems and, secondly, it is safe to do it.

Sergey Makaryin, co-founder and director of business development of MobilityLab

To us as to the developer of the corporate mobile operating system participation in our ecosystem of the companies which already proved in the market of corporate mobility is very important. Interaction with such partners – one of the key directions of our work. The solution WorksPad of MobilityLab company considerably will expand an ecosystem of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS and will provide to our users the effective tool for safe and productive work.

MobilityLab announced official support of the protected mobile platform based on Sailfish Mobile OS RUS and the mobile client of WorksPad for Sailfish announced. This first corporate application on the platform created using technologies and the Python language. The technology potential which is saved up by MobilityLab and Open Mobile Platform companies opens possibilities for expansion of an ecosystem of the Russian mobile platform and reduction in cost of development of the application software necessary for a public sector and business for solving of tasks of digitalization and import substitution.

According to the company, the first version of WorksPad for Sailfish is planned to release in the third quarter 2019 and will be able to work in two modes:

  • independent file manager for the mobile platform with basic control functions by files on the mobile device;
  • the client of the standard WorksPad server with access to internal file resources and libraries of documents and support of synchronization of documents between working PCs of users and mobile devices in the scenario of the protected "corporate dropbox".

WorksPad for InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

The integration module WorksPad of version 2.0 for InfoWatch Traffic Monitor allows customers to control transfer data through all communication links supported in WorksPad. For identification of unauthorized use corporate information the WorksPad server transfers the documents leaving safe perimeter of the company for the analysis in DLP- InfoWatch the Traffic Monitor system. Integration of solutions the Russian of developers allows to expand controlled perimeter of the company and to perform monitoring of information exchange which is performed with use:

  • mobile clients of Android, iOS, Sailfish, including WorksPad X
  • user portal and portal of external access WorksPad
  • the corporate chat-bots and microapplications unrolled on the WorksPad platform

InfoWatch TrafficMonitor allows to prevent date leaks and to minimize internal threats of cybersecurity which proceed from the staff of the organizations. The number of channels on which there are communications in the organizations constantly increase, and we continuously improve the products and we arrange them under the changing business processes. For example, we provide protection of information transfer via mobile devices with different methods, as using own mobile agent, the entrusted firmware and work "вразрыв", and thanks to integration with profile products of third-party developers. Together with MobilityLab we already implemented the project on ensuring safe work with corporate resources on smartphones and tablets. This round of our cooperation is directed to expansion of safe corporate perimeter in the companies which includes data transmission from mail servers, services of file sharing, mobile agents and corporate chats on platforms of WorksPad.

Andrey Arefyev, head of development of products of InfoWatch Group

WorksPad X iOS

WorksPad X supplements classical clients of WorksPad, providing the user experience and patent UI for tablets and smartphones. Functions of clients of WorksPad X:

  • Classical: mail, contacts, calendars, files/documents, browser
  • Updated: the built-in integrated client of chat-bots and micro-applications

The supported mail systems – Microsoft Exchange and Communi Gate Pro.

Distinctive feature of client applications of WorksPadX is support of different visual representations of letters, files, the calendars allowing to work as in the usual compact mode familiar according to consumer email applications, and in updated – the detailed representation reminding a tape of social networks without leaving which it is possible to respond here to letters, to work with investments and to perform other required operations. An innovation of MobilityLab in the organization of the user interface WorksPad X is means of navigation according to letters using the moving-forward panel of dates. Also WorksPadX supports different color subjects, including light and dark. The testing held by a usability and processing of responses from the closed groups of real business users proved prospects of these approaches in processing of electronic correspondence which is offered by WorksPadX.

The release of the first release of WorksPad X is planned for the second half of 2019.

Development of the customized mobile applications considering possible configurations of the drawing systems of a class ECM BPM CRM, financial analysts and specialized business applications can demand tens and hundreds of millions of rubles. Development of such systems on all three mobile platforms is Android, iOS and Sailfish is not only extremely labor-intensive, but also requiring special examination both in mobile development, and in information security.

At the same time corporate users and government employees in the normal life actively use modern messengers and got used to solve many problems by means of chat-bots and the related class of the integrated microapplications. However application in the business purposes of consumer messengers as cloud platforms of chat-bots with information storage in unavailable jurisdiction, raises not only questions, but also often directly breaks regulatory regulations in Russia, the European Union (within GDPR) and many other countries of the world.


The WorksPadAssistant-significant platform a step in development of the Russian means of operational and safe work with the corporate systems and resources which do not have mobile clients. Being expansion of a core server framework WorksPad, this platform gives to corporate developers and integrators the Russia's first tools for creation of safe chat-bots and microapplications with the rich user interface.

Open API of the WorksPadAssistant platform, use of one of the most developed and modern 100% of open Microsoft Adaptive Cards technologies, high-level scalable architecture and technology of applied communications based on protocols of WorksPad and, of course, full control of the source code of the platform from the Russian developer (MobilityLab) – all this turns the WorksPadAssistant platform into a real basis for creation of a mobile digital ecosystem of the enterprise.

