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Developers: Yandex
Last Release Date: 2020/05/22
Branches: Internet services,  Trade
Technology: Trade automation systems


Yandex.Cash — the universal payment solution for business. Using Cash desk of the company can accept payment on the website and in mobile application by all popular methods: through Yandex.Money and other e-wallets, from bank cards, through mobile and Internet bankings of Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and Promsvyazbank, from accounts of mobile numbers, on credit and payment by installments, through QR codes, contactless Apple Pay technology and also cash through 250 thousand points of payment acceptance in Russia and other CIS countries. Service helps to accept also payment through a bot in Telegram, to make out bills to clients by SMS, e-mail, in a chat, marketing email mailings and Viber. The cash desk allows the companies to work in full accordance with requirements of law 54-FZ.

Function of drawing of accounts appeared in[1]"Yandex.Cash" in 2015. In 2016 yo use more than 2 thousand companies. The average payment on them makes, according to "Yandex", one thousand p7.5. Most often bills are made out by the online stores of physical goods, the companies rendering different services and also distributors of computer programs and content.


Integration with CS-Cart

On June 2, 2020 Yandex.Money reported that together with Simtech started the solution which integrates in itself CMS- a system CS-Cart for marketplaces and service Yandex. Cash desks for online platforms. In more detail here.

Start of the solution for marketplaces and online services

On May 22, 2020 it became known that the Yandex.Cash started the special solution for marketplaces and online services which offer goods and services of sellers on the platforms. Service allows to distribute money among sellers whose goods and services the buyer will pay in one online order automatically. At the same time the platform should not make out payment orders and to carry out money through the checking account. The solution will help Internet platforms to control financial flows between buyers and sellers and also to reduce document flow.


Service will suit any company which offers on the website or in the application goods and services of different sellers — legal entities. Usually such platforms receive money from buyers for the checking account, and then distribute them between partners. When calculating using the solution money passes not through the platform, and at once arrives into accounts of sellers. When using service of the Internet platform will be able to take the commission from sellers and to determine its size. Automatic distribution of payments will allow the companies to spend less time for document flow and to save accounting resources.

Service supports a possibility of a holdirovaniye of payments up to 7 days that money arrived into the account of the seller only after he fulfills the obligations to the buyer. The solution allows to make out complete or partial returns to buyers — to transfer back money for everything or only some goods paid in one order. Besides, service will help to adjust optimum process of issue of cash vouchers — and to send only them to those sellers to whom they are necessary for the reporting before FTS.

The solution works with all scenarios of the Yandex.Cash — the payment widget, Smart Payment service mobile SDK for acceptance of payment in applications. Using service it is possible to accept payments from buyers the majority of the methods available in the Yandex.Cash. Among them — purses in Yandex.Money, bank cards Google Pay Apple Pay, Internet bankings, accounts of mobile numbers and others. When calculating through the solution in a basket of the platform there can be about 100 goods of different sellers.

The market of e-commerce is at a stage when fight for attention and trust of buyers becomes more expensive. Therefore the trend on centralization of sales through large platforms — uniform brands using which different sellers interact with consumers surely develops. It can be a marketplace with thousands of shops or, for example, the website with goods and services of the different legal entities entering into one holding. Having started the solution, the Yandex.Cash answers this trend and gives to business the chance for convenient work in the 'one platform — is a lot of companies' format,

— Yulia Gorelova, the director of the department of development of payment business of Yandex.Money speaks

"B2B-payments" at the heart of service of instant replenishment of the fuel account on "Opti 24"

Sberbank, Gazprom Neft and Yandex.Money started functionality for corporate clients of the companies — service of fast account replenishment. The service can be received based on a personal account on the website, the functionality allows to fill up instantly the fuel account of corporate client from the bank checking account. On May 21, 2020 Gazprom Neft reported about it.

The joint service "B2B-platezhi" from Sberbank and "Yandex.Cash" which allows entrepreneurs to pay orders only a few minutes by analogy with purchase in online stores became a basis of this solution. Read more here.

Start of the option "Return of the Client"

On May 13, 2020 Yandex.Money reported that the Yandex.Cash will help now online stores to attract buyers who were interested in goods on their websites, but for various reasons did not complete purchase. For this purpose service started the option "Return of the Client". With its help sellers will be able to send push-notifications to users to remind of the forgotten purchases. With "Return of the client" it is possible to achieve sales growth to 5%.

According to a research of the Yandex.Cash and RAEC, low conversion of visitors of the websites in buyers — one of three most frequent problems which the Russian business online faces. It is declared by every third entrepreneur, for 10% this problem is on the first place.

"Return of the client" is another method by which the Yandex.Cash will help online stores to support sales. To the small and medium companies each buyer is important, and our solution is especially relevant for them,


The provided option works through the open protocol of the Yandex.Cash. Thanks to it any online platform will be able without difficult settings to implement "Return of the client" to the existing scenarios of the website.

The Yandex.Cash started an option together with the partner — service of mailing of push-messages Push4site. "Return of the client" allows to send free of charge push-messages to users who already issued, but forgot to pay the order. With connection of this solution of the company two months will be able to use other Push4site services intended for involvement of buyers also free of charge. The option is available to the online stores working for any of more than 50 popular CMS with which the Yandex.Cash is integrated.

To connect "Return of the client", it is necessary to come into a personal account on the website of the Yandex.Cash, to open the section of additional options, to select push-notifications and to click "Be connected". If the online store already works with other service for return of users, the Yandex.Cash will not ask to be connected to Push4site, and will offer the companies the scenario for integration of "Return of the client" to a personal account with already used solution. Integration is carried out through API of the payment solution. It is possible to look at documentation on an option on the website of the Yandex.Cash. For this purpose it is necessary to open the section for Developers, and then — Affiliate program.

