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At office LG AI tourniquets with face recognition appeared. Employees pass there without stopping

Customers: LG CNS

Information technologies

Contractors: SenseTime
Product: Artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial intelligence, AI)

Project date: 2020/02

In the middle of February, 2020 the LG CNS company developed service of face recognition on the basis of AI in the headquarters in Seoul. Software is used in tourniquets which learn and pass the staff of the company in office practically without delay.

By software it was created in cooperation with the Chinese firm SenseTime. In tourniquets the special reader which can identify the person is used, confirm the personality of the employee and open gate in 0.3 seconds.

The LG CNS company unrolled service of face recognition on the basis of AI

The company added that the system of face recognition is characterized with an accuracy over 99% and is capable to identify persons in two meters from the reader even if the person is masked, points, cosmetics or turns the head. For example, LG claims that the employee in a mask who looks at the smartphone during passing of a tourniquet will be all the same identified by a system.

Unlike other control services, in this case employees do not need to stop or use access cards, fingerprints or scanning of an iris of the eye of an eye that considerably saves time. To start work only registration of employees in a system, i.e. obtaining the informed consent and loading of identity certificates in the database is required. According to LG, on each reader it is possible to save up to 50,000 fragments of data. At the same time a system can work even without Internet access as all personal information will be stored only in the reader and a security system.

The solution is already deployed on 26 tourniquets in the headquarters of LG CNS, and the company hopes to set finally similar to software on 27,000 access points managed by LG CNS for 170 internal and international clients. Earlier the company used tourniquets with check of access cards. The IT service LG is also going to continue cooperation with SenseTime to find application for AI technology in video surveillance systems.[1]