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Yandex. Taxi Application

Developers: Yandex, MLU B.V. (Yandex. Taxi)
Last Release Date: March, 2020
Branches: Internet services,  Transport



Start of function of viewing rating of passengers

In August, 2020 the rating of passengers began to show " " to drivers. Information is displayed in Taksometr service in receptive period of the order and allows taxi drivers to select the user for transportation.

Thanks to a new feature the driver can refuse transportation of the passenger — for example if the potential client has a low rating, and the cab is called to the unsuccessful area. However, failure from a trip will affect the personal rating of activity of the driver, one of taxi drivers who wished to save anonymity told It also published an application screenshot with new data.

According to the interlocutor of the edition after the company entered the rating of passengers, conflict situations became less.

I with much bigger pleasure give a mark 5, than 2 or 3. But when I put 2, I understand that it can help other taxi drivers — he commented.

"Yandex. The taxi" allowed drivers to select passengers according to their rating

By August 7, 2020 the rating of the passenger is visible only to drivers from among those at whom are specified the photo in a profile, rating, the number of the executed orders, withdrawals of others passazhirvo, including about politeness and comfortable driving. In a public access the rating of the passenger is not displaid.

Earlier in 2020 the passengers using the application of " " had an opportunity to see the rating. It consists of the last 40 marks given by drivers on a five-ball scale. Drivers can estimate punctuality of the passenger, careful attitude to the machine, politeness, the place of giving of the car, a part about the order.

According to poll of drivers of "Yandex", good marks to passengers put for punctuality, careful attitude to the machine, politeness and also that who thought of convenience of the parking of the driver and did not forget to specify non-standard parts of the order. For example, when the passenger goes with an animal or the child.[1]

Start of service for business in the organization of delivery with payment when receiving

Yandex. The taxi and the Yandex.Cash started service for business — the organization of delivery with payment when receiving. It will allow online stores to deliver orders thanks to Yandex infrastructure. The taxi and on site to accept payment through the Yandex.Cash when the goods appear in hands at the client. At the same time cash or the payment terminal will not be necessary — the buyer will be able to be calculated via the smartphone, having passed to a payment method by the QR code or the link into the SMS. This service will help the companies to work with those who prefer to pay for Internet purchases only after receiving, and to users — on delivery to be calculated for orders by the most different methods: from purses in Yandex.Money to bank cards, the Apple Pay and Google Pay. On May 12, 2020 Yandex.Money reported about it. Read more here.

Availability in AppGallery

On April 8, 2020 it became known of a full integration of all mobile applications of Yandex company in app store of AppGallery. Read more here.

Start of the superapplication based on ""

On March 24, 2020 "Yandex" started the superapplication based on service " ". The new product will integrate orders of cars, food and products from supermarkets. 

In the updated application of " " there was a delivery service from cafe and restaurants " ". Besides, the goods delivery of daily demand through service " Yandex.bench " and also cargo transportation and sending sendings was added. They are available on the main screen of " " of the application.

"Yandex" started the superapplication based on service ""

The new application version will become gradually available in 33 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan where service " " already works. At the same time possibilities of Bench by March 24, 2020 are available only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Also through " " delivery of OTC medicines will be organized. Orders can be done on the websites of drugstores and pharmaceutical companies and in the same place to pay for a clearing settlement. Drivers and couriers who work with orders of services of "Yandex" will deliver medicines.

The order of nonprescription drugs will be paid with a non-cash method that in addition minimizes personal contacts between the client and that who will bring the order. At the first stage service will be started in  Moscow  and  St. Petersburg, and then can extend also to other cities of Russia. It will begin to function after the government decree setting rules of delivery of these goods is issued.

The superapplication is a new type of programs with an expanded set of functions and an ecosystem for different scenarios. The superapplication it is possible to call, for example, the Chinese WeChat messenger in which it is possible not only to communicate, but also including to transfer money and to buy goods.

The superapplication based on VKontakte already  develops Group, at the end of 2019 based on mobile bank  told about start of the superapplication  in "Tinkoff".[2]

Function of the preorder of the taxi

On January 17, 2020 "Yandex" announced implementation of function of the preorder of trips to " ". At the first stage the service will be available in seven cities: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Sochi. Function will appear in other regions "soon", told in the company.

If it is important for you that the machine arrived to  certain time, you  can order a trip in advance.  So if it is necessary to leave  the house early in the morning, it is possible to make the order in the evening, to go to sleep and   not to spend excess time, said in the blog of " ".

In " " there was an opportunity to call the cab in advance

The interval of the preorder makes from 30 minutes to two days. Function is available in the rates "House-keeper", "Comfort", "Comfort +" and "to Ultima " (the bonus  classes Business, Premier and Elite).

For the preorder of the car it is necessary to select from wishes to the order the Plan a Trip button, and then to determine the necessary date and time. Search of the machine will begin shortly before the beginning of a trip.

At the time of the preorder the application will show the rough cost of a trip, and the exact amount will be displayed when the machine is. The preorder is available at payment of a trip by the bank card, in cash, and also to corporate clients and users of the family account.  Money will be written off, as well as  in  a case with  a normal trip, explained in the company.

It is noted that function of the preorder of the machine is implemented step by step: it becomes gradually available to users of the latest version of mobile application of " ".[3]

Before " "  cancelled  function of the postponed order in Moscow because of changes of rules of the parking on which time of the free period is reduced from 15 to 5 minutes. Users could order the machine only on the near future.


Start of service of transportation of documents and loads for business clients

On December 9, 2019 it was announced emergence in " " of service of delivery of documents and loads for business. Two rates are offered the companies: "Delivery" (for transfer of not large-size sendings or documents) and Cargo (allows to transport large things, such as office equipment or furniture).

