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Yandex (mobile application)

Developers: Yandex
Last Release Date: May, 2019
Branches: Internet services

2019: Appearance of the caller ID

On May 14, 2019 Yandex Company announced appearance of the automatic caller ID in the complex mobile application for iPhone. Thanks to a new feature users will be able to learn from what company they or for what purpose call them that will help people to make the decision on that, to answer a call or not.

When call from unfamiliar number, the determinant addresses base of service " Yandex.reference book " in which to the middle of May, 2019 information about 6 million organizations is collected. If in Reference book there is a company with such number, on the screen its name will appear. If there is no room in base, "Yandex" will try to recognize the call purpose. For example, he will warn if number is connected with advertizing or swindlers, and will announce useful calls — for example, from the delivery service or the dealer center.

\"Yandex\" was released by the automatic caller ID for iPhone
"Yandex" was released by the automatic caller ID for iPhone

"Yandex" defines the call purpose, being guided by the user feedback. For this purpose the algorithm based on machine learning analyzes responses and also frequency and duration of calls from unknown number and other factors. To leave a comment, users need to open the list of calls in the smartphone and to select necessary number or to enter it in search of "Yandex", says the company.

The caller ID works also for the passed calls: the company name and the purpose of a call will remain in the history of calls. The user can browse it and decide whether it is worth calling back by unknown number.[1]

It is possible to include the caller ID in the main menu of the application ("three strips" in the upper left corner). Or at once turn on "Yandex" in the section Phone / "Blocking and identification of a call" in settings of the device.

The caller ID appeared in the Yandex application for Android appeared in 2018. In Android version this function can be included in the application menu.