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Zyxel Nebula

Developers: Zyxel Communications
Date of the premiere of the system: 2017/08/29
Last Release Date: 2020/01/13
Branches: Telecommunication and communication
Technology: Network Health Monitoring - Monitoring of network or management of health performance of IT Infrastructure,  SaaS is the Software as service,  Routers (routers)


Nebula is cloud command center a distributed network of the enterprise.

Zyxel Nebula in general represents a cloud solution for creation and network management of the enterprise. It is specially developed for the companies with geographically distributed structure, without the corresponding technical specialists in the state.

The solution provides the centralized remote control with compatible devices: firewalls, routers, switches and access points. All process is performed using the single Nebula Control Center (NCC) program console.

2020: Updating with the Nebula smart engine function

On January 13, 2020 the ZyXEL company submitted significantly the processed version of the solution of network management of the Nebula Cloud Networking Solution enterprise. In addition to the updated user interface in Nebula there was a number of intelligent management tools and also extended the list of the devices maintaining this solution. The last improvements will help users to involve most effectively the capacity of networks with cloud management.


According to the company, customers who already I use Nebula will notice the main change at once: Nebula Control Center console. Its background of color of ivory well fits into design of mobile application and the uniform style of the user interface Nebula is as a result provided.

The "dark mode" (dark mode) for all interfaces of Nebula providing more comfortable conditions during the work of the user in situations when eyes are tired of too bright light from the computer monitor is also provided. For transition between the "dark" and "light" mode it is necessary to make only one mouse click.

However improvements are not limited only to design of the user interface. The developed more convenient management console gives almost ample opportunities of setup of its parameters, for example, it is possible to use widgets in the form of cards and the Captive-portal for Wi-Fi and gateways.

To Nebula it is added some more functions improving management from a cloud and saving working time of users. The wizard supports setup of parameters of the gateway now, providing fast and easy configuring of network. The Nebula smart engine function simplifies correlation of settings and events on the scale of all network. If the user has to create the virtual VLAN private network with guest SSID, then Nebula will issue step-by-step instructions for setup of the interface of the gateway VLAN. Besides, if for economy of energy on the switch according to the schedule the PoE function is turned off, then Nebula will not notify on shutdown of access points which are connected to this switch and receive from it a power supply on PoE.

The line of the devices supporting Nebula was replenished with powerful access points of WAX650S, NWA110AX and WAX510D. In them the WiFi technology 6 (802.11ax) and also the improved security system is used, for example, filters of the MAC addresses for each SSID, the WPA3 WiFi standard and dynamic appointment of VLAN are supported. The last from the listed functions, distributing users on several VLAN, will be ideal for large educational institutions and corporate networks, providing isolation of users for more reliable security system and also simplifying management.

In this release the family of the devices supporting cloud management extended also at the expense of the XS3800-28 switch. This 10-gigabit 28-port switch of level of aggregation of traffic can be used as a core of Nebula network now. Use of this switch which can be managed from a cloud now will provide the maximum capacity of network. In the next months the release of the 10-gigabit switch with smaller number of ports intended for service of small[1] is planned[2].

2019: Function of condition monitoring of wireless connection

On June 25, 2019 the ZyXEL company provided upgraded version of the network solution Nebula.

ZyxelNebula 2019 Фото:

According to the company, in the latest version of the solution the following functions are implemented:

  • Wireless health monitor (condition monitoring of wireless connection) for the automatic analysis and optimization performance of the access points connected to network.
  • Facebook of WiFi for the companies which want to use the portal of social networks for connection to WiFi of the guests and creation of opportunities for work in the market.

Function of monitoring Nebula works is transparent for users and optimizes work of access point when falling its performance that saves not only time, but also money of the customer.

Crowley Wu, the vice president of department of ZyXEL Networking SBU told

Thanks to integration of Facebook of WiFi into the option Nebula Captive-portal provides to any company irrespective of its scale means of analytics and marketing. When using this function guests can be connected to WiFi of the company on the account on social network and they should not be registered and receive the password.

Zyxel expands a product portfolio of Nebula and adds to the list of compatible devices six access points, since WAC6100 and WAC6500 Series, including recently released street access points. As a result the family of cloud products for June, 2019 contains already 34 models.

Each access point of NebulaFlex Pro is delivered with the license Professional Pack for 1 year that gives to users the good chance to estimate advantages of Nebula.

These access points will also support three control mode therefore the user can easily switch them between a standalone mode, an operation mode under control of the controller and under control of Nebula cloud.[3]


Mobile application of Nebula APP

On October 3, 2018 the ZyXEL Communications company announced release of the updated mobile application for the platform of cloud management Nebula using which the companies will be able quickly to react to change of requirements to network.

With mobile application of Nebula APP it is possible to manage network from the smartphone

According to the developer, the release of the Nebula APP application received positive estimates and in reviews ease of use and saving of time thanks to QR codes for fast adding in network of a large number of additional devices were noted.

Zyxel expanded functionality of mobile application, having simplified all process of deployment and network management of WiFi. As the developer, in upgraded version of the APP application which is available since October 3, 2018 both to iOS, and to Android noted, the full range of functions for setup of a configuration and utilities for failure handling is included and also quick access to information on network condition in real time is implemented. Also Nebula Control Center based on the browser is also updated, and its structure includes more than 20 additional functions, including:

Solution package for information security

On October 2, 2018 announced Zyxel improvement of the platform of cloud network management of Nebula, having added to it a solution package for security.