Start of service for business in the organization of delivery with payment when receiving

Yandex. The taxi and the Yandex.Cash started service for business — the organization of delivery with payment when receiving. It will allow online stores to deliver orders thanks to Yandex infrastructure . The taxi and on site to accept payment through the Yandex.Cash when the goods appear in hands at the client. At the same time cash or the payment terminal will not be necessary — the buyer will be able to be calculated via the smartphone, having passed to a payment method by the QR code or the link into the SMS. This service will help the companies to work with those who prefer to pay for Internet purchases only after receiving, and to users — on delivery to be calculated for orders by the most different methods: from purses in Yandex.Money to bank cards, the Apple Pay and Google Pay. On May 12, 2020 Yandex.Money reported about it.

Delivery with payment when receiving
Among buyers of online stores there are a lot of those who prefer to pay when obtaining the order. For such cases usually the company issues to couriers terminals for payment acceptance by bank cards. But if the courier delivery works at outsourcing, to organize online payment acceptance on site can be difficult. Our solution will help shops to provide delivery thanks to Yandex infrastructure. The taxi and at the same time to give to clients an online payment opportunity when obtaining the order — Yulia Gorelova, the Head of Department of development of payment business of Yandex.Money says.

The provided service will suit business of any size. For large online stores this reliable and most often more profitable solution, than own courier service. And those who only leaves with sales in online should not employ in staff of couriers and to worry about a delivery quality. All delivered goods are insured, and couriers arrive behind orders in 4-5 minutes after a call — Evgeny Sinelnikov, the head of the Yandex B2B-direction says. Taxi.

Joint service of the Yandex.Cash and Yandex. The taxi works simply. The buyer selects goods from online store, and then — delivery with payment when receiving. Then the seller calls the courier through a personal corporate account of Yandex. Taxi.

If the shop integrates the application with Yandex. The taxi through API — the order of delivery will be automatic right after the user issues purchase. Further the courier takes away goods in shop, delivers them and in the smartphone requests from the Yandex.Cash the payment link — on the phone in the form of the QR code or on phone of the buyer in the form of the Sms. The client scans the QR code the smartphone or follows the link in the SMS. In both cases in its phone the payment page of the Yandex.Cash on which it will be necessary to select a convenient payment method will open and to confirm payment.

The online store will be able to select itself by what methods to accept online payment on delivery. In the Yandex.Cash different methods of calculation, among them — purses in Yandex.Money, bank cards, accounts of mobile numbers, Internet bankings, the Apple Pay, Google Pay and others are available.

Geography of action of service for May, 2020 — about 400 cities of Russia. From shops which will connect the present possibility the Yandex.Cash will take a fee for receiving payments, and Yandex. The taxi — payment for delivery. It is possible to connect service on the website of the Yandex.Cash. If the company already works with the payment solution, it is necessary to address the manager of the Yandex.Cash.

Decrease in the commission to 1% for the companies which sell socially important goods

On April 10, 2020 Yandex reported that using the Yandex.Cash of the company will be able to configure acceptance of online payments by bank cards and from purses in Yandex.Money with the commission of 1%. Service will set such percent from April 15 to September 30, 2020 according to the solution of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for online business support. The present possibility will be available to any companies which sell socially important goods — for example, food and products, drugs, clothes. Decrease in the commission will help with the Yandex.Cash to business which works online, to adapt to the changed market conditions of electronic trading.

With decrease in the commission for acceptance of online payment by cards and from purses it will be simpler to companies to support sales on the Internet. This opportunity will be for those who are only going to leave in online good help too. And the Yandex.Cash will give to business full support. For April, 2020 more than 120 thousand companies work with us, and we will use all our opportunities and the accumulated experience to help business at this conjuncture",
speaks Oksana Korobkina, the commercial director of Yandex.Money

Configure payment acceptance by cards and from e-wallets through the Yandex.Cash with the commission of 1% the companies which sell food and products, drugs and other medical goods, clothes, convenience goods, home appliances, electronics and communication devices will be able. According to the solution of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in a case with sellers of the equipment the reduced commission will work only for checks for the amount up to 20 thousand rubles.

It will be possible to connect acceptance of online payment with the 1% commission on the website of the Yandex.Cash. After that the company will be able to accept online payments from purses in Yandex.Money and any bank cards, including through contactless technologies Apple Pay Google Pay.

Start of technology of payment acceptance for autoupdatable data of the Visa and MasterCard cards

On April 9, 2020 "Yandex.Money" announced start of technology for business — payment acceptance according to autoupdatable data of cards Visa and Mastercard. With its help the companies will be able to reduce number of failures at acceptance of payment from the delayed, lost or blocked cards.

"Yandex.Cash" will help business to reduce number of the rejected payments from cards of clients. Photo:

Service of the Yandex.Cash works based on technology of tokenization, automatically checks relevance of the saved data of the card, updates them if the buyer released a new card, and registers payment. The solution will help the companies which accept payment on a subscription or in one click, to save regular customers.

According to the Yandex.Cash, the Russian online companies receive less every month in total about 100 million rubles because of the rejected payments from the delayed, lost or blocked cards. About a half of this amount is the share of cards with the expired validity period.

Payment acceptance according to autoupdatable data of cards works simply. When the buyer links the card at the first calculation, the Yandex.Cash exchanges its data at Visa or Mastercard for a special token. At further payments the Yandex.Cash on a token checks a card at a payment system. If the client reissues the card, information on it will automatically be updated, and payment will take place successfully.

Payment on tokens is already actively used by the European online stores. A Yandex.Cash — the first service which offered such opportunity to the Russian business. With our service the companies which accept payments on a subscription or in one click will be able to reduce the number of failures when calculating from delayed or, for example, the lost Visa or MasterCard cards, so, to increase profit,

— Yulia Gorelova, the director of the department of development of payment business of the Yandex.Cash speaks

The service of the Yandex.Cash will suit the companies and the organizations of any sizes and the directions. In a case with payments on a subscription it can be mobile operator, provider of a pay TV, the home Internet, online movie theater, service of declarations, computer programs, a hosting, repayment of the credits, the charitable or crowdfunding platform. Payment in one click by the linked cards is usually accepted by online retailers, game services, push applications of food or, for example, the order of the taxi.