Sergey Orlik, CEO and co-founder of MobilityLab

All relevant client applications of WorksPad, the next clients of WorksPadX and the web client of WorksPad extend functions of the built-in client of WorksPadAssistant and provide uniform user experience with chat-bots and microapplications which are developed on the WorksPad servers (in the organization or on the platform of the entrusted service provider). The broad spectrum of browsers is supported, including and platform, specific to iOS and Sailfish. The visual designer of forms is available to developers to design of forms ("cards") of display and data entry.

WorksPadAssistant is deeply integrated into infrastructure of the software package WorksPad and uses all advantages of functions of information security support – profiles and security policies, access isolation, integration with InfoWatchTrafficMonitor and many other things.

Additional important functionality of the platform is the possibility of its use both on internal, and on public websites of the companies with deep integration with corporate systems.

The WorksPadAssistant microapplications have the developed user interface

For use of Workspadassistantna public resources the platform offers the special "widget" which is built in on pages of the websites and ready to the solution of the whole range of business challenges:

  • drawing attention and automation of interaction with consumers - integration with processing systems of orders, inventory managements, loyalty;
  • holding polls;
  • personnel recruitment;
  • the offer to consumers of additional services and products, including integration of partner offers;
  • frequent transactions and reports of a personal account of the user, etc.

To the preview version of the WorksPadAssistant platform it will become available to the first wave of partners within the coming months with the planned release until the end of 2019.

2018: Start in DataLine cloud

DataLine companies, the operator of data centers Tier III and cloud provider, and MobilityLab company, the solution designer of WorksPad, announced on April 7, 2018 start of service of WorksPad from the platform DataLine.

In accordance with the terms the partnership agreement of DataLine and MobilityLab will provide jointly user support.

We analyze the market and we try to involve the best examination and technologies in joint growth. Cooperation with developers of services helps us not only to expand the DataLine service portfolio, proposing clients solutions necessary to them, but also to develop friendship with producers of business applications and platforms — the CEO of DataLine Yury Samoylov noted.

We are very glad to partnership with one cloud provider of DataLine. We are sure that it will help large and medium-sized companies to use safely possibilities of approach of BYOD — mobile work on personal devices — the CEO of MobilityLab, developer company of WorksPad Sergey Orlik said.

The service is deployed in a failsafe cloud of DataLine based on data centers of Tier III. The guaranteed availability of service, according to DataLine, makes 99.982%. IT administrators of the companies of clients get access to the web management console the WorksPad settings.

WorksPad gives following features in one application:

  • e-mail client with the usual Outlook-like interface for a full-fledged work with letters and calendars; access to work calendars of colleagues and corporate address directory;
  • file manager with access to corporate file resources for downloading, loading, movement, other transactions with files; synchronization with files on the working PC;
  • built-in editor of files of the Microsoft Office format and preview player of files of different formats (PDF, multipage TIFF, images, audio and video);
  • the integrated browser for controlled access to the public and corporate resources unavailable via the normal browser. A possibility of access restriction through address lists, entered to a black or clean sheet;
  • the multidisplay user interface allowing to open at the same time a set of files, letters and calendar events in independent "screens" and it is easy to switch between them.

Distinctive feature of WorksPad is protection of business information at the level of the application, but not control of all device that provides an opportunity for work on personal devices in the BYOD model without damage of privacy of users.

Service allows to forbid transfer/opening of investments of e-mail and documents from "container" WorksPad in other applications on the mobile device. Authentication of users on the mobile device is executed using a corporate directory service of the Active Directory with support of profiles of security policies.


How to work with mail using WorksPad

The built-in client of corporate e-mail allows to open several messages in different "screens", calendar events or investments and quickly to switch between them.

Integration with the manager of files allows to indicate at once several files from different sources (shared folders of Windows, library of documents SharePoint or files the PC) for formation of an e-mail on their basis directly in the application.

  • Automatic synchronization of letters - Support of push of notifications, a possibility of the choice of folders for automatic synchronization.
  • Search in a mailbox is Search as locally, in the client application, and on server side.
  • Background search in a mailbox - the Opportunity for work with other letters and folders during search implementation.
  • Full range of transactions with letters - An opportunity to create, answer, move, delete letters
  • Display of the status of the letter is Display of the made transactions (the answer, transfer) in the list of letters and the letter.
  • Support of work with investments - an Opportunity to open for reading, to save, send investments, including a set of investments
  • Transfer of letters with automatic downloading of investments - an Opportunity to automatically download all investments at transfer of the letter
  • An opportunity to open investments in other applications - Is controlled by politicians of "Open in" from WorksPad server side
  • An opportunity to add an investment from different sources to the letter - Adding of files from SharePoint libraries, network file resources and from folders on the PC
  • An opportunity to add several investments to the letter at the same time - Adding of files within one transaction, including the files which are in SharePoint libraries on network file resources and folders on the PC

WorksPad 3.5

On April 20, 2017 the MobilityLab company announced release of release of the version of WorksPad 3.5.

WorksPad 3.5 personified research and development of the Russian specialists answering calls in the field of security of information on mobile devices. Together with expansion of the supported corporate mail systems from CommuniGate Pro and client platforms with Windows 10 WorksPad had additional competitive opportunities.

