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Cloud4Y provided service "Federal Law 152 Cloud" for Baryshsky meat-processing plant

Customers: BMK (Baryshsky meat-processing plant)

Food industry

Contractors: Cloud4Y (Fleks LLC)
Product: Cloud4Y: FZ-152 cloud

Project date: 2018/11  - 2019/04

Baryshsky meat-processing plantFederal Law 152 cloud" transferred the accounting to separate protected LLC of the company Cloud4Y which reported about it on May 14, 2019. Technologies of corporate cloud provider allowed meat-processing plant to store and process personal data (PDN) of suppliers and partners in the protected, absolutely isolated environment. As it is required by the Federal data law "About Personal".

Baryshsky meat-processing plant is one of the largest meat-processing enterprises of the Volga region. The company provides the population and law enforcement agencies with high-quality meat, meat and cereal and other types of canned food, the individual food allowances (IFA). One of shareholders of plant is JSC Voentorg (the founder: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation).

Experience of production of canned food helped the plant to become the supplier of canned food under state contracts. Baryshsky IRP (rations) arrive on warehouses and bases MO MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS MINISTRY OF EMERGENCY SITUATIONS FSB FSO, SVR in all corners Russia.

Considering a vigorous trading activity of plant, the question of a safe personal data storage was solved for benefit of cloud computing. Cloud4Y closed technical aspect of a question, having provided all necessary IT infrastructure of level of network of the fourth class of protection. The customer was engaged in transfer of documents directly.

"Federal Law 152 cloud" from Cloud4Y — demanded service which exempts the operator of PDN from capital costs of creation and ownership of the protected IT infrastructure. The means of protecting used by provider received the certificate of conformity and all necessary permissions from bodies of FSTEC and FSB of Russia.

Strict observance of the legislation helps to undergo successfully testing of the state regulators, to strengthen trust in a business b2b-segment. Using cloud computing instead of deployment of own expensive infrastructure, the companies save on capital costs, receiving the reliable solution protected from external and internal threats.