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As the Moscow parents solve problems of children using the IP telephony

Customers: City psychology and pedagogical center of the Moscow Department of Education

Moscow; Science and education

Product: Panasonic UC platform KX-NSX-series

Project date: 2018/02  - 2018/02


Technologies gave to life new speeds: consumers want to receive services as soon as possible. On it wins competitive struggle business, same wait also from public institutions. And those often stumble on the very first step: to respond most quickly to the request of users.

When technologies prevent to help

The city psychology and pedagogical center of the Moscow Department of Education – one of key links in the capital system of the help to children. Its main work consists in rendering high-quality psychological, pedagogical and social support to children who have problems with mastering of the main general education programs. Also specialists of the center pay attention to children with difficulties in development and social adaptation. The complex help appears also that at whom possibilities of health are limited.

Among other things, experts of the center carry out different psychology and pedagogical diagnostics. Determine by its results what correctional or advisory help the children who addressed them need. Often members of their families also are involved in process. Which, as a rule, also initiate the appeal to the center. Also experts help third parties, similar in a profile.

Capital families often could not phone to operators of the psychology and pedagogical center
Capital families often could not phone to operators of the psychology and pedagogical center

It is clear, that and in such big city the most modern solutions in the field of the organization of communication are necessary for such organization. The staff of the center repeatedly received complaints that it is impossible to phone to them, and telephone lines are occupied for hours. It is not surprising: in organization the automatic telephone exchange of KX-NS500RU which was implemented in 2015 was set. 60 SIP trunks (the virtual channels between VoIP operator and the client constructed through IP network) were connected to it. Such volumes ceased to be enough for constantly growing structure over time. The leaders of the center made the decision to scale call center to make it the full-fledged structure which is continuously working with residents of Moscow.

The call center became 3.5 times more

As technological solution Panasonic perfectly proved in three years of use, in new implementation used automatic telephone exchange from the last line of the company. As the partner in implementation the ASM-Integration company was selected, – the partner of Panasonic having the status of the regional Technical Premium Center.

As shows the analysis of the set Panasonic base, in the Russian market practically all industries and the organizations use solutions of the company: beginning from the state, municipal organizations and industrial enterprises, health facilities and education, the financial sector and hotel business to small enterprises and individual enterprise, – Boris Sturua, the specialist in a product of department of network telecommunication solutions of Panasonic Rus company tells. – Such wide scope is connected, first of all, with the best balance in comparison with competitors between the price, functionality and quality.

As a result of the work which is carried out by specialists, in psychology and pedagogical organization the new call center based on two automatic telephone exchanges of Panasonic KX-NSX1000RU with hot sparing appeared. One more same station is used as reserve. 216 SIP trunks and 30 operators for whom the KX-NT5xx series IP Panasonic telephones are installed are used for an exit to public telephone networks now.

Did not forget during the project and about mobility of employees. The microcellular DECT network constructed based on IP of KX-NS0154 DECT station is responsible for it. Now they can quickly react to non-staff situations or execute urgent instructions of the management.

Efficiency of work and creation of reports on work based on call center of Panasonic. He gives the chance to carry out monitoring and management of work of operators in real time, transfers data on their employment, is responsible for the system of quick and convenient search in magazines of calls. Besides, the call center of Panasonic informs phoned about their provision in queue.

All procedure of implementation took 10 days, and the general project budget made 3 million rubles.

A system is scaled on branches

With results of the carried-out implementation in the psychology and pedagogical center were satisfied. What is unsurprising: the management of organization noted sharp improvement of customer service quality of the center, so, and its works. The number of complaints to problems with dialing decreased by 14 times, and the quantity of the processed calls – opposite – increased by 5 times. In peak month – August, 2018 – call center operators received more than 55 thousand calls.

At the same time specialists of ASM-Integration company render technical support services and help with the solution of all arising problems. Moreover – the issue of scaling of a system on all territorial subdivisions of the psychology and pedagogical center is now discussed. They will be connected in a single network with head office.

In the center it is possible to register in occupations without long waiting of the reply of operator now
In the center it is possible to register in occupations without long waiting of the reply of operator now

Also operators were satisfied. Implementation of call center of Panasonic allowed to create the system of their motivation and awarding. In its basis – real indicators from the created reports.

Now the staff of the center is on a continuous communication with the clients. So, can pay attention to really important directions of development of work: to quality of the provided services and wellbeing of children.


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