The Cargo rate suggests to use vans, but not passenger cars: "Gazelles", Ford Transit and others. The maximum weight of one load — 50 kg, one or two loaders are ready to transfer departure to the house or the apartment. Delivery has a restriction in 20 kg. All sendings and loads are insured for the amount up to 500,000 rubles.

"Yandex. The taxi" provides service of business delivery of documents and loads

Service prices in the different cities differ: for example, in Moscow the minimum cost of Delivery — 270 rubles. After 4 km of a way in limits the cities the cost of 1 km is 11 rubles, outside the city — 19 rubles. Free waiting lasts five minutes then every minute is paid on 11 rubles.

New features are necessary for clients whose business is constructed on delivery — for example, goods from online stores or for operational transportation of the equipment and the detail, for example, an event agencies, - " " reports.

To use services of delivery of sendings or large loads, it is necessary to leave the request on the website. The manager will contact the company to sign the agreement. If the firm is already connected to corporate service " ", it is not necessary to sign one more agreement — services are available to clients in a personal account. In the same place it is possible to set limits of the amount or a class of machines for different employees, to analyze expenses for the specified period and to create electronic documents for accounting.

By December 9, 2019 service Delivery is available in more than 100 cities of Russia, and Cargo — in more than 40. Among them — Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.[4]

Start of an ecological rate. Passengers will be able to select the machine on methane

In November, 2019 the company " " announced start of an ecological rate. Passengers will be able to select the machine on  methane.

The first residents of Kazan will be able to test an innovation. In the capital of Tatarstan more than 650 cars will be connected to orders of an ecorate. In this region the state program for market development of gas motor fuel for 2013 - 2023 is implemented.

The cars connected to " " on  methane  executed orders earlier, but  now such trips will be selected in  a separate rate. It will give the chance to users to make the conscious choice  for benefit of the fuel  which is not doing harm to the environment.

Wants to draw with the new Yandex rate attention to protection of ecology and to remind drivers that with methane fuel they can significantly save on fuel.[5]

It is one of  strategic projects of " ". We  want to make the taxi more eco-friendly type of transport, to reduce costs of carriers for  fuel and  to give them  the chance to considerably reduce costs for  re-equipment of cars under methane —  the director of business development of " " in  Russia Alexey Fedotov noted.

Start of service of delivery of sendings

On August 29, 2019 the service " " announced start of service of delivery of sendings. Users had an opportunity to send a small thing if it is impossible to bring it independently, said in the press release which came to edition TAdviser.

In "Yandex" note that it is also easy to issue delivery through " ", as well as to call the normal taxi. Difference only in one: it is necessary to specify the phone number of the receiver. "" will send it the SMS with reference to the website where it will be on route possible to monitor the movement of the car. The link works even if at the receiver the application of " " is not installed yet.

"Yandex. Taxi" began to deliver sendings

For sending sending it will need to be carried to the machine and to transfer to the driver, and to the receiver — to leave behind it and to take away when the machine approaches. The minimum order cost is 249 rubles. This amount includes the first 6 minutes and 2 kilometers of a trip.

Before sending the thing needs to be packed into an envelope, a box or a packet. Sending should be located in the machine and not to be heavier than 20 kg. It is impossible to send a thing which can spoil inside of the car, for example a plant in a pot or liquid in an open container. It is impossible to transport also animals without maintenance. Within service it is authorized to send suitcases, flowers, documents, packets with things, but it is forbidden — bicycles, washing machines or floor lamps, cites as an example service.

It is possible to pay service with the bank card or through mobile payment systems Apple Pay or Google Pay.

At the first stage service Delivery in " " will be available only in Moscow, and later she will earn in other cities.

Gett has own delivery service also. It also has restrictions — 20 kg on weight and     170 x 170 x 170 cm on sending dimensions. Service is called Gett Delivery, it works in several cities of Russia.

Service start Driver

On April 26, 2019 "Yandex" announced that in the application of " " the service Driver appeared. It is useful, that who to any reasons does not want to take the wheel of the car, the developer considers. One of the drivers working with service " " will arrive in due time, will take the wheel, will take and will park the car.

In " " there was an opportunity to call the driver for the machine

As of April, 2019 the provided service can be found in a line of rates of the application. At commission of the order the application will specify whether there is a policy of the CMTPL permitting to any person to drive the car. If with the policy everything is normal, the partner driver of " " will arrive, will park the car and will meet the customer.

On average from the moment of the order until a meeting with the driver at first after start of service there will pass 10-15 minutes. Driving, as well as during the normal trip to the taxi, the driver will use the working application Taximeter. The passenger can monitor a trip route in the application at this time. And if desired to share it with relatives.

As reported in "Yandex", drivers who usually take orders in bonus rates will be used for this service: "Business", Premium and Ultim. It means that they passed special internal test and were highly appreciated much and by good reviews from users. The driver will meet in a strict suit, will open a door and will take care of that the trip took place comfortably.

The cost of service will become known at once after input of the address of points And yes B.V the minimum cost — 2199 rubles, 15 km of a way and 25 minutes of a trip enter. In Moscow it is, for example, a way from Patriarchal ponds to the Area of Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo. Or from the New Arbat to Krylatskoye. As of April, 2019 each kilometer or minute of a trip will cost on top 40 rubles. It is possible to pay the order only with a non-cash method: and also using the Apple Pay or Google Pay, emphasized with the bank card in "Yandex".

Service compensates to the driver the cost of the parking of his machine for the period of the order and also a way back from the client.

The service Driver is let into " " step by step. As of April, 2019 it becomes gradually available to users in Moscow, the possibility of start in other cities will be considered then.[6]