The companies should not pay an additional fee for service use. For payments on tokens in the Yandex.Cash the same limits, as for payment by bank cards work. The Yandex.Cash already included service to some shops and further will connect it to all platforms — partners.

An opportunity to accept online payment through "B2B-payments" on a checking account in any Russian bank

On February 17, 2020 Sberbank reported that together with the Yandex.Cash possibilities of B2B-platezhi service for online calculations between legal persons expanded. Earlier it was available only to the companies which have accounts in Sberbank. Now such account is required only to the buyer of goods and services, and the seller will be able to accept online payment from corporate clients on a checking account in any Russian bank.

It is possible to connect "B2B-payments" through the Yandex.Cash. Using service sellers will be able to accept online payment from all clients internet- bank "Sberbank Business Online", and it is more than 2.5 million companies.

For payment it is necessary to select goods or service on the website of the seller and to click "Pay through Sberbank Business Online", then to select a method authorizations and payment confirmations — with the help SMS-password or a token. It is not necessary to enter details of the seller — they will automatically be added to the payment order. Right after payment the seller will receive the notification and information on the legal person of the buyer (for the closing documents). After that the seller will be able to ship goods or to render service, without waiting when money comes to its account or when the buyer sends the payment order.

Thus, "B2B-payments" allow to reduce calculation term between legal persons from 1–3 days to 1–3 minutes, accelerating work of accounting and helping to increase sales.

Service B2B-payments ʺ changes usual understanding about payment of goods by legal entities. Process of online purchase for business becomes the same, as well as at the normal user of online store: the client just selects the necessary goods and a payment method, presses the button and it appears in Internet bank where sees already completed payment order for purchase payment. It is necessary only to sign and send payment, and the shop right there learns about the payment fact. Earlier its advantages could use this service and estimate only clients of Sberbank. Now service allows to be calculated quickly for goods and services with any other company which accepts B2B-payments through the Yandex.Cash and has accounts in other banks,
noted Sergey Parshikov, the managing director of the Digital Corporate Bank division of Sberbank

In online there are with sales even large industrial companies which traditionally are considered offline - business. They build sale on the Internet, and they need convenient tools for online calculation. For the last year the share of payments between legal persons in e-commerce grew more than by 50%, and this trend will develop,
noted Oksana Korobkina, the director of the department of commerce of Yandex.Money

Sberbank and Yandex.Cash started B2B-payments in October, 2018. The average payment amount through service for February, 2020 makes 26 thousand rubles. Among clients of B2B-payments there are cellular operators, retailers, the IT companies among which MTS,, "my Agent", Nethouse, NetByNet and many others. Potential audience of B2B-payments — all Russian organizations working with corporate clients.


The highest amount at contactless payments in the Yandex.Cash - 19900 rubles in Moscow

Contactless payment via the Apple Pay and Google Pay on the websites or in applications is accepted by 19% of the companies using the Yandex.Cash. In some commodity categories the average bill at contactless payment is much more, than if you pay with other methods — for example, in clothing stores and footwear it is 5 times higher. On February 12, 2020 Yandex reported about it. Analysts of the Yandex.Cash came to such conclusions, having compared payments for 2019 on the websites and in applications through the systems Apple Pay, Google Pay and other methods.

The fact that the average bill at contactless payments often is more, than at payments with maps is quite logical: it is simpler to person to pay for purchase without contact — it is not necessary to get the card and to spend time for input of its data. Contactless payment excludes also a payment deviation because of incorrectly entered card number. Perhaps, the only thing that can interfere with purchase in that case, is a lack of money on the account. Therefore conversion of payments via the Apple Pay and Google Pay reaches 94%,


Most often contactless payment in the Yandex.Cash is connected by the companies which sell food — 24% from them accept payments via the Apple Pay and Google Pay. In other types of goods and services the share of the websites and applications using services of contactless payments is a little less: tickets at cinema, theaters, the museums and on concerts — 23% of platforms, souvenirs and goods for a hobby, trainings and master classes, goods for beauty and health — in each category on 20%, clothes and footwear — 18%, automobile spare parts and accessories — 17%, goods for the house and a garden — 16%.

Among the Russian websites connected to the Yandex.Cash, online stores of electronics and home appliances had the biggest turnover of contactless payments in 2019. It is the all-Russian trend. The exception is Moscow where services which sell tickets at cinema, theaters, the museums and on concerts became leaders in this indicator. Across Russia such platforms take the second place on turnover of contactless payments.

Turnover of contactless payments

In 2019 the biggest average checks at contactless payment were on the websites with services in construction and design — 9766 rubles. The amount if you pay with cards, through Internet banking and other methods was 3 times less — on average in 3202 rubles. On the second place by the average check there were services of armoring of hotels and hotels (9579 rubles at contactless payment and 5068 rubles if you pay with other methods). In online stores of clothes and footwear the average bill at contactless calculation was 5 times higher, than in other cases — 5759 against 1123 rubles.

The biggest average checks at contactless payment

In Moscow the highest average bill at contactless payments was in 2019 on the websites and in applications from the sphere of tourism and rest (19,900 rubles). In Ufa online platforms which sell clothes and footwear (8103 rubles), in Voronezh and Perm — the websites of credit institutions (10,539 and 5263 rubles respectively) became leaders in this indicator. In other million-plus cities the maximum average checks at contactless payment were on services of hotel booking and hotels and also in shops of home appliances and electronics.

