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Orange Business Services will support examination of Aurecon in the market of engineering services

Customers: Aurecon

Consulting, including managerial and personnel

Product: Flexible SD-WAN

Project date: 2019/03  - 2023/01
Project's budget: 1635000000 руб.

2019: Implementation of technologies of software-defined networks

On March 14, 2019 the service -provider Orange Business Services announced conclusion of an agreement with the engineering company Aurecon working at the markets Near East Africa and Aziatsko- the Pacific region within which Orange will undertake management telecommunication infrastructure and services cyber security and also will develop software-defined networks SD-WAN on 60 platforms in more than 20 countries of the world. The solution of provider will reduce costs and will allow to increase by 4 times throughput capabilities of network that is especially critical for interaction of commands from the different countries, task allocation and work of century cloud automated design engineering systems.

The cost of the five-year contract is 25 million US dollars. According to Orange Business Services, implementation of technologies of software-defined networks not only will increase performance of applications, but also will simplify management of all network infrastructure, having allowed to set flexibly settings for any of its nodes on a centralized basis. Infrastructure will give the chance to connect branch in few hours instead of several days or weeks. At the same time solution SaaS of Orange on information security will allow employees and partners of the company to work with cloud corporate applicaions from any place.

"Aurecon is the global company, and together with a great number of partners participates in the known construction projects. It is important to us to have the reliable and flexible technology platform capable not only to develop with business growth, but also to increase its adaptability and efficiency. Taking into account high requirements to the service level, Orange there is an obvious choice on the way of digital transformation that is connected with their deep understanding of our business in combination with technical solutions and experience in the field of integration".


Partnership of Orange and Aurecon began in 2014 on the project on redesign, consolidation and management of network infrastructure of the customer. In its framework the high-speed WAN network which connected together platforms in Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and in the Middle East was also unrolled.