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BHP and Dassault Systèmes agreed about implementation of digital technologies in the mining industry

Customers: BHP (before BHP Billiton)

Melbourne; Mineral extraction

Contractors: Dassault Systemes
Product: 3DExperience

Project date: 2019/05


On May 14, 2019 the Dassault Systèmes company and world mining company BHP signed the agreement on long-term strategic partnership for the purpose of implementation of digital technologies in the mining industry.

Relying on experience, examination and resources of each of the companies, partners intend to implement the technologies which proved in other industries in basic processes of mountain production, geologic-geophysical researches and engineering researches. Partnership is designed to optimize understanding of resource and operational potential that it is supported with commitment of both companies to the principles of security and sustainable development.

BHP and Dassault Systèmes companies separate vision of the future and have the similar purposes concerning the mining industry in the 21st century — Bernard noted Sharles (Bernard Charlès), the vice-chairman of Board of Directors and the CEO of Dassault Systèmes. — Thanks to transfer to digital technologies of all transactions, from planning before operation, our platform 3DExperience allows to create full digital model — "digital twins" — for all complex of processes and also provides the innovation environment for joint work allowing to achieve global optimization. This transformational approach promotes market flexibility, forecasting improvement, development of innovations in the mining sphere and also leads to cost reduction in scales of all lifecycle.