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Avis Budget Group and Fords integrate for development of technology of the connected cars

Customers: Avis Budget Group


Product: Autonomic TMC (Transportation Mobility Cloud)

Project date: 2019/08  - 2020/12

2019: Beginning of partnership of Avis Budget Group and Ford Commercial Solutions

On September 6, 2019 the company Ford announced the beginning of cooperation of the companies Avis Budget Group and Ford Commercial Solutions within the mission for implementation of fundamental changes in rolling cars. Within partnership Ford Motor Company will provide connection about 14,000 machines of a brand to the park of Avis Budget Group.

Avis Budget Group and Fords integrate for development of technology of the connected cars

Such consolidation Avis and Ford not only will allow clients to optimize management of lease of the car using mobile application of Avis, but also in general will become an important milestone in the field of development of technologies of the connected machines, consider in Ford. In addition to such basic functions as the choice of desirable type of the car, increases in the service level and prolongation of a lease term from the phone, return of the leased car will also be performed automatically using the connected technologies.

In addition to the changes allowing to expand functionality the applications of Avis connected the Ford cars will accumulate and provide telemetered informations in real time, including information on a run, level of fuel and a status of the machine. It will accelerate time and will raise the service level for clients since managers with the park of Avis Budget Group will be able quicker to process the necessary information.

Ford Commercial Solutions offers the built-in telematic equipment which will allow Avis Budget Group more simply and more effectively to connect cars, at the same time reducing usual costs and complexity of implementing solutions for secondary market. By the end of 2019 connection more than 4,000 Ford cars from the park of Avis Budget Group is expected, and by the end of 2020 will connect 10,000 more machines.

For connection of the built-in telematic equipment of Ford Commercial Solutions uses the Cloud of transport mobility (Transportation Mobility Cloud, TMC), development of Autonomic company. It is the open platform which provides safe and positive control of an information stream between the built-in modems in cars. Thanks to such partnership of Ford Data Services receives the maximum advantage from the connected technologies which are built in the Ford cars and transfers data to TMC directly from machines without the need for use of additional third-party devices. It also allows to avoid the idle time connected with management or equipment installation. Then data without any difficulties are transferred or to an internal IT system of the owner of the park, or on the telematic equipment using TMC – it allows the companies to get easily access to valuable information which can improve their work and client experience in general.

"Partnership of Ford Data Services and TMC provides a podklyuchennost of all vehicle fleet in real time that allows us to obtain new data and important analytical information. The similar analytics increases efficiency of daily processes for our partners and their clients. We are glad to cooperation with Avis Budget Group, this company as well as we, is aimed at complete connection of fleet of vehicles. In our plans to provide an absolute podklyuchennost of new cars in Europe by the end of 2020",

'Dave Phatak, the director of Ford Commercial Solutions in Europe noted'