The release of a solution package means for security that now clients can strengthen defense against different threats, including a malicious code and date leaks, applying the different services of security included in structure of updating.

The solution package for security provides three-level protection of network and is delivered with the free license for one year for each user of the gateways Nebula of the NSG series.

App Patrol, IDP which proactively identifies and blocks were a part of this packet cyber attacks and also prioritizes to applications for improvement of productivity and prevents abuses of bandwidth. Also the structure of a packet includes filtering content, including filtering on names domains URL and HTTPS for access lock to the dangerous and foreign websites. At last, being a part of a packet antivirus provides protection against a malicious code.

Cloud networks without annual payment

After Nebula release we noted that owners of some small firms do not want to switch to infrastructure with cloud. They are afraid that to them it will be necessary not only to invest in acquisition of the equipment, but also to buy licenses, and expenses on licensing will gradually increase and if in the future they are not able to find money for resuming of licenses, then this equipment will turn into a useless pile of iron. The acquisition model offered by us without licensing costs and the devices, available at the price, supporting management using Nebula eliminate a barrier because of which clients could not apply the approach simplifying management of their networks.
Crowley Wu, senior vice president of department of ZyXEL Networking Business Unit

Despite free of charge Nebula, she uses not only basic control functions, but is delivered with a packet of powerful utilities of management and the analysis which are let into Nebula Control Center (NCC) based on the browser, including means of preparation of reports with detailed information on traffic and use of network resources and also tools for setup of a configuration of network on the scale of all platform.

Zyxel as an option offers the licenses "bolt on" for the additional packets of Professional Pack and Security Pack providing to clients flexible approach and access to additional functionality with preserving of an opportunity always to manage the equipment without annual payment for resuming of the license.

Announcement of NebulaFlex

The ZyXEL company in February, 2018 provided NebulaFlex — functionality for the cloud system of creation and management of ZyXEL Nebula networks. Now management of three models of autonomous access points of the company (Zyxel NWA1123-AC HD, NWA1123-AC PRO and NWA1123-ACv2) can be performed also from a cloud ecosystem of Nebula. For this purpose rather free of charge to update a firmware of devices. The solution provides flexibility at deployment of a wireless network, cutting down expenses on the additional hardware and software.

NebulaFlex — gives to the companies freedom of choice, turning normal, autonomous access points into hybrid. Now it is possible to switch flexibly between the mode with management from a cloud and a standalone mode according to the current requirements of business to a wireless network.

It is possible to pass to management from a cloud at any time, without replacement of the available network infrastructure, purchase of additional iron or software. Those at whom the supported models of access points of ZyXEL are already unrolled for application of NebulaFlex will need to update a firmware of these devices only free of charge.

Users who already have hybrid access points will be able to have without any additional expenses opportunities of an ecosystem of creation and network management of ZyXEL Nebula, including access to software environment of management of Nebula at any time and in any place. Besides, having purchased the license Nebula Professional Pack, it is possible to implement optional functions of granular management of a corporate class.

As of February 5, 2018, NebulaFlex support access points of ZyXEL NWA1123-AC HD, NWA1123-AC PRO and NWA1123-ACv2 with a firmware of version 5.20 or more late.

2017: Start in Russia

On July 29, 2017 the ZyXEL Communications company announced start in Russia of the product Nebula – ecosystems of equipment rooms and software tools for the centralized organization and management of networks on the basis of wire and wireless devices of ZyXEL.

Zyxel Nebula Cloud Network Management Solution is the complete solution for business constructed by the principle of a cloud. The solution is from access points, switches and gateways of security of a corporate class, for management of which the single program console is used. Nebula simplifies creation and scaling of network infrastructure, implements simple, intuitive and scalable network management of any volume. Thanks to automatic selection of hardware resources and the centralized remote control, based on Nebula any organization will be able to unroll and service network even if in it there is no trained IT specialist.

The technology is focused on the enterprises with several offices, different locations, for example, hotels, network cafes or shops, in process service of computer networks. The cloud solution of Nebula allows to manage on a centralized basis components of all network consisting of a set of segments in the different ends of the world.

Representation of an ecosystem of Nebula, (2017)
Representation of an ecosystem of Nebula, (2017)

Nebula supports wireless access points, routers, hardware firewalls, etc. A system in real time collects and issues a set of data on one screen:

  • statistics on traffic,
  • status of devices,
  • arrangement of network segment, its load.

Management is implemented by means of the web interface on the computer, the tablet and the smartphone of the operator which will be notified on all events in network where it would not be.

Nebula allows simultaneous management of several remote network segments, it is possible to save and load settings at start of an additional segment. By means of mobile application the assembler scans the QR code on a cover of the device connected to network, it is automatically registered and configured for work, loading the last firmwares and determining relevant parameters. It saves technical specialists from personal presence on an object at setup.

Business applications promptly move to clouds, and it is the defining trend in cloud networks. Nebula accelerates deployment of network, and the cloud command center undertakes care of all the rest. The enterprise does not need to worry about high equipment costs and software as now network management happens through a cloud.

Crowley Wu, vice president of department of solutions for business of ZyXEL company