Sergey Orlik, CEO of MobilityLab

The means of ensuring of information security guaranteeing reduction of risk of information leak and supporting centralized operation using administrative tools on the WorksPad servers were a part of WorksPad 3.5:

  • Means and politicians of display of watermarks during the work with documents, letters, events and the websites, including not only viewing, but also editing the corresponding materials. Display of watermarks in combination with other politicians of prohibition of an output of content out of limits of a container of the mobile client of WorksPad, allows to minimize leaks in the form of copies and photos of screens with the protected information.
  • Means and politicians of prohibition of an output of content in the third applications – prohibition of copying (copy/cut), opening or transfer of files via external applications (open in, share with)
  • Means and politicians of control of work of mobile applications on cracked (jailbreak, root) devices and also work in a debug mode
  • Means of the analysis and policy of prohibition of use of often found or weak local passwords used for an input in mobile applications of WorksPad
  • Means and politicians of inclusion of enciphering of significant information in client applications of WorksPad using algorithms of AES (except WorksPad R focused on support of encryption algorithms GOST)

In the latest version of the solution integration of the WorksPad server with the system of protection against date leaks of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor is provided. It allows to monitor delivery to mobile devices (in mobile clients of WorksPad) documents from file resources or in the form of investments in letters.

WorksPad 3.5 expands a range of the supported corporate mail systems - CommuniGate Pro. Support of the Windows platform 10 in the form of the client application WorksPad for Windows implemented on UWP technologies is included.

Clients of WorksPad for iOS, Android and Windows 10 support work with corporate mail, calendars, contacts and the corporate address directory for servers Exchange, Office 365 and CommuniGate Pro.

WorksPad 3.0.3

On March 8, 2017 the MobilityLab company provided release of edition of a corporate mobile workplace of WorksPad 3.0.3.

In WorksPad there were push-notifications informing the user on obtaining messages. The Push-notification can be displayed even if the mobile device is blocked that allows users to obtain information on new messages timely.

WorksPad on screens of mobile devices, (2016)
WorksPad on screens of mobile devices, (2016)

In the version for iOS function of transfer of letters with automatic downloading of applications, a possibility of attachment of several files at the same time from different corporate sources within one transaction, display of the activity statuses made over letters is implemented.

As a part of WorksPad:

  • corporate mail;
  • built-in browser,
  • file manager;
  • means of file synchronization of the PC and tablet,
  • address directory,
  • calendar,
  • means for direct transmission of files and broadcast of the screen between tablets and the PC.

WorksPad provides convenient and safe implementation of the main business functions for work with e-mails and documents on mobile devices of heads and staff of the enterprises and organizations.

For March 13, 2017 the version of WorksPad is available to iOS and Android in app stores.


WorksPad 3.0

On September 28, 2016 the MobilityLab company announced release of release of WorksPad of version 3.0 with built-in Internet and the intranet browser.

In this version of a product support of multitask work of heads and staff of the companies and organizations in any place is provided at any time.

Advertizing of MobilityLab, (2016)
Advertizing of MobilityLab, (2016)

The version of WorksPad 3.0 as a part of which the server framework and client applications for Android and iOS, will become available in October, 2016.

WorksPad 3.0 is an important step in development of our product. WorksPad is created by the Russian developers with a clear and ambitious goal: be the best in the market in the class both in Russia, and in the world, setting a level of the fact that such corporate mobile workplace is not simple in the name, and in fact the opportunities given to users. Intended for work with unstructured information: by mail, documents, calendars, etc., WorksPad provides the security level allowing to use fully mobile devices of employees in the BYOD model which de facto determines today's level of mobilization of business. Thanks to permanent development of opportunities and functionality WorksPad finds new corporate users whose number this year already stepped for 10 thousand.

Integration with MobileIron AppConnect

On February 17, 2016 the MobilityLab company announced integration of WorksPad with MobileIron AppConnect.

With an exit of integrated solution the participants of an ecosystem of MobileIron AppConnect working on iPad, iPhone and Android devices will be able to estimate the opportunities given to WorksPad - compatibility with Microsoft Office, the built-in corporate mail and joint editing files. Employees will work with documents and mail on the mobile devices, and the IT service will receive management tools corporate data and their protection.

Software window screenshot on the screen of smartphone (2016)

WorksPad transfers the PC familiar interface to mobile devices that you could work at the same time with several files and e-mails, increasing the productivity. At the same time all important data are stored in the uniform protected container.

For February 17, 2016 WorksPad offers:

Integration of WorksPad with an ecosystem of MobileIron AppConnect will provide to our clients and partners the new level of corporate security and efficiency. We are very glad that our solution became a part of the leading protected mobile ecosystem for the enterprises.

The solution WorksPad of MobilityLab company was a part of an ecosystem of AppConnect. Thanks to it clients of MobileIron will be able to increase the efficiency, working on mobile devices through a user-friendly interface.
John Morgan, vice president of division of products and ecosystems of MobileIron company

WorksPad for Service Providers

WorksPad for Service Providers is the editorial office intended for the companies of the service providers entering an initiative of Microsoft COSN Russia (Cloud OS Network Russia) and providing cloud services of the international class from date cents in the territory of the Russian Federation based on products of Microsoft (Exchange, SharePoint, etc.).

WorksPad for Service Providers represents special cloud multi-tenant the version of WorksPad developed with observance of the strict requirements of information security meaning complete isolation of settings and the processed information of the companies of customers from each other.

