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The network of drugstores of ASNA implemented the Antor LogisticsMaster 8 program for automation of transport logistics

Customers: Association of Independent Drugstores (ASNA)

Moscow; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Contractors: Antor
Product: ANTOR LogisticsMaster

Project date: 2019/12  - 2020/02

2020: Implementation of Antor LogisticsMaster 8

The network of drugstores of ASNA implemented the ANTOR LogisticsMaster 8 program for automation of transport logistics. The Antor company reported about it on July 30, 2020.


More than two months of work and life in the unusual mode showed all importance of timely automation of transport logistics for business.

ASNA – the federal pharmacy chain including together with partners for July, 2020 more than 10,000 organizations in 60 regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The company for the last years expands the geography of presence and implements management tools internal processes, including delivery.

Since 2018 the department of logistics of ASNA used a cloud service for creation of delivery routes, however rapid growth of pharmacy chain during 2019 demanded to review requirements to the program for logistics. The quantity of delivery addresses grew to several hundred a day, the beginning actively to develop the direction of the order of drugs on the Internet on the website

At the end of 2019 specialists of ASNA addressed ANTOR with tasks of automation of transport logistics in Moscow and the Moscow region. Customer representatives estimated functionality of creation of delivery routes in the ANTOR LogisticsMaster program, discussed and recorded requirements for customization of the solution. In ASNA the last 8th version of a system with relevant Moscow maps and areas and support of routing according to Internet cards was unrolled.

Implementation was complete according to the scheduled plan in February, 2020 – shortly before input of high alert in Moscow when demand for drugs and medical goods sharply grew. In addition, the Decree of the Russian President of March 17, 2020 No. 187 considerably expanded possibilities of drugstores on online sale of medicines. ASNA was ready to such conditions and already during self-isolation quickly adapted to them delivery in other regions: CFD, Northwestern Federal District, Southern Federal District. For service of all additional directions in the ANTOR LogisticsMaster program 1 user was added everything, allowing the Customer to cope with all volume of work without attraction of additional resources in department of logistics.

According to survey conducted by service of quality ANTOR at the end of May, specialists of ASNA regularly perform routing in ANTOR LogisticsMaster and significantly reduced time of creation of routes. Decrease in the total transportation costs is mentioned.