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UK "Analytical center" automatically prepares the reporting based on solutions from Homnet

Customers: Analytical center, UK

Moscow; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: Homnet Consulting
Product: Homnet of XBRL

Project date: 2018/12  - 2019/05

On June 6, 2019 the Homnet Consulting company announced transition of UK "Analytical center" to reporting in the XBRL format.

JSC UK Analitichesky center performs the securities management, investment funds, mutual investment funds and non-state pension funds.

Working with Non-state pension funds the company has considerable experiment on management of pension reserves and pension savings.

Due to the become effective Instruction of the Bank of Russia 4621-U about transition of professional participants of security market to other format of submission of the reporting to the Bank of RussiaXBRL, before UK "Analytical center" rose a problem of reduction of the software in compliance with requirements of the regulator.

We made the decision to give the project to execution of Homnet Group since we already had a positive experience of cooperation in project implementation of automation of accounting and reporting on EPS according to OSBU using the software solution of vendor Homnet of NFO. We knew that Homnet Group has enough resources for implementation of big projects, there are experts specializing in the XBRL direction. Besides, we found broad and very good functionality in the software solution "Homnet of XBRL",
'told Svetlana Naumova, the chief accountant of JSC UK Analitichesky center

In a project deliverable in UK "Analytical center" such functions as work with taxonomy are automated; data loading from the different systems in different formats (xbrl, csv); validation of data on rules of taxonomy of the Central Bank; technology data validation; formation of a packet of the reporting according to taxonomy of the Central Bank.

At this stage of cooperation specialists of Homnet Group performs consultation of staff of Management company on methodical and technical issues of work with the program. The agreement of maintenance is issued.