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Rostelecom implemented a complex of smart solutions in Taganrog

Customers: Administration of Taganrog

Taganrog; Government and social institutions

Contractors: Rostelecom
Product: Rostelecom: Safe city
На базе: Bezopasny agrarian and industrial Complex city
Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Implementation of a complex of smart solutions

On October 8, 2019 the Rostelecom company reported that it implemented a complex of the smart solutions allowing the city to be called the first "clever" in the south of Russia in Taganrog. At the disposal of residents of Taganrog such systems as "Smart lighting", "The safe city", "Smart video surveillance", "The smart on-door speakerphone", electronic services for medicine and "the digital diary" appeared. Emergence of these solutions became possible thanks to the tripartite agreement signed in September, 2018 between the Government of the Rostov region, Administration of Taganrog and PJSC Rostelecom.

Taganrog is the city with a serious innovation potential. We concentrate industrial enterprises, the cluster of IT specialists is created, cultural traditions and tourism actively develop. For all this there have to be corresponding opportunities and Wednesday: comfortable, safe conditions for citizens and city visitors. Our practice proved that digital solutions are exact and unambiguous. They help to set balance between requests of society and opportunities of municipalities to create the "transparent" system of interaction and to establish a feedback with citizens. Behind the smart cities the future.

Andrey Lissitsky, the Head of administration of Taganrog told

According to the company, by August, 2019 Rostelecom completed replacement of nearly 11 thousand street lamps by the energy saving, integrated by an intelligent system managements. All streets and roads of Taganrog are evenly lit with light, comfortable for a human eye, now. The innovation system allows to regulate lighting operation modes, depending on time of day and weather conditions, to conduct remote data collection, condition monitoring of the equipment, to monitor unauthorized connections and to consider costs of energy resources. "Smart lighting" helps the city to save up to 60% of the electric power, having increased at the same time efficiency of its use.

Bezopasny gorod agrarian and industrial Complex represents a single regional platform for ensuring public security, law and order and status monitoring of the environment (monitoring of emergencies, operation of the equipment of fire protection systems). The basis of the platform includes Service 112 and a video surveillance system which stores data from 70 video flows, will recognize persons, analyzes a situation and reveals suspicious accumulations of people.

Service 112 in Taganrog is connected with the SOS buttons installed in public places of the city. From the moment of the beginning of operation a system accepted more than 650 thousand calls. The "smart on-door speakerphones" installed in the pilot mode in one of houses of the city became a part of services "Services 112" also.

"Smart on-door speakerphones" are synchronized with the mobile application of the same name, are equipped with the SOS button and high-precision cameras with night illumination. Cameras are connected to a city video surveillance system and transmit signing up in the Ministry of Internal Affairs where data retrieveds are going to be stored on the protected server through special communication channels. In addition to opening of the lock on-door speakerphones allow to monitor a situation about an entrance and also to start in an entrance of the person remotely through mobile application.

Most medical institutions of the city are connected to the Internet and integrated into a federal information system in the field of health care. A system provides maintaining the digital medical record, online access to the clinical record from any city of Russia, an opportunity to make far off an appointment with the doctor and to receive the electronic sick-list. For October, 2019 in it more than 23 thousand residents of Taganrog are registered.

All schools of Taganrog are connected to a single regional information system of accounting of school students which also allows to monitor their achievements.