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Beeline connected BELAZ to a 5G

Customers: Section Montenegro, Khakassia, SUEK

Abakan; Mineral extraction

Contractors: Beeline Business
Product: Projects of creation of complex telecom infrastructure

Project date: 2020/02  - 2020/04


Beeline Business on the equipment of Huawei company unrolled pilot zone 5G in the territory of the operating SUEK coal mine.

Possibilities of network of fifth generation as a part of the Russian robotic complex of cargo transportation are tested in Russia for the first time. The pilot is implemented based on 130-ton BELAZ-7513R dump trucks working under control of an information system of development of VIST company (Digit group).

Main article: VIST Group and SUEK tested pilotless BelAZ on a section in Khakassia

For carrying out tests for territories of Chernogorsky coal mine (UOGR Abakan, Chernogorsk, Khakassia) Beeline unrolled a fragment of network of the wireless communication of standard 5G 1.5 km long covering a route of dump trucks robots. The covering is provided with two distributed two-sector base stations of standard 5G (gNodeB) working in the non-standalone mode. The used width of the channel 100 MHz.

The main objective of an experimental zone is testing of 5G network for pilotless and remotely-controlled transport and also identification and fixing of technology advantages of network of the last generation over network of industrial WiFi/MESH.

Within tests of use of technology 5G all potential of functionality of a robotic complex was involved.

All video flows from cameras of high resolution which are mounted on perimeter of dump trucks come to an information processing center for control of the equipment in real time. Thus, use of technology 5G allowed to provide high information transmission rates and as much as possible to minimize delays that significantly increased the accuracy of the movement and increased safety of management of huge machines in comparison with earlier applied by wireless networks.