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AKADO Telecom passed to the Russian television equipment

Customers: Akado-Telecom (Comcor)

Moscow; Telecommunication and communication

Contractors: Teletor
Product: TeleTAG

Project date: 2019/03  - 2019/08

2019: Transition to the Russian TeleTAG platform

The AKADO Telecom company announced on October 9, 2019 completion of planned replacement of the television equipment — platforms of the generator of office DVB of SI tables of digital television. Replacement was made without interruption in providing television services. The Russian company "Teletor" became the supplier of the solution TeleTAG.

As noted, TeleTAG represents the hardware and software system performing process of formation of metadata. A system imports from external sources all information on TV-channels, program schedules for 10 forthcoming days and also the description of each TV program.

Besides, TeleTAG provides intellectual editing the program of TV programs: control of length of text boxes, spelling, correctness and completeness of data, also processes information and broadcasts it in network of the operator. The complex provides simultaneous support of the program of telecasts in several languages.

We watch closely development of technologies, constantly we test and we implement modern technical solutions, according to plan replacing an obsolete equipment, – the deputy CEO for technology development and operation of AKADO Telecom Dmitry Sinitsyn noted. – It is important to us to provide all to clients services of digital television with a guarantee of continuity of TV-broadcasting. Having held careful testing of several DVB-SI complexes, we made the decision to replace the outdated foreign platform with the equipment of the Russian producer. The platform of Teletor company is implemented with observance of all DVB standards, allows our subscribers to receive the high-quality TsTV full service with relevant information maintenance and gives us the chance to develop services of digital television further.