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Yandex. Practical work

Developers: Yandex
Date of the premiere of the system: 2019/02/12
Branches: Internet services,  Science and education
Technology: Systems of distance learning

Yandex. A practical work — educational service.

2019: Start of service

On February 12, 2019 Yandex started educational service Yandex. A practical work where any person will be able to master the profession demanded among the technology companies. For February, 2019 in the Practical work two professions are available: "Frontend-developer" and Web developer and also an introduction course on analytics of data. By the end of training each student will have a portfolio from several works.

The directions of training are selected from the Practical work not accidentally. We studied search queries about hiring of IT specialists, and then together with HeadHunter analyzed 400 thousand vacancies of developers for the last four years. So we learned what IT specialists and with what technology skills most of all are looked for by employers. We found out that the number of vacancies frontend-, web developer and analysts of data in four years grew by 140%. For February, 2019 25% of all IT vacancies are the share of these professions.
Ilya Zalessky, head of educational services of Yandex

The staff deficit in the field of IT in Russia is about 1 million people. We with pleasure support such projects on retraining as Yandex. Practical work. They help the higher education system to reduce quicker the shortage of IT specialists, and to people of different age and specialties — to find an interesting and highly paid profession. The online format will facilitate access to training for many — for example, residents of towns.
Marina Borovskaya, deputy minister of science and the higher education of Russia

Training in the Practical work consists of two parts. At first students read materials and perform tasks on programming in the online exercise machine. In a system they see at once if they made mistakes in the code, and hints help to correct them. All materials of rates are provided simply and clear — so that any person without special preparation understood them. After studying of each subject — each two weeks — students perform independent tasks from real practice of developers which are checked by specialists of the Practical work.

Each student has the mentor — the practicing developer. The mentor's task — to help the pupil to monitor progress that it could finish training successfully. The mentor and his ward discuss how training as the purchased skills progresses it is possible to apply in work what difficulties the student met and as they can be overcome. Before beginning to work with students, mentors undergo two-month training.

Training in the Practical work lasts 6–9 months. The introduction 20-hour course is free — people can begin to study and estimate as far as they suit the selected profession. Further training cost will be from 60 thousand rubles depending on the direction. By the end of rates future frontend-developer will make five websites which will be able to show on interviews, web developer — six websites. Students of the Analyst of Data program which completely will open to summer of 2019 during training will conduct 15 researches. All who will successfully hand over the thesis will receive certificates from Yandex.

Gradually in the Practical work other directions will appear. Until the end of 2019 educational service will begin to prepare bekend-developer and product managers.