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Bar Uberdachung upgraded an end-to-end system of security

Customers: Bar Uberdachung

Construction and industry of construction materials

Product: VMS Macroscop

Project date: 2019/05  - 2019/10

2019: Upgrade of an end-to-end system of security

On November 29, 2019 the Macroscop company reported that in Bar Uberdachung managed to upgrade an end-to-end system of security, having saved 75% of the planned budget. Bär Überdachung is the young company on production and installation of terraces, verandahs, roofs, canopies, arbors and other similar constructions with individually picked up and set double-glazed windows or plastic blocks.

The popularity of Bär Überdachung was provided by high-quality materials, individual approach and environmentally friendly materials, and high profit is provided competent by approach to management and, of course, to expenses. Putting the considerable amounts on component parts and materials for products, the company management prefers to save where it is only possible. With the German pedantry the severe, but fair CEO of Bär Überdachung demands from each specialist of the absolute calculation and productivity. In a century of automation of productions the attention of top management was drawn by digital technologies.

For the organization of an end-to-end system of monitoring of security the management of Bär Überdachung selected the foreign version of Macroscop – the software solution which is not requiring a subscription fee free for updates and having almost boundless potential for expansion in case of business development,
tells the system integrator Serghei Morii

Macroscop became that solution of the top level which integrated in itself several systems at once. First, it is, actually, the video surveillance system combined with the detector of smoke and fire. At the moments of peak loads in warehouse of Bär Überdachung both packing materials, and raw materials remaining balance can accumulate. All this requires the special relation and control. The control system of activity of work of employees became the second subsystem. Using modules of processing of audio streams and actually control of activity, top management had an opportunity to watch the events at office and in the warehouse Bär Überdachung in real time. The same functionality turned into some kind of presentation: now even at business meetings with customers company management by means of mobile application.

The solution of assigned tasks of the company required about one and a half tens cameras. However, according to the recommendation of an installer, at offices Bär Überdachung only 4 cameras were mounted – the module of control of PTZ cameras helped to save. Having located them in strategically important places of premises, the installer achieved the maximum overview, and if necessary top management of Bär Überdachung can manage cameras as it will want to it.

Bär Überdachung highly appreciated functionality and ergonomics of Macroscop on the license ST. By means of phone the director can watch employees, and the total cost of a system was lower than expected. As a result all objectives of upgrade were achieved, and business gained development at the minimum costs,
notes Sergey Mory