Payments on the websites and in applications which work with the Yandex.Cash were considered. Data for 2019 on payment via the Apple Pay, were compared by Google Pay and other methods. With the help of the Yandex.Cash payments are accepted by more than 120 thousand companies.

Service for selection of methods of online payment for business

On August 23, 2019 it became known that "Yandex" developed service which selects the payment scenario and methods of online payment depending on features of business. Now the entrepreneur does not need to guess what best of all will suit his clients — "Yandex.Cash" itself will advise payment methods and the scenario, optimal for specific business.


The service estimates business by different parameters and depending on them offers one of ten options. For example, if the average bill is more than 3 thousand rubles, "Yandex.Cash" will suggest to configure online crediting and if there is application for smartphones and tablets — to add to it acceptance of payment using mobile SDK.

It is possible to get advice even before connection to "Yandex.Cash". For this purpose on its website it is necessary to answer simple questions which will help to understand a business format. They concern the most different parameters — a development resource (there are no developers, there is one or whole command), the directions of business (physical or digital goods, an online service or services), the average check (it is more or less than 3 thousand rubles) and many other.

At "Yandex.Cash" for September, 2019 it is more than 106 thousand clients — from the largest marketplaces to individual entrepreneurs without own website. The saved-up examination allowed to select the most suitable methods of acceptance of payment for different types of business. Our provided service selects the most effective in terms of resources and result methods of connection of online payments, methods of acceptance of payment and in some cases even distribution channels. The medium-sized and big companies with staff of developers will receive one offer, and small business without examination in technologies — another. And in each case — optimal,
told Oksana Korobkina, the commercial director of "Yandex"[1]

Release of mobile application for Android and iOS

August 8, 2019 The Yandex.Cash reported that it created mobile application for Android and iOS. With its help entrepreneurs will be able to come via mobile devices into a personal account of the payment solution. 25% of clients of the Yandex.Cash do it via the mobile browser. With this application access to a personal account from smartphones and tablets will become even more convenient. It will allow to look at any time at the history of payments, to return money to buyers, and in the future will help to make out bills literally on the run.

Release of mobile application
In recent years in the market of online payments the trend on mobility is observed — the number of the purchases paid from smartphones and tablets grows. Business has demand for mobility also — first of all at small. The application of the Yandex.Cash first of all is expected the companies of small format. It will help entrepreneurs to solve business challenges anywhere — for example, at business meetings, in business trips, at own office or at home. We will develop the application — and we are already going to add to it drawing of accounts to clients, viewing analytics of sales, push-notifications. Let's be glad to hear from clients of a wish on development of the application — and we will try to consider them,
speaks Yulia Gorelova, the director of the department of development of payment business of the Yandex.Cash

The application is available to any client who is connected to the Yandex.Cash and accepts payments with its help. It is possible to enter it by the login and the password from a personal account of the Yandex.Cash. After that the client will get access from the smartphone or the tablet to different opportunities of an office. For example, he will be able to look at the history of payments of the online store and a part of specific payments, to find and filter payments by the set parameters. Among other opportunities — switching between online stores if at the client is them a little, demonstration of the list of requests for return, a partial or complete refund to buyers, sending a request to a support service or a response to developers.

It is possible to download the application of the Yandex.Cash free of charge in Google Play or App Store. It is not necessary to pay for its use too.

Purchase of the car with delivery through the Yandex.Cash

On July 18, 2019 Yandex.Money reported that the inhabitant Yekaterinburg paid with the first in the country through internet and received with home delivery carRenault ARKANA worth about 1.5 million rubles. It became possible thanks to cooperation Yandex. Cash desk and Russian Renault online showroom: The cash desk implemented the scenario of complete online payment of a car on Sales on the website Renault started for everything Russia, purchase happens also simply, as well as in any other online store: it is enough to select, and then to pay the car — and it will be delivered to the specified address. If desired before online purchase of people can also order on the house test drive of the car.

Earlier using the Yandex.Cash users could make only advance payment for the car in the Renault online showroom. But then it was necessary to come to car showroom and to pay the remained amount. Now the person can pay completely purchase online and receive the car with delivery. It became as simple to order and pay the machine as pizza,
speaks Dmitry Karmishin, the deputy commercial director of the Yandex.Cash

The joint project of the Yandex.Cash and Renault on car sales on the Internet — the first of this sort in Russia. On the website Renault it is possible to purchase any Renault model, including ARKANA in all complete sets. The Yandex.Cash will help to pay the order with any bank card.

Payment acceptance within Business-profil service

On July 16, 2019 Sberbank reported that together with Yandex.Money company the service of acceptance B2C-and B2B-payments online for entrepreneurs restarted. The updated service is called Business profile. He allows to create the website of the company in several clicks. Read more here.

Possibility of adding of online payments through WeChat Pay for online stores

On June 25, 2019 the company "Yandex" reported that using the Yandex.Cash internet- shops and other online services can add on the websites payment acceptance now through WeChat Pay. It is a payment service which works as the e-wallet based on popular Chinese messenger WeChat.

The present possibility will suit any online business which already works or is going to work with clients from China: to services of sale of tickets for trains and airplanes, tickets for excursions, in theaters and the museums, to the websites of travel companies, delivery services of food, the order of the taxi, the online stores training to online courses and many other platforms.

