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Directum automated business processes for Ruspolimet

Customers: Ruspolimet

Kulebaki; Metallurgical industry

Contractors: Directum
Product: DirectumRX
На базе: Directum (EDMS/ECM system)
Second product: Directum Jazz
Third product: Directum Solo

Project date: 2019/03  - 2019/05
Number of licenses: 400

On June 7, 2019 it became known of business process automation in PJSC Ruspolimet. The project was implemented Directum company. The standard functionality of DirectumRX closed about 80% of requirements of the company for office-work automation therefore at the first stage of implementation a system did not require modifications. And the cloud option of delivery allowed not to spend time for purchase and preparation of own equipment.


PJSC RUSPOLIMET is a metallurgy and metalworking sector with a full production cycle. The main direction – production of forgings and ring procurements for an avia - and rocket production, the marine transport, power and general engineering, the oil and gas industry.

The company actively implements modern developments for improvement not only productions, but also internal business processes.

Each company incurs expenses, using in own document flow and document flow with clients paper carriers. Transition to electronic document management – a logical and important step in development of any enterprise.

On the first stage of implementation before a project team there was a purpose to build transparent office-work and to provide:

  • acceleration of processes of approval and document approval;
  • quick and exact search of the in-house documentation;
  • operational data acquisition for acceptance of management decisions;
  • control of execution of documents;
  • control of performing discipline;
  • exception of loss of information.

Consultants of the DIRECTUM command had to work not only with key users, but also to come to places, to explain rules of creation of documents and the culture of correspondence in an ECM system.

For June, 2019 in a system all divisions of the company work, all 400 users are automated, it work through a desktop - the web client and mobile prilozheniyedirectum is available to Jazz. Eight heads actively use Directum Solo.

The effect of implementation of an ECM system did not keep itself waiting:

  • Approval of organizational and administrative documentation takes 2-3 days, irrespective of quantity of approving now.
  • Employees began to treat more responsibly terms of consideration of documents at all performing levels.
  • Need to keep magazines of document registration in divisions disappeared.
  • The share of electronic documents increased, paper consumption was reduced.
  • Using widgets it became simpler to head to estimate loading and performing discipline of subordinates.
  • The number of unnecessary movements of employees across the enterprise territory for signing, approval and document transfer between divisions was reduced.
  • Risks of loss of documents are minimized. There were less phone calls connected with document retrieval, information request on the taken-out resolution and results of execution of the issued instructions.

In the closest plans of the company automation of a contract work, process of accreditation of partners, integration with SAP S4/HANA and also connection of services of exchange of documents (Synerdocs/Diadoc).