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Technoserv accepted the contract research organization Atlas Klinikal in the cloud

Customers: Atlant Clinical

Moscow; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Contractors: Technoserv
Product: Technoserv Cloud
На базе: OpenStack

Project date: 2019/07  - 2020/01

2020: Providing Cloud storage

On February 13, 2020 the cloud provider announces Technoserv cooperation with the independent international contract research organization Atlas Klinikal.

The contract research organization Atlas Klinikal performs signing of the contracts with the centers and researchers, provides legal/regulatory and marketing support, implements control of payments under contracts and also will organize insurance of patients and researchers. "Atlas Klinikal" has wide experience in performing clinical trials of the I-IV phases, with participation of adults and children in different therapeutic areas (neurology, oncology, cardiology, psychiatry, pulmonology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, dermatology, nephrology, infectious diseases, endocrinology, ophthalmology and others).

The Atlas Klinikal company selected service Cloud storage for placement of backup copies. The service is highly productive and compatible to Amazon Web Services storage and completely supports the protocol of access S3 API. The client can easily manage the placed data: transfer, store, control, quickly to take them and recover. Besides, the service helps to reduce considerably the costs which are required on creation and maintenance of own IT infrastructure.

Our main objective – to provide high-quality and reliable service for optimization of business challenges Atlas Klinikal. Thanks to Cloud storage the client will be able to reduce considerably the costs for creation and maintenance of own cloud infrastructure and also to have the round-the-clock data access regardless of the location,
noted Mikhail Blinov, the head Technoserv