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"Telecommunications" created the system of a radio communication on Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station

Customers: Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station


Contractors: Telecommunications
Product: OpenScape 4000 (HiPath 4000)
На базе: OpenScape UC Suite

Project date: 2019/10  - 2019/02

2020: Creation of a system of a radio communication

On February 11, 2020 the Telesvyaz company announced project implementation on creation of a system of a radio communication on Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station, including creation of technology network of a radio communication of the DECT standard.

According to the company, on Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station there was no system of a radio communication. Concrete walls of technology premises and overlapping interfered with work of radio stations in premises that created difficulties in work of operational and repair personnel of the HEPS.

Creation of a wireless system in production premises and on the technology platforms Chirkeyskoy of the HEPS was a main objective of the project. The system of a radio communication had to cover production, administration and auxiliary rooms of the station, OD (Open Distributor), adjacent territories and to increase availability of personnel of operational service, administration, a security service, repair crews with the required quality and reliability shown to wireless communication.

For creation of a system of a radio communication the solutions of Unify Communications company which showed the maximum compliance to needs of the customer and answering to problems of further growth and organization development were selected. The contractor of the project selected Telesvyaz company, one of the leading partners of Unify from Russia.

For providing with an intra station voice communication the Openscape 4000 system is used. The operational conference circuit of the shift supervisor of the station (further – NSS) with operational and production services of Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station is performed using the switch organized based on Openscape 4000 by means of IP carrying out.

Openscape 4000 is the IP real-time system combining advantages of IP communication and function of communication systems with channel switching, providing higher level of reliability in comparison with the solutions constructed only based on TDM technology. Creation of a wireless segment of a telephone network demanded installation of 39 base stations of the DECT standard. As a result, the organized covering provided a reliable communication in all territory of Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station.

In implementation process of the project the team of experts of Telesvyaz company performed training of personnel of the customer. Responsibles of technical service were completely acquainted with features of configuring and system maintenance. In implementation process of the project specialists of Telesvyaz company considered wishes of the customer and rendered assistance to the staff of the organization in setup of necessary processing rules of calls, including readdressing, bans of calls and the rule of consolidation of employees in groups.

Further operation, maintenance and hardware upgrade is made with support from Telesvyaz company.

The organization of a uniform communications infrastructure on the modern telecommunication platform allowed to ensure operational work of staff of hydroelectric power station, to expand possibilities of telecommunication network at the same time with cost reduction.

All specialists have the personal short number that allows them to interact in the work in the organization and also provides significant economy of means and time. Modern the PBX of Openscape 4000 allows the organization to use the IP telephony for any long-distance and international calls for further cost reduction.

Result of project implementation of creation of network of a radio communication of the DECT standard became: full-duplex voice communication of proper quality; a unified plan of numbering and support of the main functionality with UPATS of Chirkeysky hydroelectric power station (including connection establishment in both directions, a broadcast of a call, readdressing, an exit to external communication channels); flexible configuration of communications and priorities of subscribers; fast installation of stationary microcell phones for providing repair and recovery crews with technology communication; holding sessions of conference communication of NSS with operation personnel selectively or in general for management in emergency situations with sales opportunity of Push-to-tаlk (PTT) technology and record of negotiations; holding sessions of conference communication by the chief of guard with the staff of VOHR as it is selective, and with all structure for management of actions in emergency situations; interaction of operational service, a security service, service of fire protection through civil defense and emergency[1].