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Transrossika started the project of preserving of historical values on a blockchain

Customers: Transrossika

Polygraphic activity

Contractors: Credits
Product: Credits Blockchain Platform
На базе: Projects based on blockchain technology

Project date: 2019/09

2019: A project startup on preserving of historical data in a blockchain

On October 8, 2019 it is announced start of the joint project of publishing house' Transrossika'Stolypin Center Associations and blockchain- platforms Credits. The project provides data storage also historical documents in Credits blockchain.

Project objective, started by Transrossika publishing house and the Credits platform, information storage about the Russian historical persons on a blockchain and also the related materials and archives is. Application of bases of a blockchain allows Transrossika publishing house to save the authentic historical documents which are under its guardianship and to ensure safety of historical records.

Considering that technical features of a blockchain do not allow falsification of data or their changes without proper credentials, the Credits platform is the ideal environment for storage of national archives and historical records. The multilayer system of access of a blockchain Credits serves for data protection of Transrossika publishing house from unauthorized access.

Use of the Credits blockchain platform also allows Transrossika publishing house to keep account of time marks and provides complete certainty of information with preliminary check of a source in the course of adding of the blocks given in a chain.

Start of a pilot project is a major step for Transrossika publishing house which purpose is preserving of its extensive archives of national heritage.

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