The Yandex.Cash began to connect payment acceptance through WeChat Pay to the companies offline since the end of 2018. The service enjoys popularity in shops of the Russian airports. Now also the companies which develop online sales can accept payments through WeChat Pay and want to sell to the Chinese tourists or to enter the Chinese market.

the Yandex.Cash worked Earlier with the Chinese companies which are guided by the Russian buyers, and now offers also the Russian business ample opportunities for work with clients from China. Connection of acceptance of online payment through WeChat Pay can become a starting point of growth for business which works with the Chinese tourists in Russia or is guided by international market and is interested in buyers from the People's Republic of China. Besides WeChat is universal service for work with buyers: it both payment instrument, and instrument of promotion. The companies which will begin to use all opportunities of this service will have excellent perspectives on a contact to large audience of the Chinese clients,


Yandex.Cash — one of strategic partners of WeChat Pay in Russia. The cash desk already helps the Russian shops to accept payment through WeChat Pay offline, and now will begin to help also all who will want to do it online,
speaks Jeff Hou, the area director of WeChat Pay in Europe

Through WeChat Pay the buyer does not need to pay the commission for calculations — the Yandex.Cash takes it only from the seller. At payment thus money for purchase is written off from balance of the user in the WeChat messenger or from the bank card linked to it. For time of people can spend for payment of purchases up to 646 thousand rubles, per day — approximately to 1.3 million rubles.

To add on the website payment acceptance through WeChat Pay, the partner company of the Yandex.Cash does not even need to configure anything, it is enough to sign the supplementary agreement. Those who does not work with Cash desk yet need to sign the agreement and to be connected to the payment solution.

Service in start of contextual advertizing campaigns

On June 14, 2019 Yandex reported that in a personal account of the Yandex.Cash there is a service in start of contextual advertizing campaigns in Direkta now. Thanks to it the companies and the entrepreneurs using the Yandex.Cash can solve even more business challenges on one platform now — to start advertizing, to connect payment acceptance methods, to make out bills to clients, to watch analytics of sales, to manage accounts and data of buyers and to do many other things.

For the Yandex.Cash it is the pilot project implemented together with the partner. This service in start of contextual advertizing is expected self-employed, individual entrepreneurs and also the companies from a segment small and microbusiness which have no resources yet to employ the regular marketing specialist or the agency for promotion of goods and services online. Using this service it is possible to start advertizing without special skills literally for several steps.

To make it, it is necessary to come into a personal account of the Yandex.Cash, to pass to the website with the offer on setup of an advertizing campaign and to select an advertizing start method — using the specialist or independently. In the first case the partner of the Yandex.Cash will help to configure advertizing — for this purpose to fill out the short questionnaire enough and to pay 500 rubles. In the second case through a special form the client will be able to enter the name and the description of an advertizing campaign, to set the budget, to specify key phrases and the websites of competitors, and then to start advertizing. In both cases it is not necessary to pay for demonstration of contextual declarations — only for transitions of users on them.

In 2018 about 15,000 individual entrepreneurs were connected to Cash desk, in 2019 we began to work with self-employed actively. We understand that not all beginning entrepreneurs can spend big money for marketing. Contextual advertizing — one of the most available and effective methods of promotion online. But for start of a successful campaign in the conditions of fierce competition professional knowledge is usually necessary. Now any our client will be able to configure advertizing without regular marketing specialist and to sell more,
speaks Oksana Korobkina, the commercial director of the Yandex.Cash

The service in start of advertizing campaigns is available to all clients of the Yandex.Cash.

Possibility of payment of purchases on online platforms of Turkey

On May 30, 2019 Yandex reported that millions of Russians will be able to pay with purchase rubles on tourist online platforms of Turkey. It became possible thanks to cooperation of the Yandex.Cash and the Turkish bank Isbank. In Turkey for May, 2019 more than 10,000 Internet platforms work with it. Within this cooperation Isbank will begin to connect to the partner companies acceptance of payment through the Yandex.Cash.

The Yandex.Cash will allow to pay purchases on the Turkish websites with the most different methods — for example, from a purse in Yandex.Money or the card of any bank linked to it, the MIR card of the payment service provider, through mobile or Internet banking of Sberbank or Alfa-Bank. Thus, an opportunity to be calculated rubles for purchases in Turkey became available to millions of Russians at once: as of 2018, in Yandex.Money 46 million purses are registered, more than 100 million clients use services of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank.

For the buyer payment process through the Yandex.Cash on the Turkish website looks the same as on the Russian platform. The Yandex.Cash shows purchase cost in rubles and in them writes off the necessary amount from the e-wallet or, for example, from the bank card.

Cooperation with Isbank — a big step forward for the Yandex.Cash. It is important to us to give to users an opportunity conveniently and safely to pay for purchases both in Russian, and in foreign online stores. Turkey enjoys wide popularity at the Russian tourists. Now they can pay purchases in this country as usual, as in Russia,
speaks Ivan Glazachev, the CEO of Yandex.Money

Cooperation with the Yandex.Cash will become a significant part of our contribution to improvements of trade relations between Russia and Turkey, we simplify payment process for the Russian clients of the Turkish airlines, travel agencies and online stores. We will continue to increase quantity of products and services which are focused on clients outside Turkey,
told Yalchyn Sezen, the deputy CEO of Isbank

Online purchases become more and more popular with Russians, and holders of the World cards not an exception. Therefore for us it is also important to provide not only a possibility of cash withdrawal and payment of purchases offline, but also Internet acquiring of national payment cards. Thanks to this project of our partners of the Yandex.Cash and Isbank the geography of purchases of millions of holders of the World cards will extend, and payment process will remain same simple, as on the Russian online platforms. We hope that our further cooperation will allow to give to holders of the World cards enhanced capabilities,
noted Maxim Lazyrin, the commercial director of Mir payment system

"Yandex.Cash" was connected by about 15 thousand individual entrepreneurs

In 2019 the number of individual entrepreneurs in Russia for the first time exceeded number of legal entities, according to a research of Federal service of information of the Russian Federation. The number of SP which accept payments through "Yandex.Cash" since 2018 increased approximately by 56%. About a half of SP — partners of "Yandex.Cash" sell on the online platforms clothes, footwear, accessories, souvenirs, goods for a hobby, goods for the house and a garden, a game and other entertaining content and also offer trainings and master classes.