WorksPad for Service Providers will allow service providers:

  • offer the new supplementing service to already existing clients
  • start the unique package offer consisting of the corporate level of mail, file storage usual all of an application package of Office and one mobile application allowing to work with all above-mentioned on devices with iOS and Android
  • provide to the mobile staff of the companies of customers access to services of providers of cloud solutions and at the same time to the corporate resources unrolled on own infrastructure of the companies

It not only will increase employees productivity of the companies of customers which will be able effectively to work on mobile devices, but also will save the high level of safety of access to corporate resources.

WorksPad on the Oblakoteki platform

On March 4, 2016 the MobilityLab company announced the beginning of sales of a mobile workplace of WorksPad to the special editorial office on the basis of an integration cloud platform of Cloud Computing.

Since April 4 any company will receive service, ready to use, from Cloud Computing company. It will allow to reduce initial investments, flexibly and effectively to use IT budgets further.

By means of partnership with [[Cloud Computing|Oblakotekoy [[, the companies of small and medium business had an opportunity of effective use of a mobile corporate workplace.


New version and renaming into WorksPad

In February, 2015 MobilityLab announced an exit of new generation of the flagman application. The company notes that in it approach which the international experts define as a trend of corporate mobility for 2015 – leaving from separate narrowly targeted applications towards complete multifunction solutions on mobile devices is implemented.

The new version of a product represents the boxed corporate mobile solution which in addition to the main functionality - tools for work with files - contains now a full-function e-mail client, including integrated mail, the calendar and the corporate address directory. All this functionality is united in a mobile workplace on the tablet or the smartphone, with a scalable backend which, in turn, is integrated into a corporate landscape of IT and information security.

With a release of the new version the solution known as MobileSputnik, received a new name - WorksPad. Change of the name in the company is connected, first of all, with the fact that the product will be on sale not only in Russia, but also abroad: more neutral name and lack of the instruction in it on the Russian origin, as expected, should contribute to the development of foreign business. MobilityLab explains it with the fact that, despite quite positive relation to the Russian startups in the world in general, business prospects with the Russian companies are often considered with care.

WorksPad screenshot
WorksPad screenshot

Added to the companies that the previous solution name will remain only for the special protected version of the solution for the Russian customers.

The chairman of the board of directors of IT GroupTagir Yapparov told that by the time of the announcement of the new version of the solution about $3 million were invested in its creation and an output to the market. The company expects that this direction of business in Russia will become profitable in 2015, and abroad — in two-three years.

In plans of MobilityLab - to bring the new, cloud version of the solution to the Russian and foreign markets. Unlike standard sale of a product in the customer's infrastructure, this version will extend as one of options in service cloud the service provider leasing infrastructure to the customer.

Exit to international market

Together with the announcement of WorksPad in February, 2015 of Mobiliti of labs reported that the product is brought to international market. The chairman of the board of directors of IT Group Tagir Yapparov told TAdviser that the main focus on foreign sales becomes on the market of Europe. He added that as of the beginning of 2015 there is a version of a product in English, and in plans – release of the German-language version of WorksPad.

For business development abroad it is necessary to build a partner network. Tagir Yapparov reported to TAdviser that the company is engaged in its development for one-two last quarters. With a number of the companies pilot projects within which potential partners try a product are conducted. By Yapparov's estimates, on creation of the working partner network about one year abroad will leave.

Answering questions of TAdviser, the chairman of the board of directors of IT Group noted that the partner network is considered in two cuts. The first – technology. WorksPad is integrated with platforms of different vendors (IBM,Citrix,Symantec,Good Technology), and the last are channels of promotion of a product: razmeshchay information on WorksPad together with information on new versions of the platforms on electronic platforms, they, thus, provide a flow of requests from clients.

Here partners whose functional solutions are supplemented by WorksPad belong. Yapparov gave cooperation with the large English producer who is releasing software for automation of work of Board of Directors from the tablet as an example. For this WorksPad producer is the complementary solution allowing Board of Directors to work with unstructured information in the remote mode – functionality which is not in the most information system.

In addition, the partner network will include system integrators and service providers.

WorksPad supports Android 5

On May 29, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced compatibility of a mobile workplace of WorksPad with versions of Android 5.x Lollipop.

Mobile clients of WorksPad are adapted for work on all widespread tablets and smartphones, including on phablets.

The concept of WorksPad, as the integrated mobile workplace, in consolidation in the uniform application of key functionality for daily work of business users:

  • mail,
  • calendar,
  • corporate address directory and contacts,
  • access to shared folders of the enterprise,
  • file manager,
  • editor of files of office formats,
  • tools for holding paperless meetings.

Such approach to the organization of a system, according to vendor, increases performance and provides safe separation of business information and personal data.

MobilityLab adapted WorksPad to a form factor of devices running Android 5.x, considering specifics of scenarios of simultaneous operation with documents, e-mail, use of the editor of office document formats.

"Scriptability of the integrated work with corporate mail, file resources and libraries of documents gives the chance to information workers most effectively to use smartphones and tablets "on the run". Receive by mail archive with the enclosed documents, unpack it, open and execute editing the document, having sent upgraded version to the general work area of library of documents SharePoint – everything this can be made in one application. In the normal "consumer" world of Dropbox, Gmail, Word for this purpose it was required to use on average from 4 to 6 applications in the absence of opportunities of defense of perimeter of the organization from uncontrollable information leaks", – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab noted.

