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Tele2 and the government of the Kaluga region begin the project of digitalization of the region

Customers: Administration of the Kaluga region

Kaluga; Government and social institutions

Product: Projects of creation of complex telecom infrastructure

Project date: 2019/09
Project's budget: 385 000 000 руб.

2019: Project for development of telecom infrastructure

On October 8, 2019 Tele2 reported that they together with the government of the Kaluga region signed the agreement on interaction in the field of development of communication services. Until the end of 2019 the operator invests in telecom infrastructure in the region more than 385 million rubles. It will allow to improve communication quality in Kaluga and Obninsk and also to provide with the high-speed mobile Internet and a voice communication of 69 settlements of the area.

The agreement is signed by the CEO of Tele2 Sergey Emdin and the governor of the Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov. Within cooperation in 2019 the operator is going to improve considerably a covering of network in the region and to make available to technology of communication for inhabitants of a number of small localities. Besides, the company will actively participate in implementation of the state program "Digital economy of Russia" in the territory of the region and to promote start of services, convenient for the population, based on Internet of Things.

Annual investment volume of Tele2 into digitalization of the region will be more than 385 million rubles. The important social value has that fact that in some localities of the Kaluga region services of the operator in standards 4G/3G/2G will become available for the first time.

We pay special attention to technology development of the company and are glad to continuation of cooperation with the government of the Kaluga region. The subscriber base constantly grows in the region. At the same time residents of Kaluga are active users of the mobile Internet, showing on this indicator one of the best results in the Central Russia. At the same time we observe the increasing need of the population for use of modern digital services as in the household, and industrial purposes. When planning technical development in the Kaluga region we considered these features and also wishes of inhabitants and the regional government,
told Sergey Emdin, the CEO of Tele2

Cooperation with the large telecom operator – one more step in development of telecommunication infrastructure of the Kaluga region, increase in its investment attractiveness and competitiveness. Implementation of modern technologies and services will allow to enhance effect of digitalization and to achieve real results in improvement of the key directions of economy and the social sphere. Availability of modern communication services in any, even the most remote corner of the region, will help to improve quality of life of our citizens,
noted Anatoly Artamonov, the governor of the Kaluga region