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In the Moscow department "Clinic of Doctor Fomin" the NeuroniQ system is implemented

Customers: Clinic of Doctor Fomin (Moscow)

Moscow; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Product: NeuroniQ Management system for queue

Project date: 2019/02  - 2019/07

2019: NeuroniQ system implementation

On August 13, 2019 the company of Technology of the Future reported that in Moscow one of departments of clinic of Doctor Fomin was open. The network of clinics pays a close attention to service quality and therefore the management of the organization made the decision to install the modern NEURONIQ system.

NeuroniQ system implementation

The management system for flows of clients provided automation of process of registration of visitors, high performance of personnel, reduction of probability of emergence of the conflicts and increase in image of clinic.

Also the NEURONIQ system improves working conditions of staff of the organization. On the NEURONIQ panel the doctor can see the plan for day, the patients written to it. According to the customer's wishes, when developing a hardware and software system the possibility of redirection of the patient by the staff of clinic to other specialists was provided. The additional service is fixed in a system by the doctor that in an effect will be reflected in the analytical report. Thus, the administration can estimate work of each specialist and consider it when planning motivation of employees.

Besides the intelligent system of NEURONIQ due to drawing up statistic reports allowed the staff of administration to analyze customer service process. Besides, the project on system implementation provided development of an execution of the interface of the menu of the choice of services and a LCD panel in compliance with the corporate style of clinic.

Similar solutions are suitable for the diagnostic centers, clinics, medical laboratories, the visa centers, insurance companies, operational halls of banks, the service centers, points of return of goods, travel agencies and for other organizations where there are "live" queues.