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The Technoserv Cloud helps to accelerate tracking service of "Отследить-посылку.рф" customer service

Customers: Отследить-посылку.рф

Moscow; Internet services

Contractors: Technoserv
Product: Technoserv Cloud
На базе: OpenStack

Project date: 2019/11  - 2020/05

2020: Placement of a part of IT infrastructure

The cloud provider announced on June 25, 2020 Technoserv cooperation about tracking service for business of "Отследить-посылку.рф".

The Отследить-посылку.рф company selected storage Cloud for placement of a part IT infrastructures. The high-performance storage is compatible with Amazon Web Services and completely supports the protocol of access S3 API. Technoserv Cloud guarantees security data, placed in a cloud, thanking to enciphering by transfer and data storage, to thin setup of access rights and logging of all transactions with files. Also one of advantages of service is "Multi-cloud storage" − a possibility of data migration of the client from a cloud Amazon of S3, Google Cloud Alibaba Cloud, Digital Ocean, Cloud to the object cloud storage the Technoserv Cloud.

The Technoserv Cloud continues to increase the competences and helps to optimize IT infrastructure of the companies from different spheres. The Technoserv Cloud is one of key tasks providing modern solutions to our clients with the increased level of information security. The customer can significantly save on acquisition of own DWH or other infrastructure equipment and also cuts down maintenance expenses and technical support. The client has the round-the-clock access to the cloud storage regardless of its physical location and can manage data: transfer, store, control, quickly to take them and recover, − Mikhail Blinov, the head told the Technoserv Cloud.