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Developers: Yandex
Last Release Date: March, 2020
Branches: Internet services,  Advertising, PR and marketing


Yandex.Direct is contextual declarations and media banners on desktops and in mobile. Advertizing on search of Yandex and on other platforms of advertizing networks.


The Video network of Yandex for March, 2019 includes more than 300 advertizing platforms.

2020: Start of the video designer

On March 23, 2020 "Yandex" announced start of the video designer in "Yandex.Direct". The service allows to create videos  on the basis of ready templates  — to change the text and  pictures for  the enough. 

The video designer helps to create a roller from static images if the user has no opportunity to organize shooting. For function launch duration of rollers cannot exceed 15 seconds. To use service, it is necessary to follow these steps:

"Yandex.Direct" started service of creation of videos. It is available to everyone
  • Pass in  the video designer from  a top panel  in  the new Direkta interface or from  the Tools tab. 

  • Select  one of  available templates from the Video Templates tab and  click "Create on  a basis".

  • In an edit window it is possible to add the logo and  images, to change fill color, the text and  playback rate  and also to add an audiotrack.

  • Save a ready roller. It can be found in  the My Videos tab. 

  • Now it is possible to use a roller in  campaigns of "Yandex.Direct". For this purpose it is necessary to select the Videokonstruktor tab when loading video from  a media campaign  or  during creation of the video declaration.

By March 23, 2020 in library 15 universal templates on different subjects in which it is possible to configure animation for slides are provided and also to add the audiotrack, the text, pictures, a logo, colors and other elements.

In the long term developers want to add in the designer more templates and options for editing. Including there will be an opportunity to create rollers without templates and to load video files.

As explained in "Yandex", the video designer is useful if  the advertiser has no resources on  shooting and  installation of rollers  — they are created from  static images. Such rollers will be suitable as for media, and  a performance advertizing in  Direkta.[1]


The plan of start of optimization of conversion at manual control by rates

On April 24, 2019 Yandex Company announced what for search campaigns in Direkta will be earned by optimization of conversion at manual control by rates soon. Gradual start of an algorithm will begin in the second half of May, 2019: a system will consider the probability of conversion, lowering or raising rates on a small share of traffic depending on the forecast. Daley "Yandex" is going to expand gradually an algorithm area of coverage, attentively keeping track of results of its work.

According to the company, with technology of optimization of conversion will easier win biddings for the most valuable traffic and to save the budget at the low probability of target transitions. Similar implementation in the advertizing network of "Yandex" (ANY) allowed to raise conversion in RSYa by 14% without increase in the budget of advertisers.

Now on the same request on search it will be possible to buy some cliques slightly cheaper, and others are slightly more expensive, depending on the probability of commission of conversion on the website. At the same time the average size of the price of click within a month will remain the same, and the general konversionnost in campaigns will raise.

Algorithms of machine learning in Direkta are able to predict with a high accuracy conversion probability at demonstration to each user. At the same time the user can define what action to consider conversion on its website and to specify its value using setup of the key purposes. Then "Direkt" will try to bring as much as possible these target actions, taking into account the values specified for them.

In the interface Direkta, API and the commander in all campaigns on search strategy Manual control in May, 2019 will be renamed into "Manual control with optimization". All appointed rates will remain in the updated strategy, they can be changed, as before. External systems of management of rates will not break and will still work too.

Already existing strategy "Manual control with optimization in networks" will also begin to be called "Manual control with optimization". Except the name in it nothing will change. At any time it is possible to configure the key purposes in the campaign or to select other strategy of management of rates.[2]

Auctions on video and outdoor advertizing

On March 18, 2019 Yandex reported that in Yandex.Direct two additional types of advertizing appeared. Now users can place in it video advertizing and outdoor Digital Signage with payment for one thousand potential demonstrations (OTS).

Purchase of video advertizing through Direkt opens for advertisers many opportunities. They will be able to place the roller in Video network of Yandex with monthly audience more than 37 million people. The maximum length of a roller — 60 seconds, and in its end it is possible to add "пэкшот" — the static image giving to the user time to click and pass to the page of a product.

Also Direkt allows to select a format of placement of video and to increase the probability of repeated contact with audience, adjusting the frequency of demonstration of media banners or showing additional performance-advertizing. Targetings on a user profile, similar to media banners will be available to advertisers: on social and demographic characteristics, marital status, profession, the presence of children, interests given to Yandex. Metrics and Yandex. Audiences.

Earlier auction purchase of video advertizing was available only through Yandex service. The display which large advertisers generally used. Now all will be able to participate in auctions, including representatives of small and medium business: the minimum budget makes only 300 rubles a day, and the minimum check — 1000 rubles.

In Direkta there is long ago an opportunity to place media banners and also video additions and video declarations on auction model. Now in him almost all advertizing stock of Video network of Yandex is available. From a management system for contextual advertizing of Direkt turned into the full-fledged tool for the solution of business challenges: from formation of demand before customer acquisition.
Vladimir Mosin, head of group of development of advertizing products of Yandex

Also in Direkta there was an opportunity on a separate request to order placement of outdoor advertizing with the minimum budget of 300 rubles a day. For March, 2019 goad in an auction more than 100 digital billboards participate in Moscow, soon surfaces in other cities of Russia will be added to them. Advertisers can select specific advertizing surfaces for placement and also in real time specify the advertizing demonstration period, estimate its efficiency and manage the frequency of contacts at a retargeting on the Internet.