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The IT system of Haulmont helped to organize effective work with calls in the British medical company Doctorcall

Customers: Doctorcall

London; Pharmaceutics, medicine, health care

Contractors: Haulmont
Product: Projects of IT outsourcing

Project date: 2019/01  - 2020/05


Cooperation of Doctorcall and Haulmont began in 2017. The medical company aimed to optimize work with calls as earlier it was organized in many respects inconveniently, and it considerably slowed down business development.

Before development of a new system the operator entered the call which arrived by phone into the system and told the patient the cost of a visit of the doctor. At the same time there was no opportunity at once to call visit time. The manager needed to contact the doctor who, according to him, will be able quicker to arrive. As doctors could be on calls, search process time was strongly dragged out.

The patient had to wait long that the operator will call back and will report visit time. At the same time Doctorcall has SLA with a number of the companies according to which the doctor is obliged to arrive during the stipulated period. Therefore sometimes operators had to re-plan all orders and to repeatedly ring round patients and doctors.

Shortcomings of such organization of process are obvious. Call processing took a lot of time and often led to losses of orders or to discontent of clients. It was difficult to operator to estimate where there is each available doctor and it is better for whom to transfer a call, and the doctor could calculate incorrectly arrival time to the patient. Often the operator or the doctor managed to phone the friend to the friend not at once.

Doctorcall decided to implement a new system which will help to automate many stages of work with calls and to avoid phone calls.


Development of the system of automation of service of exit doctors for Doctorcall was executed by the Haulmont command. At the expense of the available experience and the acquired approaches to solving of tasks of this sort the first working version was received for several month and implemented in the fall of 2017.

Registration and call processing

All calls are registered in a new system. The calls arriving by phone are entered, as before, by operators. Also patients had an opportunity to request a visit of the doctor through a form on the website, such calls are added to a system automatically. The solution developed by Haulmont allows to manage both urgent calls, and the visits planned on selected by the patient date and time.

After registration the call is automatically appointed to the most suitable free doctor. If necessary the operator can correct purpose of a call manually. The interactive map on which it is visible where there are all doctors on duty and which of them is free at present helps to make the decision.

Waiting time is automatically determined. In a system data of Google maps with up-to-date data on traffic jams, the blocked streets and so on are used that does the forecast rather exact.

The cost of a visit is calculated on the basis of the address of the patient, time of day, the selected services and other factors. If the patient addressed by phone, then the operator can give it all necessary information at once. On the website the user sees waiting time and cost before confirmation of a call of the doctor. It is possible to pay a visit online.

Interaction happens to doctors through mobile application where calls come. After the visit doctors give in the application a mark about receiving payment, fill out the medical report and send to the operator the notification on completion of work. The application also includes an opportunity to add additional services at visit of the patient, a chat with the operator, the work plan for day and other useful functions.

Cooperation with partner clinics

In 2018 in the same system one more area of work of Doctorcall — providing medical services to patients who address through the insurance companies which are not only in London and Manchester, but also in any point of Great Britain is automated. When such call arrives, specialists of Doctorcall are engaged in search of suitable clinic among a certain circle of partners, approval of time and date of acceptance, exchange of all accompanying medical and finance documents.

Mobile application for patients

In November, 2019 mobile application of Doctorcall for patients is started. It intuitive also works by the principle of Uber. At first it is necessary to get a profile, and after that — to call the doctor when it is required. It is possible to specify that the doctor is necessary as soon as possible, or to plan his visit for defined date and time. It is simple to make a call, it is enough to specify the address and symptoms. After that waiting time and cost of a visit will be automatically calculated. It is possible to pay Doctorcall services through the application.


Thanks to implementation the Doctorcall system developed by Haulmont managed to increase the speed and quality of service considerably. Now the call is accepted during one call, the operator does not need to contact several times the doctor, the patient. Communications between call center operators and doctors improved — it is simpler to write, than to call, situations when the line was occupied are excluded or someone incorrectly heard something. Actions at which accomplishment earlier the staff of Doctorcall could be mistaken, for example, are automated to select not an optimal route or it is incorrect to calculate arrival time to the patient. There were new modern and convenient methods of a call of the doctor — the website and mobile application.

Thanks to a new system Doctorcall had an opportunity to manage more flexibly business, making the management decisions based on historical data. It helps to see, for example, how many calls on average fall on this or that time, and it is correct to calculate the number of specialists in change. Thus, in hours of peak loads Doctorcall will have enough doctors on duty.

Doctorcall can customize independently a system, for example, to add new services. So, spring of 2020 the company had an opportunity to execute Tests for COVID-19 coronavirus, and at once it was entered into the system.

To the system developed by Haulmont it is going to transfer one more direction — telemedicine. Already now doctors of Doctorcall can advise patients by video conference. In the future this function should be embedded in mobile application.