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Altek Proektirovaniye was selected by Pilot-ICE for automation of engineering document flow

Customers: Altek Proektirovaniye

Yekaterinburg; Construction and industry of construction materials

Product: Pilot-ICE (Industrial Civil Engineering)

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/06

On July 10, 2019 the company "Ascon" announced that integrator BIM- solutions Altek Systems implemented a management system for the project documentation Pilot-ICE at design institute "Altek Proekt System". The enterprise involves subcontract organizations with which cross-disciplinary cooperation is established in the environment of Pilot-ICE in project activity.

By search of the solution for collective work specialists of Altek Systems tested work of several systems and even considered development of own product. However at calculation of costs it became obvious — more profitable to purchase already ready-made solution with open API and if necessary to finish it under own needs. The factors which influenced Pilot-ICE choice:

Stages of the implementing solution Pilot-ICE

The implementation team in details approached the organization of work in the system of remote users. The video with an explanation was prepared how to connect the contractor. Regulations with operation manuals of Pilot-ICE were created. For confirmation of readiness of work in a system employees pass test on positions (from designers to GIPOV) based on which it issues the certificate.

All documentation of the company is transferred to a system for July, 2019: not only project, but also letters, orders and delivery notes. At the same time for specialists of "Altek Proekt Stroy" and for remote workers the uniform rules by the name of files providing quick search in the structure consisting of a set of folders were approved. Besides, implementation of Pilot-ICE allowed to organize the protected information storage.

Specialists of Altek Systems developed add-on modules for expansion of functionality Pilot-ICE:

"As a result of implementation of Pilot-ICE the head of "Altek Proekt Stroy" received controllability of project works, and the staff of the company, her customers and contractors — a convenient service. We state economy of resources because folder structure is built and the centralized document storage is organized. For example, our employees ceased to approach the paper reference book to register the entering or outgoing letters. We also ceased "pull" the system administrator that that issued the rights to a disk for the new employee. According to the results of the project everything is simple: it logs into the system, and it already has access rights according to his position. But the most important is a reduction of terms of project development and reduction of number of corrections and alterations which also influence terms",

noted Andrey Mekhontsev, the technical lead of an implementation project

Итоги эксплуатации решения    in 6 months

For July, 2019 in "Altek Proekt Stroy" reconciliation procedure of all documents happens in electronic form. In plans — integration with operators of electronic document management: they act as the third parties confirming the fact of transfer of documentation from one company to another. It will allow to get rid of paper document flow with the customer. The last will receive documents at once in electronic form and the same way to confirm the fact of their receiving, saving time and money.