The release of the version of WorksPad 2.1 is released

On June 5, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced a release of the version of WorksPad 2.1.

WorksPad 2.1 received the fresh user interface of mobile clients for iOS and Android with navigation opportunities according to documents, e-mails and events, taking into account operating experience of the solution at customers and partners. Updates in ergonomics concerned:

  • conveniences of work on smartphones – are optimized interfaces for different form factors of IOS and Android devices

  • on tablets the feature for the choice of the mode of navigation and information representation in the manager of files and an e-mail client, as in style of the three-panel mode Outlook with a preview, and in the simplified "consumer" two-panel representation similar to the built-in e-mail clients is added iOS and Android

Among functionality in this version:

  • updating of the version of the built-in office suite for editing Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint

  • support of viewing the PDF files of the big size on iOS with which the built-in means of the operating system do not cope. Visual navigation according to pages of the PDF documents (a tape of miniatures of pages) is added

  • expansion of the application controls available to the end user

Using WorksPad, with a release of the version, not only employees in the companies, but clients, partners, suppliers can use advantages of file sharing. Using the special web client external users get quick and convenient access to business information. Employees have an opportunity to publish files for external partners according to the set security policies and access control (passwords, time limits and so forth) with journalizing of transactions of obtaining information by partners.

For data protection from leak for a framework of corporate perimeter, security policies of mobile clients are expanded, support of the local password / pin for mobile clients and the simplified input mode a system is added.

"From the moment of an exit of WorksPad began to set new standards of flexibility and convenience of the user interface on mobile devices. Upgraded version of WorksPad is the following level of increase in productivity of work of users on the run when every minute on the account, it on the present the thought-over visual design providing quick access to the most often used functions and optimized for instant visual acceptability by the user of the most significant information" – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab said.

WorksPad 2.3 is mobile work with mail

On August 19, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced a release of version 2.3 of the integrated mobile workplace of WorksPad. Changes in release belong, first of all, to corporate mail.

Increase in productivity of mobile work with e-mail - a basis of changes in this version of a product:

  • the ergonomics of work with e-mails and calendar events are improved. The panel to display and transactions with investments is available to disclosure and turning directly when viewing the letter or a calendar event both on tablets, and on smartphones iOS and Android.

  • synchronization with the big mailboxes containing more than 100 thousand letters is optimized.

  • the feature for the indication only of those mail folders which are quickly updated and for which selective synchronization is executed (by default only entering, sent and draft copies) is added. WorksPad synchronizes a single mail folder and does not limit loading of old messages in any folder, allowing to load earlier messages, moving "Back in Time".

  • date display and time of the last successful synchronization for the existing mail folder is added.

"The convenience of using, extensive functionality and security are key focuses of development of WorksPad, – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab company noted. – We very attentively listen to responses of our customers. In particular, in September we are going to provide the simplest and at the same time essentially new view on the organization of search in mail which will provide the bigger level of convenience, than in any solutions available today".

WorksPad is included in the directory of cloud solutions of ActiveCloud by Softline

ActiveCloud added in September, 2015 to the directory of cloud applicaions the solution WorksPad developed by MobilityLab company. As a result advantages of use of the "cloud" mobile workplace which is not requiring acquisition and setup of the additional hardware and software became available to clients.

WorksPad as service from ActiveCloud is focused on those companies which are interested in safe and productive mobility of the employees, but are not going to invest in expansion of own infrastructure, preferring cloud or hybrid. Providing the WorksPad application from "cloud" of ActiveCloud will be especially interesting to the clients using in daily work corporate services Microsoft, in particular, of Exchange and SharePoint, etc.

Each installation is developed on the selected independent resources that guarantees its security and absolute isolation for the customer.

The first clients of WorksPad as services from ActiveCloud have an opportunity free of charge to use the solution within three months then they will be able to make the decision on use of service on a commercial basis.

"The number of "mobile" employees grows every year. And implementing a new cloud service, we want to attract new clients, having proposed them the safe and protected solution. It is also important to note that WorksPad is domestic development that is essential advantage to those state and commercial organizations which need compliance to policy in the field of import substitution", - Alexey Topchiyev, the head of partner department of ActiveCloud company (Aktivkhost RU LLC) noted.

Release of WorksPad for Symantec

On September 22, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced an exit of special edition WorksPad for Symantec.

The product underwent testing for compliance to requirements of Symantec Sealed Program and now is available in AppStore Apple.

WorksPad for Symantec helps to create full-fledged mobile jobs with the usual opportunities available on notebooks or the PC providing secure access to:

  • to corporate information resources,
  • to e-mail,
  • to the calendar
  • to the corporate address directory,
  • to browse mode, editing documents,
  • to instruments of data exchange directly between devices (in particular, when holding meetings and meetings).

High degree of security minimizes risks of loss or date leak. The solution is deployed locally and integrated into the operating IT infrastructure of the enterprise and architecture of information security.

"We are glad to continue ours and integration with the most dynamic ecosystem of corporate mobility as the partner of Symantec Sealed Program, – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab said. – In a combination dominant technologies will provide for security of Symantec, WorksPad to corporate users mobile jobs of new generation with ample opportunities for joint work, decision making in real time and increases in productivity of mobile users".

