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"The development bank of Republic of Belarus" passed from the proprietary system of virtualization to the Red Hat Virtualization platform

Customers: Development bank of Republic of Belarus

Minsk; Financial services, investments and audit

Contractors: Red Hat
Product: Red Hat Virtualization (RHV)

Project date: 2018/09  - 2019/02


On February 11, 2019 the Red Hat company announced that the Development bank of Republic of Belarus transferred the infrastructure of virtualization from the VMware platform on open Red Hat Virtualization technologies, having eliminated dependence on proprietary solutions, having reduced costs and having laid the foundation for development of digital technologies and services of the next generation.

Development bank of Republic of Belarus

According to the company, from the moment of the foundation in 2011 the Bank used the IT infrastructure constructed from scratch on the basis of proprietary technologies of virtualization of servers. However with expansion of operating activities the management came to understanding that the organization needs other approach to creation of the corporate IT-system. Its application would allow to satisfy better customer needs at cost reduction and more effective use of IT-systems. For this purpose the Bank made the decision to pass to open technologies of virtualization which would combine the maturity level, usual for corporate customers, with freedom and innovations necessary for approbation of technologies. Relying on own experience of use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the Bank passed to use of the Red Hat Virtualization platform as a unified environment for the internal IT services providing both the current operating activities, and the solution of situational analytical tasks.

Mastering digital technologies during creation of the differentiated services or improvement of the current operational processes, the enterprises can face that legacy solutions, like the proprietary systems of virtualization, limit freedom of action. It happens because of insufficient flexibility of the closed stacks of technologies or high licensing costs. The development bank of Republic of Belarus wanted to investigate possibilities of digital transformation what required more flexible, stable and cost-efficient infrastructure basis allowing to continue to render to clients of service of the increased quality.

Thanks to Red Hat Virtualization Bank reduced total cost of ownership the virtualized IT environment due to advantages of a subscription pricing model of Red Hat in comparison by traditional schemes of licensing of software with high initial investments. The economy received as a result gave to Bank the chance more effectively to distribute funds and to flexibly select the directions for IT investments in response to changes of market situation and requirements of customer service. Besides, standardization of corporate IT-systems on the basis of Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux allowed to implement fully advantages of the services of support of Red Hat mentioned by awards which help Bank systematically and to surely perform digital information.

Transition to Red Hat Virtualization took place very smoothly. The utility of conversion which is a part of Red Hat Virtualization helped us to import easily the most part of data from the former environment of virtualization of VMware. And in general, transition to Red Hat took place quickly, simply and without problems. As a result we received very stable system.

Dmitry Volchek, head of department of sistemotekhnichesky providing and communication of Development bank of Republic of Belarus