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"Coke" completed commissioning of a system of the joint communications on the Microsoft Office 365 platform

Customers: COKE

Mineral extraction

Contractors: Softline
Product: Microsoft Office 365
На базе: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016
Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/02


On February 11, 2019 the Softline company reported that PJSC Koks completed commissioning of a system of the joint communications on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Development, design and implementation of a system took place with assistance of experts of Softline who helped the customer to implement software and as much as possible to use possibilities of the updated IT infrastructure.

According to the company, management of IT was faced by a task to implement the platform of the joint communications and to optimize investments into software. It was decided to purchase a packet of the licenses Microsoft Office 365 and to involve the experienced IT consultant.

Specialists of Softline suggested the customer to unroll uniform service of the global Microsoft Active Directory directory, to implement the platform of the eaten-around communications Microsoft Skype for Business and the platform of management of IT infrastructure of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. All these processes are decided to be made in parallel to reduce a project deadline.

At deployment of uniform service of the global directory integration with a cloud service of Microsoft Azure is executed that allowed to implement technologies of transparent authorization Single Sign-On for systems to joint work in a cloud of Microsoft.

The solution Microsoft Skype for Business proposed by experts of Softline is steady against failures and gives an opportunity of one-time connection to 1000 users. Implementation of a communication framework allowed to implement the concept of joint work (carrying out audio-and video conferences, instant messaging and documents) and also to execute integration into the digital IP PBX of the enterprise.

For control of workstations the solution based on System Center Configuration Manager is implemented.

Advantages which System Center Configuration Manager gives it is updating of workstations to the latest version of Windows, function of their maintenance in a uniform format, software distribution, a possibility of remote support. In addition, the possibility of carrying out inventory of workstations regarding hardware and program components is provided. During the project we prepared the platform for commissioning of the updated system, thanks to it it will be possible to avoid breaks in workflows, and the updated infrastructure will help the customer to avoid idle times.

Vitaly Popov, the head of department of projects in regions of department of infrastructure solutions of Microsoft of Softline company

The project of transition to the updated infrastructure and implementation of the platform of the joint communications was sign for our company, and we are glad that the Softline company acted as our partner.

Andrey Borodin, the deputy head of department on development of IT infrastructure of PJSC KOKS