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Delobank tests service of payment of purchase through the QR code in SBP

Customers: Delobank

Yekaterinburg; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: SKB-Bank
Product: System of Fast Payments (SFP)
Second product: Delokassa

Project date: 2019/07  - 2019/09

2019: Start in the test version of a possibility of payment of purchase through the QR code in SBP

The online bank for entrepreneurs announced on September 10, 2019 Delobank start in the test version of a possibility of payment of purchase through the QR code within the system of fast payments (SFP).

The pilot version of Delokassa with a possibility of payment through the QR code is already set at office of bank in Yekaterinburg and passes test. The limited circle of clients of Delobank will become the first participants of a pilot project.

This service is developed by SKB-Bank and will be scaled on small and medium business through Delobank, online bank of SKB-Bank for entrepreneurs.

It is simple to use the started service. It is enough to individuals buyers to download the application of SKB-Bank on the smartphone and to have Internet access. It is possible to pay purchase through the QR code in several clicks: the buyer comes into mobile application, selects the item "Translate", then the option "Payment by the QR Code" in the menu, points the phone camera at the QR code of the necessary goods and executes transfer. The QR code can be dynamic (it is generated at the checkout) or static (it is printed on the price label or on the plate near goods). A few days ago the client of SKB-Bank made payment of purchase by the QR code through SBP.

To begin to use new service "Payment Acceptance by the QR Code", legal entities and individual entrepreneurs should be clients of Delobank and have the connected Delokassa. The client fills out the questionnaire, sends it through a personal account to Delobank. Bank independently registers the client in the System of fast payments. Right after it service is connected automatically, and it is possible to accept payments by the QR code. The cost of connection of Delokassa at the same time will not change.

Service of payment by the QR code convenient for the buyer. It is possible to pay purchase with phone and not to carry the card with itself. For the individual this service is free, as well as normal trade acquiring — Denis Dyakonov, the head of the directions of online cash desks and acquiring of Delobank explained. — For legal entities — Delokassa's holders — these payments will be cheaper, than standard acquiring. On average, the acquiring commission costs the entrepreneur 1.8 — 2.2% of a payment amount, and for transaction on SBP — only 0.2-0.7%.

In the long term Delobank is going to connect to service and those who are not a client of Delobank and have no checking account. So also clients of other banks connected to SBP will be able to make purchases by the QR code added in bank.