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Azbuka vkusa began to refuse printing checks for benefit of electronic

Customers: Alphabet of Taste (City supermarket)

Moscow; Trade

Product: Kristallservice: Set Retail

Project date: 2020/03

On March 25, 2020 Alphabet of Taste announced that the retail chain stores began to refuse printing checks for benefit of electronic. Thanks to this initiative the retailer will make the contribution to ecology and will involve more people in care of the environment and also will reduce costs for a check tape and service of the cash equipment.

Instead of printing checks buyers of products in shops "Alphabet of Taste" receive the digital document for e-mail. For implementation of this project the retailer used the solution for automation of trade of Set Retail 10 from CSI company.

\"The alphabet of Taste\" began to refuse printing checks for benefit of electronic
"The alphabet of Taste" began to refuse printing checks for benefit of electronic

"The alphabet of taste" calls itself the Russia's first retail chain stores which began to refuse paper checks. The retailer expects to save about 6 km of a check tape for the first year and to twice reduce housekeeping overheads of the Pyrite 2F cash registers — thanks to decrease in load of devices.

Failure from paper checks there was a part of a sustainability programme of Green is the new black which "The alphabet of taste" started in 2020. To seize the new opportunity, the buyer should be the participant of the loyalty program Vkusomaniya — in mobile application it needs to activate the Send the Check for Email function. The company emphasizes that the lack of the paper check does not contradict requirements of the Russian legislation — at the consent of the buyer of rather electronic document.

It is expected that until the end of 2020 all shops "Alphabets of Taste" will pass to electronic checks. By March 25, 2020 the solution is implemented in 65% outlets. By same day several other large retailers using the solution Set Retail also prepare for implementation of the technology allowing to refuse paper checks for benefit of electronic.[1]