Release of WorksPad for Citrix

On October 6, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced release of the special edition WorksPad for Citrix certified according to the Citrix Ready program[2].

The product WorksPad for Citrix is available to tablets and smartphones under management operating system iOS in gallery of the Ready Marketplace applications. The Citrix Ready program helps users to supplement basic products of the company Citrix for virtualization, network interaction, cloud computing and corporate mobility with solutions of other developers.

Screenshot of confirmation of conformity of software (2015)

MobilityLab joined the program in 2014 with the certified solution MobileSputnik — the predecessor of WorksPad.

Specialists of MobilityLab and Citrix held verification software testing which showed - WorksPad for Citrix is completely compatible to Citrix XenMobile and the Worx Mobile Apps applications.

"We are sincerely glad that WorksPad became a part of a corporate mobile ecosystem — Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab said. — WorksPad certification received within the Citrix Ready Worx Verified program guarantees solution compatibility with Citrix XenMobile. Thanks to functions of data encryption, verification of passwords, blocking and data scrubbings, the implementable Worx App SDK tools, users of WorksPad can be sure of safety of mobile work in corporate environment".

WorksPad 2.5

On November 11, 2015 the MobilityLab company announced release of the version of a corporate mobile workplace of WorksPad 2.5.

The release of WorksPad 2.5 supports the latests version Android of mobile operating systems 6.0 Marshmallow and iOS 9. The main changes concerned the version for iOS. Added support of the Slide Over functions to it (opening of the second application without an exit from WorksPad), the picture in picture (video playback along with WorksPad work) and Split View (simultaneous operation of two applications on one screen).

Screenshot of application window 2015

In release for iPhone there was a multidisplay desktop for the chosen documents which was available only to iPad tablets earlier. The multidisplay desktop is used for quick access to files and management of labels of the chosen documents. For convenience of navigation all labels are presented in the form of miniatures of screens that allows to define purpose of the file and its contents at once.

Besides, in WorksPad 2.5 (for iOS and Android) opportunities for work with the PDF files are expanded: now it is possible not only to open and edit documents, but also to add the summary.

WorksPad 2.5 on the IOS platform and Android is available to devices in app stores of App Store and Google Play.


Direct File Sharing

On February 19, 2014 the MobilityLab company announced additional functionality in version 1.5 of the product MobileSputnik - Direct File Sharing.

New features provide to corporate users a possibility of use of Wi-fi network (external or started on one of mobile devices) for instant and safe "perekidyvaniye" and demonstration of files each other.

Functions of direct exchange MobileSputnik provide safe exchange of documents for the corporate users who are in one network Wi-fi. Availability of functions of direct exchange to users is controlled at the level of the profiles the politician defined on the MobileSputnik server for the corresponding user group. The possibility of sending, receiving and automatic opening of the received documents a user group qualitatively increases at once productivity of holding meetings, meetings and daily joint work of heads and employees of all levels.

New versions of mobile clients of MobileSputnik 1.5 for iPad and Android also include updates and expansions of the interface and functions:

  • The updated user interface developing possibilities of navigation and accomplishment of custom actions in the one tap distance mode ("at distance of one contact")
  • Work with SharePoint 2013 in addition to the shared Windows file folders and libraries of the documents SharePoint 2010
  • Possibilities of import of images from gallery of mobile devices iOS and Android taking into account a range of available permissions of photographing Android (for)
  • The appeal to the tablet camera directly in the MobileSputnik application allowing to do photographing and to save the image in the safe container MobileSputnik
  • Adaptive expansions of the virtual keyboard of mobile devices for editing text files and maintaining notes

MobileSputnik for Good

On April 16, 2014 the companies MobilityLab also Good Technology announced an exit of the special edition MobileSputnik for Good integrated with the mobile platform Good Dynamics − a basis of a safe ecosystem of business mobile applications.

MobileSputnik for Good offers secure access to corporate information resources thanks to opportunities of local deployment and close integration with the existing IT and cybersecurity landscape of the organization. The unique MobileSputnik for Good tool kit for viewing, creation, editing, exchange and management of documents directly on the mobile devices provides to users usual functionality of the PC together with convenience and safety of work with shared folders of Windows and libraries of documents SharePoint at any time and in any place.

A system is created taking into account new scenarios of work of mobile users of tablets in the business environment. The manager of files together with opportunities of a preview and support of the multidisplay user interface allows to work with several files on separate screens at the same time, easily switching between them. MobileSputnik for Good provides local storage of the loaded corporate data in the protected container Good.

"The edition MobileSputnik for Good which is closely integrated with the Good Dynamics platform provides to users of iPad tablets reliably protected environment for convenient and productive work with the documents which are stored in corporate file resources, – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab noted. – MobileSputnik for Good offers the unique opportunities of mobile work implemented by services Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework. With their help users can send files by e-mail, open them only in the applications supported by Good, browse or edit documents, and then back save in MobileSputnik for Good".