Top-5 categories of the websites of SP: clothing stores and footwear, shops of goods for the house and garden, shops of souvenirs, accessories, goods for a hobby, platform of master classes and trainings, services of games and other entertaining content.

December — the most successful month for entrepreneurs. According to "Yandex.Cash", in 2018 11% of all online sales of SP in a year were the share of it. And here in January, June and July there was a relative calm — in each of these months sales made about 7%. So it is the best of all for Russian businessmen to be sent on leave during these periods.

Through "Yandex.Cash" buyers most often are calculated with entrepreneurs using bank cards – about 73% of payments are the share of them.

It is interesting to note that most of all money on average for time is received from clients by entrepreneurs who render security and detective services. An average bill for them through "Yandex.Cash" — 19,000 rubles. But there is not a lot of businessmen who specialize in such expensive services — less than 0.5% of those who work with Cash desk. And least of all money on average for time is received from clients by entrepreneurs who own the websites of declarations — for example, boards of personals, services for job search, the real estate, tutors. On such platforms the average payment through Cash desk makes 203 rubles.

An opportunity to accept payments through Tinkoff Bank

On February 14, 2019 the Yandex company reported that the Yandex.Cash offered online stores an opportunity — to accept payments through Tinkoff Bank. It will allow online platforms to make out electronic bills to those buyers who prefer to pay not on the website of shop, and through mobile application of bank or in a personal account of Internet banking. Both methods are convenient that the person does not need to enter data of the bank card. The service will help online stores to accelerate and simplify payment process of purchases for clients of Tinkoff Bank — so, to increase conversion of payments.

According to the company, as of February, 2019 monthly in Tinkoff Internet bank about 2 million payments and transfers, about 1.5 million transactions of self-service are the share of clients from among natural persons. The number of active users of mobile application of Tinkoff in day is about 1.1 million people, in a month – 3.1 million which make 62 million sessions.

The more convenient for the buyer payment process, the is higher probability that it will close the deal. Therefore the Yandex.Cash constantly expands the choice of the methods of payment acceptance available to online stores. Payment acceptance through Tinkoff Bank is an opportunity to simplify process of purchase for several million potential buyers who use maps of this bank.

Yulia Gorelova, the Head of Department on development of payment business of the Yandex.Cash

Cooperation with the Yandex.Cash — one of our oldest and largest partners — will allow Tinkoff to Bank to provide to the clients one more fast, convenient and safe instrument of payment of goods and services in everyday life.

Sergey Khromov, chief of the department of payments and transfers of Tinkoff of Bank

In addition to Tinkoff of Bank, using the Yandex.Cash online stores can also accept payment through Internet bankings of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank. In general Internet bankings enjoy popularity at Russians — with their help pay 87.2% of respondents (these researches Mediascope for 2018, the Russian Internet users of 18-55 years). Through Internet banking 52.4% of users have an experience of payment of online orders. Purchases in foreign online stores in such a way pay 32.1% of respondents, tickets at cinema and on concerts — 32%, tickets for airplanes and trains — 29.2%.

For the buyer payment process of the order on the online platform accepting payments through Tinkoff Bank looks as follows. After a design of purchase of people gets on the page with different payment methods and selects Tinkoff Bank. Further the page of a jar on which the user enters the mobile number is opened. The bank identifies of the client by the specified phone also sends it the push-notification for payment confirmation in mobile application of Tinkoff. If the message from bank does not come — the page on which it is possible to become authorized in a personal account of Internet banking of Tinkoff opens and there to be calculated for purchase. At payment both in the application, and in Internet banking it is not necessary to enter data of the bank card or SMS-password from bank. There is no commission from the buyer for payment through Tinkoff Bank. For February, 2019 for time it is possible to spend thus up to 500 thousand rubles.

To accept payments through Tinkoff Bank, the online store first of all needs to sign the agreement with the Yandex.Cash. If the company already works with the payment solution, for connection of this payment method it needs to pass to API of the Yandex.Cash of upgraded version. For online stores which already made it payment acceptance through Tinkoff Bank will join automatically. If it does not occur, the company will be able to configure the present possibility through the manager of the Yandex.Cash.


Carrying out online payments to bankrupt banks

On December 5, 2018 the company Yandex.Money reported that "Yandex.Cash" began to carry out online payments to bankrupt banks in which liquidation the Deposit Insurance Agency is engaged. According to the company, clients of such banks can pay the credits online.

To repay the credit online, only the BIC of its bank, number of the credit account and any bank card or the e-wallet in Yandex.Money from which the necessary amount will be written off will be necessary for the user.

The Yandex.Money company at the initial stage supported the initiative of DIA of expansion of payment opportunities for clients of banks with the revoked license. Earlier using our service clients of banks which have no problems with the license could pay the credits online. Now we will help to do it and to clients of bankrupt banks.

Dmitry Karmishin, sales director of Yandex.Money

In the liquidated banks in which the receiver is the DIA, for December, 2018 more than half a million borrowers — individuals. With start of the payment portal they will be able to repay the debt on the Internet.

Yury Isaev, CEO "Deposit Insurance Agency"

Payment through WeChat Pay

On November 15, 2018 the company Yandex.Money reported that in the Yandex.Cash the next method of payment acceptance — through WeChat Pay appeared. According to the company, the present possibility is useful to outlets which work with the Chinese tourists or intend to do it in the future.

As of November, 2018, every year to Russia there come about 1.5 million Chinese tourists — offering a method of calculations, usual and convenient for them, outlets will be able to provide growth of the average check of tourists and to improve the indicators of sales.

Anna Kuzmina, deputy commercial director of Yandex.Money

Using the Yandex.Cash payment acceptance through WeChat Pay was connected by retail chain stores of home appliances and digital electronics Citilink. Thus for November, 2018 payment is accepted by 7 large shops of network in Moscow and 5 — in St. Petersburg.

