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"The Ural locomotives" implement pilotless technologies of driving of Swallows

Customers: Russian Railways (RR)

Moscow; Transport

Contractors: Ural locomotives

Project date: 2019/02

On March 13, 2019 it became known that the Ural Locomotives plant won the tender for performance of the contract with the Russian Railway for additional equipment of a system of automaintaining high-speed electric trains Swallow the additional ultrasonic sensors allowing to correct a train stop on the platform with an accuracy of 50 cm.

Under the contract until the end of 2019 specialists of the plant equip 38 machines on the Moscow Central Ring (MCR) with the equipment of exact positioning of an electric train on the platform. Sensors will be installed on false boards of head cars on both sides of the movement, the system control unit will be located under head cars.

MTsK – an operation polygon where different innovation projects are implemented. The solution of a question on electric train positioning accuracy on the platform is a preparatory stage within the global project on implementation of a pilotless management system for electric trains. For this reason all developments on the automatic modes of management of electric trains without participation of the driver are created taking into account infrastructure of MTsK, including, height of platforms and feature of the movement.
Vitaly Brekson, the First Deputy CEO on the technical policy of the Ural Locomotives plant

"The Ural locomotives" began to install the system of automaintaining on the products already from the first sample of a cargo electric locomotive of Sinar. Further the technology was postponed for electric trains Swallow. Thanks to it maintaining trains on the preset diagram within a certain section is provided. So the different systems of the train analyze location of the machine and configure work of the systems of braking and draft so that the structure arrived to the station by certain time.

Production of a prototype with the built-in system of machine vision which provides installation of the cameras, radars and the scanning lidars allowing to create a two-dimensional or three-dimensional picture of surrounding space by means of optical systems will become the next stage on the way to pilotless management of an electric train. Besides, on a roof of Swallow the infrared camera will be mounted. The additional hardware will allow to estimate a condition and employment of ways. The prototype is going to start for MTsK in the summer of 2019[1].