Features of edition MobileSputnik for Good:

  • exchange of mail investments in the environment of Good for Enterprise providing the high level of security of business information

  • services Good Dynamics Shared Services provide the protected storage for files, tools for management of documents and processing of mobile data in the protected Good environment

  • the MobileSputnik server and infrastructure of Good Dynamics allow IT services to manage and keep track of all main aspects of access to corporate information resources at the level of applications, individual employees and user groups

  • the unique MobileSputnik tools allow to work at the same time with a set of files, it is easy to switch between them, to perform simple and safe file synchronization on the PC

Edition MobileSputnik for Good is available to tablets running iOS from app store of Good Dynamics Marketplace.

MobileSputnik 1.7

On April 24, 2014 the MobilityLab company announced new means of Direct Screen Sharing in the new version of the product MobileSputnik 1.7.

The implemented functionality allows corporate users to broadcast safely the screen with open documents and materials between tablets iPad and Android in one network Wi-Fi.

The functions of direct file sharing and broadcasting of Direct File & Screen Sharing expanded in upgraded version of MobileSputnik 1.7 provide to corporate users unique opportunities of joint work in the wireless network (external or started on one of mobile devices) for instant and safe demonstration of open documents and other materials each other.

Possibilities of cross-platform file sharing and demonstration of open documents between tablets iOS and Android in the "one-to-many" mode are unique in the world market and once again confirm technological leadership of MobileSputnik in the field of providing to a joint mobile [3].

"Direct cross-platform broadcasting of the screen of the tablet with open documents on tablets of other users together with the same cross-platform file sharing creates a unique environment of joint work in real time, – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab noted. – We again the first in global market provide to corporate customers of an innovation, the works which are qualitatively increasing productivity and setting a new level of requirements to solutions of corporate mobility in the world".


  • full-function office suite,
  • easy navigation on corporate file resources Windows and SharePoint,
  • opportunity for work in a standalone mode,
  • the multidisplay user interface for opening and viewing at once sets of documents.

MobileSputnik for Citrix

The MobilityLab (IT Group) company announced in May, 2014 an exit of the special edition MobileSputnik for Citrix integrated with applications of a corporate class Citrix Worx Mobile Apps. Edition MobileSputnik for Citrix is available to IOS tablets from gallery of corporate mobile applications Citrix Worx App Gallery.

MobileSputnik for Citrix offers secure access to corporate information resources thanks to opportunities of local deployment and close integration with the existing IT and cybersecurity landscape of the organization. The unique MobileSputnik tool kit for viewing, creation, editing, exchange and management of documents directly on the mobile devices provides to users usual functionality of the PC together with convenience and safety of work with shared folders of Windows and libraries of documents SharePoint at any time and in any place.

MobileSputnik 2.0

On September 19, 2014 the MobilityLab company announced release of the new version of a system of corporate mobile jobs of MobileSputnik 2.0. The main feature of a product - the protected corporate mail.

The product is focused on commercial structures and a public sector. The company positions it as the first-ever solution transferring to mobile devices iOS and Android the main scenarios of work of corporate PC users, providing the usual interface and wide functionality.

The functionality of the new version of a product was enriched with the protected corporate mail, the work calendar and the address directory.

According to Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab, the product announced by the sequence number (2.0) is obliged to a set of the options implemented in it: "Yet anybody had no such combination of functionality, we the first who provide it in a format of one application on the client and a uniform server part. There was the first Russian solution which will allow to use the tablet as a corporate workplace practically on all functionality of office work".

System operation is carried out through specially developed the gateway (manager) located in the demilitarized network of customer company which provides enciphering of traffic from the device to an intra-company network (Intranet).

The developed user interface for tablets

In a system prohibition of opening of files is provided in third-party applications, the possibility of remote cleaning of information in the application is provided, the policy of prohibition of printing of documents from Polaris Office is implemented and the possibility of restriction of use of certain types of devices (versions, platforms) is provided.

Developers implemented authentication of users using a corporate directory service Microsoft Active Directory, support of profiles of security policies for different user groups, up to access blocking.

"In modern economic realities emergence of a complex Russian product for mobile work of office and exit employees with the infrastructure part unrolled in the protected perimeter of the enterprise is good news both to state structures, and to the commercial organizations" — Sergey Makaryin, the director of business development of MobilityLab said.

MobileSputnik for Symantec

The MobilityLab (IT Group) company, the resident of an IT cluster of Skolkovo Foundation, in November, 2014 announced an exit of special edition MobileSputnik for Symantec. Edition underwent certification within the Symantec Sealed program guaranteeing to clients of Symantec App Center compliance of the used mobile solutions to information security policies of the organization. Edition MobileSputnik for Symantec is available to iPad in app store of AppStore Apple and to tablets on Android in app store of Google Play.

The product MobileSputnik is a basis of modern corporate mobile jobs based on tablets iPad and Android. The manager of files of MobileSputnik together with opportunities of a preview and support of the multidisplay user interface allows to open and work along with several files on separate screens, easily switching between them.

Edition MobileSputnik for Symantec offers secure access to corporate information resources thanks to opportunities of local deployment and close integration with the existing IT and cybersecurity landscape of the organization. The unique MobileSputnik for Symantec tool kit for viewing, creation, editing, exchange and management of documents directly on the mobile devices provides to users usual functionality of the PC together with convenience and safety of work with shared folders of Windows and libraries of documents SharePoint at any time and in any place.

2013: MobileSputnik 1.5

On December 12, 2013 the MobilityLab company announces a release of the new version of the MobileSputnik 1.5 server − the drawing software product intended for the organization of mobile jobs.