Citilink is interested in testing of the payment systems using QR codes. We see perspective of their further distribution in the territory of Russia. Besides, at development of retail chain stores it is necessary to consider the increasing flow of tourists from China. Therefore together with the Yandex.Cash we first of all added payment acceptance through WeChat Pay to all our full-scale shops of two largest cities of the country — Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sergey Potopnin, chief financial officer Citilink

Payment through WeChat Pay happens without contact by QR codes. At the checkout it is enough to buyer to open the WeChat application in the smartphone, to allow to scan to the seller the QR code and to confirm payment on the phone.

To accept payments through WeChat Pay, it is not obligatory for companies to be integrated with the Yandex.Cash. It is enough to sign the agreement with the payment solution and to install its special Android-application on the smartphone or the tablet. Through this application it is possible to scan QR codes for payment acceptance.

Payment acceptance from American Express cards, JCB and Diners Club

On October 25, 2018 reported Yandex.Money that using the Yandex.Cash online stores and other online services can accept payments from cards of foreign payment systems now — American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Dannyya an opportunity is useful to the companies and entrepreneurs who work with foreign clients — tourists, expats or, for example, customers from other countries who receive services remotely.

To us it is important that the companies connected to the Yandex.Cash could sell the goods and services to the most wide range of buyers, including foreign. Thanks to the fact that the Cash desk began to work with American Express cards, Diners Club and JCB our partners will be able to expand the audience and to go out of Russia with the business.
Alexander Magomedov, commercial direktor of Yandex.Money

The interest of card owners of American Express, JCB and Diners Club in goods and services of clients of the Yandex.Cash is confirmed by statistics: in January — September, 2018 it was twice more than payment requests from such cards, than for all 2017. Now any shops working with the Yandex.Cash will be able to offer owners of these cards a usual payment method.

The Yandex.Cash does not charge the fee from card owners of American Express, JCB and Diners Club for payment of purchases. To configure payment acceptance from such cards, the partner companies of the Yandex.Cash need to sign the supplementary agreement. Those who is not connected to the payment solution yet will need to sign the agreement.

The present possibility became available thanks to cooperation of the Yandex.Cash with Bank Russian Standard.

B2B-platezhi service

On October 16, 2018 Yandex reported that the payment solution Yandex.Cash and Sberbank created B2B-platezhi service. With its help the organizations can accept online payment from corporate clients as simply, as from individuals. For this purpose it is enough to add on the website the button for payment acceptance through the Sberbank Business Online system. The present possibility will allow to reduce the term of waiting of payment from the organization from 1–3 days to 1–3 minutes.

It is possible to connect "B2B-payments" only through the Yandex.Cash. For October, 2018 the service is available to the companies with the checking account in Sberbank - their about 2 million are 30% of number of the micro, small and medium enterprises of Russia (according to the Unified register of FTS). Potential audience of service — all organizations of Russia servicing corporate clients.

Using the provided service it is very simple to pay the B2B-account. For this purpose it is necessary to select goods or service on the website of the seller, to click "Pay through ' Sberbank Business Online '", to become authorized in Internet bank and to confirm payment with the password from SMS. No data on goods or the seller need to be entered — the account is created automatically. Right after its payment the seller will receive the notification on it and information on the legal person of the buyer necessary for the closing documents. After that the seller will be able to ship goods or to render service, without waiting until money arrives on its checking account or when the buyer sends the payment order.

Classical process of B2B-calculation — more difficult and longer. Usually the seller makes out a bill to the buyer on paper or in electronic form then the buyer transfers the account to accounting or itself enters data in the accounting program. Then he registers payment and waits when money arrives on the bank account of the seller. Quickly to confirm payment, the buyer can transfer to the seller the scan of the payment order. But taking into account a design and transfer of documents even in electronic form it borrows from 1 to 3 days depending on the value of the organization and speed of work of its accounting.

An opportunity to accept B2B-payment on the Internet will help the organizations not only to simplify settlings with clients legal persons, but also to improve a number of business indicators. In particular, the company will be able to increase conversion of payments and to save the accountant's time. Thanks to instant notifications on payment the seller will be able to ship goods at once or to render service — means, a downtime will be reduced and the turnover of a warehouse will grow. Sberbank developed special API for B2B-payment, and the Yandex.Cash became the aggregator which made such payments available to millions of the organizations.
Ivan Glazachev, general direktor Yandex.Money

Integration into solutions at the 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

1C Company in February, 2018 added the payment module of "Yandex.Cash" to standard library of the electronic documents "1C: Enterprise". Thanks to these 1.5 million commercial and budget organizations which use products 1C will be able to accept in them payments through "Yandex.Cash" — from e-wallets, from bank cards or through Internet banking. Read more here.


Upgrade of a technology platform

On November 24, 2017 Yandex announced upgrade of a technology platform of the Yandex.Cash. According to the statements of developers, with its help the companies can quicker connect acceptance of online payments, use the system of offer for sales increase and receive a business intelligence.

At the heart of a technology platform of the Yandex.Cash — the updated API. Through it it is possible to configure payment acceptance from bank cards, from e-wallets, from accounts of mobile numbers, through Internet bankings and other popular methods. API also allows to connect special functions of Cash desk — for example, a binding of bank cards, a holdirovaniye and a refund, support of online cash desk. The company can use all opportunities or only some at once. Connection happens in the mode of "one window" — under the uniform technical protocol thanks to what connection time is reduced.

At the same time, in the Yandex.Cash the offer system designed to help online stores and other services to attract buyers and to increase sales became available. For this purpose it is necessary to load into Cash desk an offer — for example, a gift for purchase or a discount for goods. The user will see this special offer after through Cash desk pays the order on any other online platform. The cash desk shows to people offer depending on their personal preferences, applying technologies based on machine learning. The shop pays to Cash desk remuneration only if the buyer visits his website and the offer uses.

