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"The corporation of development of the Udmurt Republic" implemented Bitrix service 24

Customers: Corporation of development of the Udmurt Republic

Izhevsk; Government and social institutions

Contractors: Ice.Py (
Product: 1C-Bitriks24

Project date: 2019/01  - 2019/07

2019: Implementation of Bitrix service 24

On September 9, 2019 the "Corporations of Development of the Udmurt Republic" company announced implementation of Bitrix service 24.

Start Bitrix 24 began in January, 2019. In parallel with implementation there was a training of employees. The main personnel training took slightly more than a month. During implementation of additional options the single training seminars were held. New employees are trained in the automatic mode.

"The first what we began with — integration of a system Bitrix with the main modules — mail, telephony of Corporation of development. On the basis of it we started the front office in work: made integration with the websites and pages in social networks, connected SMS notifications, configured SIP telephony",

Work with appeals to Corporations of development of the Udmurt Republic

Daily 39 phone calls come to Corporation of development - it is on average more than 1.1 thousand in a month. Any of them is not lost thanks to a single system of Bitrix. All entering and outgoing files are stored in the general data warehouse which considerably simplifies information search. A similar cloud system allows employees to work far off and always to be in touch with colleagues.

In addition to telephony, the system of Bitrix is connected with the main website of Corporation, corporate mail, CRM forms. For example, after filling of the Receiving Measures of Support form on the portal, all information is transferred to the front office to specialists. They need to process it and to contact the sender.

On average the general share of addresses in a month from all channels – 1790. From them 49% ― are calls (on average 880 in a month), requests via the portal ― 35% (on average 625 in a month), 10% ― e-mail (189 addresses), 4% ― CRM forms or 67 requests. A part of addresses arrive through social networks: 1% or 21 in a month ― through Instagram, 0.3% or 7 ― VKontakte, other requests go through Facebook.

One of key planning tools in Corporation are "tasks". From the moment of the beginning of work in a system the staff of the company creates more than 2.8 thousand tasks. The essence of the section is in avoiding setting of "oral" tasks, and to fix each order and at once to appoint the executive in charge. The section of "task" in Bitrix allows to expose tough terms (deadlines) to tasks, to control their execution and to include in process of other employees if that is demanded by a situation. In each task there is a comments field where all involved can discuss its accomplishment, to leave the wishes, to load the documents, a photo and other files necessary for work. Any change in a task is displayed at all its participants using notifications. It is possible to create tasks directly from a working chat on the basis of any message.

Importance of the section is that employees do not spend infinite hours for meetings, discussions any more. Everything occurs online, everything is fixed and remains.

"Let's take, for example, a task of support of the investment project on construction of the CNG filling station. Considering that several departments, including the ministries are involved in this project at once, all history on one only question in providing the land plot would develop into ten meetings, one hundred calls, infinite correspondences in messengers and weeks of discussions. And so we created a task, added to it all involved, including investors. In a task exchange of documentation, notes, offers goes straight. It is not necessary to devote all newcomers in the project in its part any more — employees can study all details in the history of a task. It allowed to save to us more than 30% of working time for the solution of a question with the earth for the investor",

'Konstantin Suntsov, the CEO of JSC Corporation of Development of the Udmurt Republic noted'

Efficiency of system implementation Bitrix 24 in Corporation of development of the Udmurt Republic

Proceeding from speed and the volume of tasks, at everyone in the company the efficiency forms. It develops on the basis of number of the closed tasks and also the number of notes to them. For employees it is the tool on control over terms and an incentive to timely accomplishment of instructions. The efficiency of each individual employee is seen by his head. He can keep track of efficiency of all department. For it it is, first of all, the tool of assessment of subordinates. Relying on efficiency, it is possible to determine the size of awards and to construct the whole KPI system in the company.

As of September, 2019 general "efficiency" of Corporation since launch of a system was about 80%.