The new web client supplements already existing mobile clients-applications for iPad and Android tablets, expanding a range of devices available to users of MobileSputnik with support of the PC and smartphones.

MobileSputnik will organize corporate mobile jobs (enterprise mobile workplace) on iPad and Android tablets, giving to users familiar opportunities the PC, rich functionality, ease of use and safety of work with corporate files at any time and in any place. The MobileSputnik server is deployed in corporate network and closely integrated into IT / IB-landshaft, providing centralized operation, monitoring and safety of access to file resources of the enterprise.

The version of the MobileSputnik 1.5 server significantly expands access facilities of corporate users to information resources of the enterprise, giving them an opportunity of use of web browsers for work with the connected file resources from almost unlimited range of devices.

The web client develops the user self-service portal of MobileSputnik thanks to which users can connect shared folders of Windows and SharePoint library as personal file resources for access from mobile devices. The web client of MobileSputnik is implemented using adaptive web-design based on HTML 5 technologies that allows to use it in all modern web browsers on any platforms and the sizes of screens, including the PC running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and smartphones.

The web client provides secure access to the connected file resources using SSL. If necessary IT departments have an opportunity to select the scenario of deployment of the web client and a self-service portal allowing to limit web access to perimeter of corporate network. Politicians of the MobileSputnik server allow to permit use of the web client at the level of separate user groups of MobileSputnik.

Among other innovations:

  • possibility of inclusion of users in the set MobileSputnik groups directly in the course of their adding from a corporate directory service of the Active Directory
  • support of the Active Directory groups for package connection of users to the MobileSputnik system, including package adding in the MobileSputnik groups
  • compatibility of MobileSputnik with infrastructure of means data protection of Infotecs of ViPNet for ensuring secure access of mobile clients using the certified CIPFs conforming to requirements FSB Russia to a CIPF of class KC1 and implementing the standard enciphering of transmitted data of GOST 28147-89 on keys 256 bits long
  • possibility of deployment of the failsafe cluster MobileSputnik configuration compatible to the controller of delivery of the Citrix NetScaler applications

"In spite of the fact that the first version of MobileSputnik appeared only this year, we could add to new release a number of important improvements and new opportunities which allow to make mobile work with corporate data even more conveniently and more safely, – Sergey Orlik, the CEO of MobilityLab noted. – It is no secret that big percent of corporate users in the average and large organizations uses consumer cloud services of file sharing for increase in the personal productivity without approval of IT and cybersecurity departments, and often and contrary to the accepted politicians and regulations. The new web client of MobileSputnik gives to corporate users qualitatively more developed functionality, than similar means of consumer file services. The majority of innovations of MobileSputnik received the embodiment thanks to the real tasks facing our customers. The unique user functionality together with the developed and constantly improved opportunities of the MobileSputnik server which is initially designed for corporate environment is done by MobileSputnik by the most optimal solution for implementation of safe and really mobile work with file resources at the enterprise".

The current mobile clients of MobileSputnik for iPad and Android tablets and agents of file synchronization for the PC completely compatible to the new version of the MobileSputnik server.

2012: WorksPad

WorksPad (before MobileSputnik) is the Russian solution intended for the organization of corporate mobile jobs (Enterprise Mobile Workplace) based on tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android. Provides to users rich functionality and ensures safety of work in any place at any time.

The whole tool kit, necessary for effective daily mobile work of top management and a wide range of staff of commercial and public institutions logs into the WorksPad application. The e-mail client, a file manager with access to corporate resources and the selected folders on the working PC, the full office suite, means for viewing files of different formats - all tools are integrated into one application. The multiwindow interface allows to work with several open letters and documents of different formats at the same time. All business information at the same time to be in one safe container. On the level of convenience of using and functionality of WorksPad brings closer mobile devices to notebooks and the PC.

WorksPad use in GKM "Norilsk Nickel", in ROSATOM State Corporation, in Gazrombank. Top managers of the companies appreciated possibilities of this mobile solution and actively use it in the work.


  • The e-mail client working only with corporate mail, the calendar, the corporate / personal address directory
  • The manager of file management with support of all main transactions: downloading and loading of files for the connected file resources, copying, movement, archiving, renaming, etc.
  • Access to the files which are on corporate file resources (shared folders of Windows and library of documents SharePoint), directly from WorksPad
  • File synchronization between mobile devices and the personal computer
  • The built-in full-function office suite for creation and editing the Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) based on Polaris Office
  • Means for viewing files of different formats (PDF, multipage TIFF, images, audio and video) directly in the application
  • The text editor with the adapted virtual keyboard for operational input of text notes.
  • Direct cross-platform file sharing and broadcast of screens from the mobile devices or PCs connected to one network through Wi-Fi or a cable
  • The user interface considering usual scenarios of work of PC users
  • Support of independent operation with easy switching between online and offline modes


  • Authentication users using a corporate directory service Microsoft Active Directory
  • Support of profiles of security policies for different user groups
  • Accommodation of all server the WorksPad component in corporate network
  • Use of the HTTPS protocol between all clients and all components of the server without the need for application of VPN on mobile devices
  • Blocking of access for users and separate devices in case of incidents of information security
  • Possibility of prohibition of Open-In in other applications
  • Journalizing of system and user events