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Your promoter

The name of the base system (platform): Evotor smart terminal
Developers: DataDarvin
Date of the premiere of the system: November, 2019
Last Release Date: 2020/03/24
Branches: Advertizing, PR and marketing
Technology: Wireless analytics (WiFi-analytics)


2020: Automation of service of hyper local advertizing

On March 24, 2020 IT- the company "Evotor" reported that it together with DataDarvin automated service hyper local advertizing for small business "Your promoter". Service helps offline business to stimulate demand and to attract clients in trade points. Thanks to technology Wi-Fi-marketing service allows to target internet- advertizing on visitors of shops and passing by people.

Now an advertizing campaign in service can be started "one button" — without experience in internet marketing and with the minimum budget. It is enough to user of the application to describe the action and to fill up an advertizing budget. "Your promoter" in the automatic mode will create a set of promotional materials and will start advertizing campaigns in Yandex and social networks.

For March, 2020 sales almost in all segments of small business fall. People limit movement, many pass to work from the house and reduce consumer activity. The Your Promoter service gives the chance to send the advertizing message to those who often are or live near outlet. For example, the shop "at the house" can tell about existence of goods of the increased demand or offer delivery, and beauty shop — to interest clients using an action,
notes the development director of the advertizing products Evotora Igor Oganesyan

The main goal of our product — to make available advertizing on the Internet for small business. It is not necessary to look for the marketing specialist, to pay for creation and optimization of an advertizing campaign. We see the future behind the personalized advertizing. Of course, all algorithms of search systems aim at it. But our tool is interesting that it is directed to audience which passes every day by your business
speaks Vyacheslav Novoselov, the CEO of DataDarvin company

Service monitors visit of outlet by users after viewing advertizing. The end-to-end analytics helps to estimate marketing effectiveness and to be focused on stocks and offers which bring to business the maximum benefit.

The Your Promoter service is available for March, 2020 to owners of 600 thousand Evotor smart terminals across all Russia in app store " ".

2019: Application launch

On November 6, 2019 the producer of online cash desks Evotor  announced start of service within which point-of-sale terminals of the company began to collect data on the smartphones which are nearby for advertizing sale.

Data will be collected using a special application under the name "Your Promoter", developed by Datadarvin company. The user of the Evotor smart terminal is registered in the Your Promoter application then the terminal collects the necessary information, and the application processes it and sends to advertizing platforms of "Yandex" and Group. After start of an advertizing campaign the application can monitor visit of outlet by users.

Point-of-sale terminals in Russia began to collect data on the smartphones which are nearby for advertizing sale

Evotor smart terminals can collect the MAC addresses of mobile devices at  which Wi-Fi, in    a radius up to 100 meters is included.

Using service shops, beauty shops, cafe and other companies of the service industry will be able to tell about actions and new products to regular customers and to attract those who live or work with a row, but do not buy from them yet.

It is also possible to create audience similar to  collected on  interests and  social and demographic characteristics.[1]

Schemes of work of Your Promoter service
Service allows to reduce Internet advertizing cost – better to show the offer to one thousand target leads, than to turn off million scopes. By experience of our clients, the minimum gain of traffic from hyper local advertizing makes 15% at advertizing budgets of 10 thousand rubles a month — the CEO of DataDarvin (the partner of Evotor in this project) Vyacheslav Novoselov notes.

New advertizing technologies by the beginning of November, 2019 are available to owners of 600 thousand Evotor smart terminals across all Russia. In 2020 Evotor will offer business a number of marketing tools based on Wi-Fi of technologies in cooperation with different partners. Entrepreneurs will be able to select the solution which is most suitable them on functions and cost from app store " ", reported in the company.[2]