Besides, clients of the Yandex.Cash can look in a personal account at analytics on payments for any period now: total sales, number of sales, average bill and amounts of returns. These data can be used in basic management accounting, for efficiency evaluation of marketing actions and work of suppliers.[2]

Integration options

Through CMS

Pluses for shop:

  • The minimum completions if CMS is already integrated with the cash register equipment
  • Sales opportunity of specific functionality "under" for samopisnykhsisty

Minuses for shop:

  • For self-written CMS compound integration.
  • Need of the permanent completions connected with change of protocols and FFD
  • When changing cash register equipment producer it is necessary to begin everything with the beginning.
  • In addition to integration into the cash register equipment it is necessary to algoritmizirovat logic of returns in case of unsuccessful sending the check.

Through the Yandex.Cash

Pluses for shop:

  • Easy integration: if it was already carried out by CMS, it is enough to make couple of clicks. If CMS self-written – needs to be expanded only the protocol vzaimodeystviyas with Ya. Kassa.
  • Control of success of a "turnkey" fiskalization.

Minuses for shop:

  • It is more difficult to implement specific functionality "under itself"

"Yandex.Cash" will help online stores to work on 54-FZ

In May, 2017 "Yandex.Cash" presented technical solution for online stores and online services. With its help the companies can accept payment in full accordance with requirements of law 54-FZ which will become effective on July 1.

As you know, the law obliges all sellers to use the cash register, to sign the agreement with the fiscal data operator, to transfer instantly to tax information on sales, and — to send to clients checks by the SMS or e-mail even when calculating online.

The solution of "Yandex.Cash" is a data transfer protocol about payments and returns for online stores. It allows to send automatically information on sales to the cash register and to control transfer of checks to the fiscal data operator, and then — in tax. The seller will be able to make out return of means via the cash register from a personal account of "Yandex.Cash" where information on purchase is stored: prices, goods and VAT rate. All bills which the shop will make out through Cash desk in messengers on the SMS or e-mail, will be issued by rules 54-FZ too.

"All shops — both on the Internet, and in offline are obliged to perform requirements of the law. To connect our solution, much of them even should not carry out complex technical work: with 'Yandex.Cash' popular CMS are already integrated, and their list constantly extends. The companies will be able to configure work on new rules through a personal account of 'Yandex.Cash'" — Alexander Kuroptev, the project manager of preparation to 54-FZ in "Yandex.Cash" noted.

The solution of "Yandex.Cash" is integrated with 13 management systems for the websites (CMS), a cloud service Atholl Online for cash services on the Internet and the cash solution "Kass Module". To use the protocol, it is necessary to purchase or rent the cash register with support of "Yandex.Cash", to register it in tax and to sign the agreement with any fiscal data operator. All process of connection will take up to 7 days.

Yandex.Cash: the companies can accept payments through marketing letters

People should not pass to the website of the company any more to be calculated for purchase. The payment button will be directly in the letter: about fresh goods receipts, discounts or upcoming events. The service will suit any business, whether it be online store or the company which has no website.

Clients of the Yandex.Cash can create email mailing with acceptance of payment through SendPulse. It is the international online platform which specializes in mass email - SMS - and push-mailings. Every month through SendPulse of the company send about 300 million letters worldwide. On service more than 515 thousand accounts, from them 182 thousand — in Russia are registered.

"The payment button of the Yandex.Cash will help to increase conversion in sales by that who actively develops email marketing — Oksana Korobkina, the head of development of distribution of the Yandex.Cash says. — Now some online stores and services lose clients. They pass from letters to the website, but do not reach payment. The reasons can be different: changed the mind, something distracted, an inconvenient basket, etc. But it is known: the less actions are required from the user, the purchase probability is higher. Our service just solves this problem. The person sees the interesting goods or service in the letter, right there clicks and is calculated by any convenient method".

To accept payments from letters, it is enough to company to sign the agreement with the Yandex.Cash — technical integration will not be required. The service is available both in paid, and in the free version of SendPulse. It is possible to send to clients of the letter with the payment button at any time from the computer or the smartphone. The history of payments is shown in a personal account of the company in the Yandex.Cash.

In email mailings the technology of the Yandex.Cash "Smart payment" is used. With its help the company can offer the client three the most convenient for it a payment method. Among them there can be e-wallets, bank cards, accounts of mobile numbers, Internet bankings or cash which it is possible to pay through any of 250 thousand points of payment acceptance in Russia and other CIS countries. To understand how it will be more convenient to person to be calculated, the Yandex.Cash analyzes the most different parameters. For example, in what methods of people paid earlier whether the order amount exceeds single limits of available payment methods and as most often people pay off in specific shop.

"Yandex.Cash" will help to accept online payments through 1C

"Yandex.Cash" became the operator of payments in "1C: Enterprise". It is a management system, popular in Russia, and accounting — it is used by more than 1.5 million organizations. They will be able to make out clients bills and to accept payments directly in this system — without additional settings. The service will approach as the companies which are actively selling goods and services online and those who even have no website.

"Yandex.Cash" is built already in the main solutions of "1C: Enterprise" for trade automation: "1C: Trade Management", "1C: Integrated Automation", "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2". In any of these solutions the company will be able to create the account in the form of the link which can be sent to the client anywhere — for example, by e-mail or in the messenger. The person will be able to pay such bill at once — from a purse in Yandex.Money, from the bank card or through "Sberbank Online". Means will arrive on the checking account of the organization.

"In Russia there are enough companies which still work only offline — for example, take orders by phone and send receipts by mail. But their many clients already got used to pay goods and services online — Alexander Magomedov, the commercial director noted "Yandex.Money. — Using "1C: Enterprise' any manager will be able to make out a bill through "Yandex.Cash' — special skills are for this purpose not necessary. In fact, we provided to thousands of the organizations a new receive channel of payments which will help them to increase sales volumes".