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Amazon began sales of Baltika in India

Customers: Baltika Brewery

St. Petersburg; Food industry

Contractors: Amazon

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Start of sales on Amazon in India

On October 8, 2019 the Baltika company reported that it continues to master the e-commerce market and starts sales on electronic trade B2C to Amazon platform in India. The nonalcoholic sort of Baltika 0 beer is available to the online order.

According to the company, sales on Amazon are started in the pilot mode. Cooperating with the world retailer, Baltika expands a zone of distribution and increases availability of the products to the consumer. Further development of a portfolio, including at the expense of other nonalcoholic sorts is planned.

The channel of e-commerce promptly develops and draws attention of producers of consumer goods worldwide. Among key advantages there are cooperation with Amazon – a possibility of the product delivery in the shortest possible time through the whole country, a wide scope of the numerous population of India.

For October, 2019 India occupies about 4% of the beer market of Asia, however, the industry is rather difficult for export of brewing products. I act in the country protecting duties on import beer, and in each of 29 states there are legislative restrictions in this sphere. According to Euromonitor, the most part of the sold beer in the country belongs to lagers, at the same time it is possible to note high potential of category of nonalcoholic beer in the market of the country.

In India product e-commerce the sector for October, 2019 is very attractive to large producers. Besides, with growth of an urbanization, increase in number of the middle class and gain of influence of the western culture import products are in India in the increased demand therefore world beer brands, become more and more popular among the Indian consumers.

Elena Volgusheva, the senior director on export sales and intra group deliveries Baltika brewery told

Baltika is provided in India since 2012. For October, 2019 in the market the sort "Baltika 0" in spirit container options is available: glass bottle of 0.47 l. and bank of 0.45 l. Further the company is going to expand a portfolio of a delivered goods.