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Yandex. Rover

Developers: Yandex
Date of the premiere of the system: November, 2019
Technology: Robotics


2019: Demonstration of the robot

On November 7, 2019 provided to "Yandex" the robot supplier who is intended for transportation of small loads across city sidewalks. The structure of the Russian company received the name " Yandex.rover ".

The robot is capable to distinguish objects around, to plan a route, to go round obstacles, to pass pedestrians and animals, and thanks to a lidar (technology of receiving and information processing about remote objects using active optical systems) can do all this in the dark.

Provided to "Yandex" the robot courier for transportation of goods

 At the heart of the robot  — development of "Yandex" for the unmanned vehicle. On  the robot supplier different sets of sensors, new constructions of the chassis for more difficult relief and  fragile loads are tested.

In the robot construction, classical for such equipment, with three couples of wheels and vertical loading of sending is used. For this purpose in an upper part of the robot the hatch which only the employee of the company and the client using mobile application for an unblocking can open is installed. Height of the robot is about a half a meter.

By the time of the announcement of " Yandex.rover " on roads already there go several robots, they carry documents from the headquarters of "Yandex" to the bus, and on it reach to other offices of the company.

Robots suppliers can become irreplaceable for  a stage of "the last mile" in  logistics, the head of unmanned vehicles in  "Yandex"  Dmitry Polishchuk considers. 

"Yandex. Rover" can reach an appointment point in completely standalone mode, but by November 7, 2019 it is controlled using the removed operator so far.

It is supposed that robots can become irreplaceable for a stage of "the last mile" in logistics, and the company is going to use it in projects " " and " Yandex.bench " for the goods delivery from online store Beru or in warehouse logistics.[1]